October 24, 2015

Poetry and Paint..a recipe for the soul

Collage of Life..the beginning here

Poetry and Paint...
Many years ago, I dabbled with poetry and paint. It seemed another life, those days living in Sydney, a time when I felt the call of New England (my roots) so strongly that the best remedy was to read poetry and think of how to translate it to something meaningful to me. Many paintings emerged, some to be forgotten and others remembered. Collage of Life was my first (above), in painting and blog.. here  The other is Winter Birch, below.

October 19, 2015

Sharing the LOVE: Around the World

'Odalisque in Red Jacket'
by Henri Matisse, 1927

I have decided to jump right in and tell you about something new on the blog. I am going to create a series of posts entitled 'Sharing the LOVE'. Within these posts I will be sharing the love for..well...everything. Call it a few of my favourite things...one's that I think you will like too. The timing is right with the holidays just around the corner and I always say there is no time like the present.

Shall we get started?

October 8, 2015

Christmas, Coconuts and Operation Xin Chao

'Room At The Top'
Mason Maloof Designs


People often ask me what I enjoy most about living in Vietnam. It's a long list but right there at the top has to be spa treatments. Massage, scrubs, facials, reflexology, mani, pedi...I am all for it. I am not afraid to admit it...I am a spa junkie.

So...the other day, there I was, ready to move into relax mode with a coconut scrub massage to the tunes of that all relaxing spa music where Tibetan bells ring and birds sing. It was perfect, until the music suddenly switched to...O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.