My Tuscan Bee

My Tuscan Bee
Up the garden path in Tuscany 

Since I am in the midst of change, I thought I might have another think about my blog header but alas, I could not do it. My blogging world would be incomplete without it. I realised that I never mentioned  the story behind my little bee. Actually, I like to think of her as Queen Bee (something I have long desired for myself ;) ). I found her up the garden path on a hot summers day in Tuscany,  tucked away in the heady aroma of a lavender bush.

Mr. and Mrs. H and the gang were celebrating a family reunion with other members 
of the H. family. We all travelled wide and far to reach this little slice of heaven. 
Our retreat was a beautiful home in Monticchiello outside of Siena. 
It was here that I befriended Queen Bee.  We had a lovely time together.

She fluttering here and there without a care in the world, me fluttering after her.

She had me scouring the countryside in hot pursuit....

She skimming over the the translucent pool, gently gliding above the surface of the water, while I
lay relaxingly, sunglasses perched, taking in her every move.

Time slipped away into the never never...

It was was heaven.

Come morning she would settle on more lavender 
and observe me sipping my morning tea.

Yes...we both had it pretty easy, my little Queen Bee and me.

She, doing what bee's do best,

me travelling, eating and writing my way around Tuscany.

So, can you see, why it is difficult for me to farewell Queen Bee?

I have her with me every day,
to remind me of a wonderful holiday.... in Tuscany.

( you can meet my other friend, English Bluebell Bee here)

With lavender thoughts....for you :)

Artist: Joshua Bell
Song: "Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra (from movie Ladies in Lavender)


  1. If other parts of your life are changing (hopefully good changes), I say . . . leave your blog headers the same. Control what you can control :-). And the bee story and your journal are both great, Jeanne.


  2. I can't imagine a lovelier place to be in "hot pursuit" of Queen Bee. I am so glad you chose not to change your header. I'm off to check out bluebell bee. (I love bumble bees)

  3. Thank you for sharing this post, it is a wonderful story about your header. I love lavender! I found out there is a lavender farm about an hour away from where I live and I definitely plan to visit this summer to pick some fresh lavender.

  4. What an amazing property!! The pool is gorgeous and so is the view!! Who wouldn't love to relax here?...any Queen bee!!!

  5. This is a fabulous little story, Jeanne! It makes me feel like I was there with you, and I wish I had been!! Gorgeous pictures!


  6. Your Queen Bee belongs in a slice of heaven. Such a beautiful holiday. I think I'm still walking down that lavendar lane, taking it all in. Divine!

  7. ....I'm always looking for her here in my home too..although the lovely lavender is missing, I always find her fluttering on my computer.
    So happy you kept her!

  8. Goodmorning Jeanne,
    The little bee makes the picture come more alife, thanks for the story behind her and thank you for starting the Blog Love award, I received one last week!
    Have a good week,

  9. Keep the header, it is gorgeous and has such a great story to go with it.

    That video, and all those fields, I just wanted to jump right in and relax.

  10. Hi Jeanne - ahhh I love that bee. And the lavender is all about you - I completely associate it with your blog. To change it would be like taking the beach away from mine! Tuscany looks utterly beautiful - have never been, but it's on my list. Have you seen "Stealing Beauty'? That is set there and really captures the whole mood (I imagine...)

    And on the blog love award - I love how they have proliferated the blog world - you are the initiator and they have spread their wings! Everyone refers to you and it's wonderful that you have touched people's lives a little bit. Lou x

  11. How funny is that, Jeanne - in all this time, I never spotted her! Thanks so much for the beguiling story behind the photo. J x

  12. What a lovely place.
    While living in California I would drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and right next to the ocean was lavender fields.
    I confess, at the time I thought it was the strangest spot for lavender;
    however it seemed to be growing quite happily :)

  13. Now I know why I have always loved the picture - I must have known in some way that it was from Italy:-)

    I am so looking forward to knowing where you are going to, although I have found it comforting to know that you are just across 'the pond'.

  14. Love your sweet bees Jeanne. Such dedicated, hardworking creatures.
    But, oh, the fields of lavender in the video! Such views fill my dreams!

  15. Oh, you must keep her.
    I picked up a smooth black stone in the garden of Hampton Court. Like your bee, it reminds me of that day in a wonderful way.
    Couldn't Mr. H. work in Tuscany??

  16. Divine photos and place. So gorgeous it must have been hard to leave. I love Italy.. Carla

  17. Oh what a lovely post, and webpage. I love your Tuscan Bee story, don't blame you, wouldn't change the header either. I just added my name to your list of followers, I don't want to miss a thing. Stop in and for a visit....

    The French Hutch

  18. I wish I was that bee buzzing around in Tuscany. I doubt there is a more beautiful place on earth.

  19. Thank you all for your comments...I am so glad you feel the same way I do... I am certain Queenie would feel the same way :)

  20. Oh, I just love your storytelling, Jeanne! Leave that header right there, for I too shall miss it now that I know the story.

  21. I always love to visit your blog. The photos are so beautiful and capture life, as you are living it! Do keep the little bee, as a reminder of a very happy time with your family!

    Tuscany is such a beautiful place, what a wonderful location for a retreat with the family. I love it there!

  22. My mom's real name is Queenie. Her father named her after his favourite Clydsdale mare. She hates her name but likes it when my dad calls her Queenie-B!

  23. I had a similar romance with a Monarch butterfly in the milkweeds :)

    Thanks for the lavender treat, Jeanne...sweet!

  24. I think we all love your bee Jeanne, we'd be sad to see her fly away. Looks like you were in a little bit of italian heaven there!

  25. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! I got your post card - I'd love to send one back if you want to send your address.


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