Creating a Beautiful Home

Creating a Beautiful Home
Small, large or a simple studio..
make it yours :)

Something to reflect on today. I advise you read slowly, very slowly.
You will not want to miss a single word. A friend sent me this in anticipation 
of our last move. It lifted me right still does and I hope it does the same for you :)

Creating a Beautiful Home
"The homes we occupy are seldom ideal. A space that satisfies our basic needs 
may nonetheless leave us wanting where location, decor or style are concerned. 
Yet every home has the potential to be beautiful. 

When we fill our homes with love, we transcend worldly factors such as 
market value and design. Our conscious, loving intentions can literally transform
 the spaces in which we live, dispelling any lingering inharmonious energy and replacing 
it with an ethereal beauty that is felt rather than seen. 

Our homes become spiritual dwellings that feel soulful and alive. 
Regardless of their outward appearances, they radiate love, making all who enter, 
including ourselves, feel instantly welcome.

Turning a space into the beautiful outward expression of your inner warmth 
is as easy as projecting love into it. When your intentions are sincere, you can 
infuse walls of your home with your energy, your emotional sensitivity, 
and your generosity of spirit, turning it into a haven of affection,
 joy, laughter, and togetherness. 

It is up to you, whether you want your personal spaces to be peaceful and quiet 
or lively and inspiring. Begin by cultivating awareness within yourself. This will allow 
you to see your home as an integral part of your existence rather than somewhere you 
simply return to at the end of the each day. 

Consider how you relate to each element of your space, and remind yourself 
that every room in your home can serve a purpose in your life 
and the lives of your loved ones. 

Finally, lovingly thank each room for providing for your needs. As you become 
more mindful of the manner in which your home contributes to your wellbeing
you will discover that, more and more, you want to be and be loved by it.

Appearance and other superficial qualities can be deceiving. An aesthetically beautiful 
home can prove unwelcoming and a home that seems mundane in every 
characteristic can be as comforting and cozy as a beloved relative or friend. 

When you nurture and care for you home as it if were a loved one, 
it will absorb your tender intentions and project a love so touching 
you will soon come to feel a great affection for it."

text: Daily OM

Best wishes for a wonderfully creative weekend!
Jeanne xxx


  1. That's lovely. I'm going to come back and read it again as we embark on our big house renovation. I am not very good at interior design, but I'll have to remind myself that I want it to be a reflection of me and my family.

  2. Really spoke to me this one...especially in my 4 to 5 year stay in any given country...thanks a tonne!

    When and where are you moving Jeanne- I might've missed the news while I was away. Your little something from this area is lying on my dressing table ready for the mail, so please let me know if your details are to change soon.

  3. I love it - what a perfect sentiment for those of us always looking for something physical when in reality what matters is the "feeling" of a home~
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very true. Home is where the heart is.

    Doc would you like him for a doctor?
    Such a good show. Are they planning to produce more episodes?

  5. A beautiful, thoughtful post. Home as "Shelter for the Spirit". That's why I enjoy housework (mostly :-), because I see it as "caring" for the home. (And to make young men appreciate that, I even wrote a book for them - in German - about it, HomeBasics, which sells very well as a present, from mothers and girl friends).

  6. Jeanne ~

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It is absolutely beautiful and true. You have helped me remember things I had begun taking for granted. Blessings to you!

    Gentle hugs!

  7. That is so ture. Our homes should be an extension of who we are, decorated with a collection of the things we love. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Wonderfully written, Jeanne. Your friend is very wise and this must have uplifted you immensely when you read it! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  9. Beautiful! I would love to frame a copy and hang where I can read it daily. Thank you for sharing. Bonnie

  10. Truly lovely, Jeanne. Thank you for sharing. And your friend is a treasure!

    Some of the most beautiful and some of the coldest homes possible are in "Architectural Digest." Each month I turn the pages and wonder, "Does anyone live here.?"

  11. I can remember dreading to come home, disliking the house/garden beyond reason.

    Now I don't want to leave.

    Yes, still in the same house.

    Not liking it gave me a vocation & avocation.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  12. Have I missed an announcement that you are moving?


  13. I love this post Jeanne, very well written. Wise words.

  14. From the time I was a little girl, this is what I wanted to do. Make a house, a home. I think I could live anywhere, on any budget and make it a home and make it pretty.
    You have a remarkable way of saying just that and you are creatively inspiring, Jeanne, on many levels. This is just one.
    Great writing, great post!!!!

  15. These are perfect words for me to read today. The house in which we live is lovely and suits our family very well. However, I am finding myself wanting different at the moment. Wanting maybe a house that is not so modern, with an acre or two of land for the kids to run around. We are not in the position to move, so I think I need to be a little more mindful. Our home is beautiful and filled with collected treasures and most importantly filled with love.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  16. Oh, Jeanne! You know how perfect your timing is for me. I will bookmark and treasure this, my sweet friend - thankyou. J x

  17. So lovely of you to share this. It is beautifully written and so very true. I hope I fill my home with love, every single day, and that all who come within it feel that love.


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