Creative Easter Decorating Ideas for you.....

If you are looking for a few last minute Easter ideas to jazz up your festivities, 
I just might have a few for you. I have always had a fondness for hand decorated Easter eggs. 
Many years ago, I taught a course on how to create your own. I became a master of the 
fine pin hole and blowing out the contents. Trust me, it is something you have to do with 
great care. I love the colour, pattern and designs below. You just have to let your imagination go!

Here is hoping a little inspiration will come your way :)

Easter Cakes

Table decorations

via Uniquely Tea                                                             via The Creative Life

Easter Baskets

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Creative Extras
For those of you who have that handy knack for whipping up
the are a few more ideas. I think one or two
will have the little ones squealing with delight come Easter morning :)

We have a quiet Easter coming up this year. Our family of six will be reduced to three. 
My youngest (11) declared today that he is to old for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. 
I have a few more days to work on him!

Best wishes...and happy planning and creating. 
My favourite part of the holiday!

Jeanne xxx

more Easter ideas...


  1. Love your hand-painted eggs!Mine were never as beautiful as yours...

    I was taught how to do this when I was a child...shared the skill with my boys. Up until a couple of years ago, I still had the eggs that we decorated together. Unfortunately, there was a mishap...called a puppy who jumped. Many were crushed...Time to start again.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. Beautiful and inspiring ideas, Jeanne! I really love the pretty cakes, wish I could bake like that!! One year my daughter and I experimented with blowing the yolks out of the eggs. Time consuming but fun! We had a great time painting them as well.

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. My youngest of 21 wants an Easter egg hunt....she doesn't even live at home but wants to come over to fill her basket!

    Such beautiful pictures. Thanks.

  4. What beautiful eggs. My mother is quite good at decorating eggs. I know I would make a terrible mess being quite clumsy and impatient. I love all the whimsical decorations in pastel colours.

  5. Creative and fun ideas, Jeanne.

    We are the opposite of you this year . . . we are spending our first Easter together in a number of years. It will be wonderful, since Christy will be leaving for England in the fall.


  6. Thanks so much for all of the beautiful easter inspiration.

  7. Aren't they adorable and gorgeous?? Love the cakes!!

  8. Hi Jeanne
    Just popped over to say Thank you!!! You're a Gem!!!

    Love your easter eggs choices.. all so pretty!!!

    ciao ciao xxxx Julie

  9. Too much loveliness!! I adore Easter and all the attendent confectionery and pastel prettiness. We're looking forward to our annual Easter you'd probably remember - being in Australia, we have to collect the eggs quickly before they melt in the sun. Sticky fingers and chocolate mustaches galore! Meredy xo.

  10. Its so nice to hear from someone in the pre-college trundle. Do you follow the British or American testing system? Does your child think of England as the college domain or multiple countries? My daughter doesn't identify with the South since we haven't been here long so the range of locations is pretty wide.

    Those Easter ideas are all spot on with styles I love. Those painted eggs are gorgeous. I love the big burlap bag with the stenciled bunny. Well, I'd better stop leaving a book here and hippity-hop!

  11. These are all so adorable, Jeanne! Those painted eggs are beautiful. My mother and grandmother used to make them when they were young. I have a few I like to display at Easter time.
    My daughter particularly loves the photo with the cake where the bunny went in face first. She wants me to make one just like it, haha.
    Hoping your Easter week is a sunny one.

  12. I've been thinking I should get going on my tabletop for Easter...loved your collection...the bunny bottles are hilarious.

    Our table is just for four this year, all grown ups~~grown-up guests with strict ideas of their I'll be making exactly the correct menu for their dining pleasure. But...the tabletop decor will be mine to choose and create!!!
    Frankly, I'm more excited about hosting my champagne breakfast on the morning of the Royal Wedding :)

  13. I feasted on your lovely photos. Thank you! Each held a certain gentleness that tugged. There's something about Easter that softens the day's pace. For years I collected hand-painted Easter 'ornaments' from Austria and delighted in an 'Easter tree' before it became fashionable.

  14. great easter post!
    so pretty and sweet.
    happy easter to you xx

  15. I have never been any good at this kind of thing.....
    these are so intricate and evocative.

    I am impressed!


  16. Wow! Those ideas you shared are simply the best, helped a lot. maybe I should try the colorful easter eggs and put it in a cute basket with fresh leaves and dry leaves. Yay, can't wait for the finish one.

  17. Uuuh Jeanne!You got me! :))
    I can`t resist...these easter cakes are adoreable!Especially the first one (please, let me have a big bite...)and I really didn`t intend this year to do anything about easter decoration, but you got me with these inviting images! :)

    Egg Hunting is finally a rememberance of the past years in our family.
    Nobody is under the limit of 15 *Mama Rabbit* is going to retire.

    A very sweet Easter post!
    Have a nice one, Beate ♥♥♥

  18. Love all the ideas, especially the crocheted nest.
    The egg decorating is fabulous. What fun.
    I think one is never to old to hunt for eggs! ;)

  19. Jeanne ~

    Wow! What a lot of terrific ideas! You have provided a great deal of inspiration. Thanks!

    Gentle hugs!

  20. Jeanne, thank you all of the beautiful inspiration! I am having guests for Easter so we shall see if the little ones are p for an Easter egg hunt!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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