THE APRON..your thoughts?

I would love your advice.....
Grand Apron
by Bowl and Pitcher
I am an apron wearer from way back and akin it to the love for a security blanket. If you are the sort of person who likes to sit on a couch with a pillow close at will appreciate the feeling...there is something comforting about that pillow. I feel the same way about aprons. They are my go to for every activity...I can always think of an excuse to wear one. Cooking, laundry, painting, gardening, cleaning..even writing on my blog.

It can't be just any old apron. It has to be the right apron, the right fabric, weight, quality and the tie....the tie is everything, it has to be super long to be able to wrap around the body and sit comfortably in the front. No bows, no namby-pamby tie it loosely in the back kind of apron for me. I want to be hugged, by my apron..firmly and I want it to stay that way.

Besides the tie...the next critical component for me are the pockets. There is always something that needs to go in there..scissors, mixing spoons, clippers, phone, camera, pen, paper...and then there is always that last vegetable you pick in the garden and can't manage...usually a stray zucchini or tomato. The pockets have to be able to fit the zucchini...and whatever else you tumble upon on your way back to the kitchen. There is always something. Vietnam. My apron strings were retired when we moved to Chateau Mango...they only come out to play occasionally. Huyen, our lovely girl about the house cooks Vietnamese food for us nearly every night and unless I am playing sous chef, the aprons stay folded neatly on the shelf. I miss my aprons.

Before leaving Vietnam for Tahilla Farm, I thought I would take advantage of the local dressmakers and whip up a few fresh aprons with a Vietnamese twist. I am still thinking about the twist while I focus on the fabric. It is always a challenge in Saigon because the fabrics are suited to a tropical climate. Light, easy to launder and not always the longest lasting.

I have pulled together a few reference photos of my favourite apron styles. If you are interested in any of the aprons, they are all for sale and can be found on the link below the picture.

Let's begin...

I am loving the tie on this Sunday Suppers apron below 
and would love to slip into it just for the feel. 
I would also like my waistline 
to be the same size but we can't have everything.

Sunday Suppers
Utility Cloth and Apron

Another Sunday Suppers apron below 
in natural pure linen.
Pockets and on.  
I won't mention the waist again..
but you know what I am thinking.

Sunday Suppers
Pure Linen Bistro Apron

I would love to add an 'H' 
to the two aprons below by Pressed Cotton.
Not sure I could get Mr. H into one...come to think
of it I don't think I have ever seen him in an apron.
You can tell who wears the apron in our house!

Mr and Mrs Apron
by Pressed Cotton

Speak to me...
linen, linen and more linen.
Love the shirt, love the apron and the linen
tea towel in the red loop. 
Very clever idea by debbiesporch.

Vintage Full Apron
by debbiesporch

I am the proud owner of several Rough Linen 
products including two pinafores
in black and natural linen. 
I have me eye on Tricia's apron below as well. 
She does it right, in everything she creates.

Any of the aprons here could easily work for men...
although if Mr. H suddenly decided to take up
apron wearing, specifically, the navy linen apron 
below by Linen Tales, we would have to buy two. 

Navy Linen Waist Apron
by Linen Tales

The aprons below by Bowl and Pitcher
featured above as well, have it all.
Linen, length, tie, pockets, bib.
The red on on the right is my fav.

Grand Apron
by Bowl and Pitcher

Now for your thoughts...

Do you wear an apron?

When do you don an apron?
Cooking, gardening, cleaning the gutters?

Do you have a preference for material?
Like the linen? 
Prefer a no-iron fabric?

Do you have a preference for length, 
above the knee, below the knee?

Do you prefer an apron with a bib 
or the waist version?

How about the tie...super long 
or just enough to tie behind your back?

Do you like pockets?
How many? 
What do you stuff into yours?

If you had to pick one of the aprons above,
which would you choose?

Thank you...any information you can provide
will be so so helpful. I am kind of stuck at the moment.
I have had nine months to think do something about this
...I left it until two weeks before I leave.


All the best!!

Jeanne xx

If you are interested in any of the aprons
above, click on the link below the photo.
Happy Apron Shopping!

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