And then it Australia

In Australia...
Something special happened last weekend...we gained a new member to our family. Actually, not just one member, but in fact, I think we gained a good portion of a least that is what it felt like by the time we all departed the wedding and it felt wonderful. 

But let me back up a few hours. We arrived, to the wedding...the mother, the father, the brother and one of the sisters (the other one is studying in Cameroon) and wondered how this would work. We were four of 80+ guests and we did not know a single person other than the bride, the groom and the maid of honor who we met the night before. And then it happened, we were met by the warm embrace of the other guests who as it turned out were one big extended family. They mostly hailed from Canberra...I now love Canberra. Canberrians are people to love!

If you know Aussies, you will know that they are some of the most genuine, fun loving and outgoing people on the face of the planet. I thought Americans and Canadians had this covered but I think the Australians might have one up on us. Being a dual citizen, both American and Australian, I feel honoured...but I digress.

I knew from the first heartwarming welcome that I was going to kick myself for forgetting to bring along a case of tissues to hold back the tears...for they did flow.

They started flowing
when I looked up at my smiling son, 
in his military whites,
waiting for his bride-to-be...Cherie.
(tissue alert)

Patrick...the wait.

And then they started again when
Cherie turned the corner,
looking joyfully radiant.
(tissue alert)

A beautiful bride...Cherie

and the tears flowed again
when they tied the knot
and then another knot...
the Celtic knot, a symbol of unity,
and their pledge to 
spend their lives together.
(tissue alert)

The Mother and Father of the Groom
can not begin to describe how happy 
we are for both of them.
(tissue alert)

Captain and Mrs. black, white and a touch of red
on their wedding day.

The new Mrs. H is a very talented woman.
An artist and fellow Virgo, she designed 
and produced nearly everything herself, 
including many of the details
 on her wedding gown.

The wedding reflected their personalities
 in an exicting way with a "Burtonesque" theme 
that was playful and enchanting. 

I know for a fact that everyone in attendance
absolutely loved the candy bar..complete with 
black and white striped candy bags.
If you are planning a wedding...think candy bar!

 The American Welcome...
Next up is the American family reunion at Tahilla Farm in December 2015. Our first Christmas at Tahilla Farm and the first chance for everyone to meet Cherie on home territory. We are all so so excited...and I have so so so much to do! Finish building a house is first on the list... ;)

About the MOG dress...
Some of you may be wondering about the mother of the groom dress. I arrived with three dresses and a floral jacket. A menagerie of colour, one each in midnight blue, teal, lavender and pink.   Not to confuse myself or anything. It all fell together in the eldest daughter said no, no and yes. Lavender and pink for me. 

As for photos...we have to wait for those. is just about the bride and the groom and the many many happy wedding wishes you have sent their way over the past few blog posts. 

Thank you all!!!

Jeanne xx

Patrick, Cherie and a sunset over the Yarra Valley in Australia
(tissue alert)

Wedding photographs
with exception of my photos 
(Patrick and Sourstraps)


  1. I'm getting tearful just reading your post Jeanne. I am going to be a complete embarrassment to my children when they marry. The photos are stunning as are Cherie and Patrick. My blessings to them both as they begin their lives as Mr. and Mrs.

    Well, you best be getting that farm ready!!

    So happy for you all xxx

    1. Thank you Deb...and yes, that farm needs to be ready!! xx

  2. and they lived happily ever after.

  3. Jeanne - how very lovely for them and you! So delighted to see these pictures. You must be so very proud!! And she's (of course) beautiful! Lou x

    1. Thank you Lou...I am and I agree, she is beautiful. xx

  4. Congratulations to the beautiful Bride & Groom!
    Both families gain happiness
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Congratulations to you all! They are such a handsome couple. The sparkle in her eyes is delightful. It sounds like a fairy tale for all of you. December should be a very good time!

    1. Thank you Kathy for you kind words..I am now into countdown mode...263 days until Christmas. :)

  6. Oh so fabulously beautiful! You and Mr. H should be very proud of Patrick and Cherie. Will be looking forward to more pictures.

    1. Thank you always, your thoughts are very much appreciated! :)

  7. Jeanne, Congratulations! They make a lovely couple. Thanks for sharing this wonderful event. Bonnie

  8. Another amazing and beautiful couple tying the knot - and your family grows! I thank you for sharing this fabulous occasion with us Jeanne. Looking forward to more pics - I know you looked wonderful too!

    Congratulations and a lifetime of health and happiness to this dear couple.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. WELL that last photo did it for me!TEARS are EVERYWHERE...............
    CONGRATULATIONS..........sounds like you have a wonderful ADDITION to the family!
    THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I can hardy wait for DECEMBER!!!!MORE PHOTOS PLEASE!!!!!!!AND yes, I NEED TO SEE YOU in your OUTFIT!XOXO........I will be patient.SORT of..........

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! More photos coming...and I am counting down to Christmas already...just 263 more days to go. xx

  10. congratulations to them + you + you must be very proud of them.

  11. How beautiful and touching. I am reading your blog, listening to my Pandora and Ave Maria is playing….tears are flowing here as well.

  12. My hubby is looking at me and asking...why are you tearing up? I just smiled and said...because! Your situation is so similar to ours...I know it was a wonderful day...the joining of two families, so far apart...almost surreal that this could ever happen...and now it has, wonder of wonders! Congrats to the happy couple! ;)

  13. Blessings and wishes of joy and happiness to Patrick and Cherie... such a beautiful couple and a wonderful couple.... Mr and Mrs H !!
    Tears and emotion and joy .... overwhelming joy for you and Mr H senior...
    Would love to see photos of you and Mr H . BRAVO !!

  14. Not enough tissue alerts! What a lovely post. Congratulations on your new acquisitions.

  15. A beautiful wedding indeed! Very good looking bride and groom! Thanks for sharing. My daughter & (now) son-in-law were planning an August 2014 wedding, but they felt like it was beginning to get away from them, so they cancelled and just one month ago—in the span of one week— decided to get married! At the end of my toast to the couple, I added (jokingly) that it might take me awhile to forgive them for picking the month of February to get married. In one outdoor shot, my daughter wanted their picture taken in front of the frozen stalactites (icicles, of course) hanging off the building! As your building crew can attest, it ranked as the coldest or second coldest February on record in the Midwest & Northeast US. Crikey, a fitting word here I believe!

    So, you're hosting Christmas 2015? Oh, there's not too much on your plate, GULP! A couple of posts ago, I commented on an article re: happiness, but it was much more than that; it was about the myriad choices we repeatedly face and how to reframe them. I'll send the link to your e-mail as I know links are sometimes unwanted. I think it might help in all the decisions you'll be making coming up.

    Congratulations to the (look like models!) bride and groom. I'll offer them the same quote I toasted to my daughter and son-in-law:
    "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
    Antoine de Saint Exupéry

  16. Congratulations, again, to the happy couple and the happy families!

  17. They make an enchanting couple. Wishing them much joy. And I agree with La Contessa. We need to see you and your beautiful outfit.

  18. Just beautiful, Jeanne. I am so happy for all of you. When my daughter got married three years ago it was one of the best experiences of my life. Your son and his bride are such a gorgeous couple! Your reunion in December should be very special. You made me laugh...yes, just need to get the house finished first!
    xx Sunday

  19. Jeanne, congratulations to Patrick and Cherie! It sounds like a magical and happy day for your family. It looks and sounds like a beautiful wedding.

    I am sure that with your hard work and tenacity everything is going to come together for Christmas 2015!

    Looking forward to more photos!

  20. Totally beautiful Jeanne... I can't wait to see more photographs... :) They both look adorable and so happy... what a wonderful moment for you and P

    And what a setting... So, so magnificent... xv

  21. Congratulations and so wonderful and beautiful is this posting. Love is all you need........and their fairytale continues.
    Love Jeanne

  22. Hi Jeanne

    I left a comment earlier but it looks like it may have been eaten!

    Your post left me with tears running down my cheeks, not a pretty sight on me either! This must have been such a wonderful day for you all, and such a gorgeous couple. You are going to have a seriously fun christmas, even if the house isn't finished!

    Congratulations to you all,


  23. jeanne, congratulations and best wishes to all. The radiant bride and groom. I imagine you starting to sort ideas, writing notes of all kinds, following the reconstruction of Tahilla a minute ... and especially praying

  24. They are truly one of the most beautiful young couples that I have ever seen...*tissue alert!*
    So happy for them...and for you...

  25. No tears, here, Jeanne - it sounds like a perfect wedding to me! Glad everything went well, and you feel so warmly welcomed into the "village" :)

  26. Congratulations to your son and new daughter-in-law! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and how lovely to be welcomed with open arms! Hugs to you, my dear...have a great weekend!

  27. Hello Jeanne,
    This is, without doubt,one of the most beautiful weddings. Cherie will be a wonderful fit to your family. I love her already, an artist and Virgo (like me).
    Christmas will be spectacular and what joy to look forward and all will be great. You can always use the barn!

    Helen xx

  28. Congratulations Jeanne ! What handsome groom and simply gorgeous bride! It sounds like your son picked someone akin to his mother! How lovely for you!,

  29. Simply wonderful. One of the happiest time to celebrate and cherish.

  30. So beautiful! Congratulations. It looks like it was a happy day.

  31. So wonderful, thank you for sharing these precious moments with us! I'm going to be a blithering mess of tears in June when our eldest daughter gets married. She's having an outdoor wedding at our home on the CT River, so there's many wishes for beautiful weather floating around here! Ahhh, Virgos, I'm surrounded by them in our family and a good thing too, because I'm such a stubborn top-of-the-mountain Capricorn! Oh, a man in a military uniform always makes my heart flutter, lol. So happy that your new extended family is warm & welcoming, that's always a big bonus! These photos are beautiful, but I must tell you that I was so enchanted by your photo of the vines draped in the fabric. When I first saw that, I thought "what an awesome (and ambitious!) idea for a wedding! The vines looked like they were in their wedding dress finery for the day, so breathtaking. Glad to find out that the draping was done by the winery and not the bride! After being away for a week, it was nice to come home & see that the snow is finally leaving NH and the ice on the rivers is breaking up and floating away. Of course, next December, we'll all be wishing for snow to make Christmas merry & bright. I'm sure that just getting the house completed is #1 on your list. Congratulations and best wishes for a long & happy marriage to Patrick & Cherie!

  32. I am so happy for you Jeanne. What a gorgeous couple.

  33. Congratulations Lovely! Such a beautiful dress! The day looks gorgeous! xx Ella Rose

  34. Congratulations Jeanne! The wedding was perfect. Cherie looked so radiantly beautiful and your son Patrick so handsome. They looked so happy.

  35. Congratulations to the happy couple and mother/mother-in-law. Beautiful pictures.


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