A Happy Place...in Australia

It started when I was looking looking at photos..that feeling you get when tears starts to roll in from distant places and you blink to say it can't be so and then you suddenly catch your breath, take a deep breath and you realise there is no stopping it...the flood gates have opened. Tears..happy tears.

Saying that, I  have to tell you...me...crying..is not a pretty sight. I am the one who goes all puffy and splotchy and needs to be gently guided into a dark room, so as not to scare the others.  The only upside on my appearance is that my eyes become bright blue.  I think it is the red splotchy part that highlights them. Never seems to work together.

What's all the fuss about? The little guy below is my eldest son Patrick..who is getting married on Saturday, in Australia. Patrick and I sat in a photo booth together, 24 years ago...and I am feeling teary...as mother's do.

When Patrick was little
I used to read
(kind of how I felt last Thursday). 


We used to laugh about Alexander 
wanting to move to Australia...
and then we did, 
when Patrick was nine years old. 
He has been there ever since. 


And now Patrick is marrying an Aussie girl, Cherie.
How the world goes round! 

Patrick and Cherie

Speaking of horrible, no good, very bad days (last Thursday)...I am happy to report that my hair colour has been sorted and my mother of the groom dress came back from the dry cleaner in top shape. No more tears! I am still wavering on which dress to wear to the wedding, I will pack it all up and decide on the day. I like options. 

Thinking of Alexander and his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day started me on a book trail of all the children's books we used to love to read. I have to admit, that even today, with my oldest, now 25 and the youngest of my four, 15...I still pop into the children's section at bookstores, just to see what is new. It's always a happy place. 

Do you have a favourite children's book? One that you read as a child or some that you read to your children and grandchildren? Would love to know if you do...


Here are a few of ours...

by Judith Viorst

because we do have 
a touch of the Irish in us,
a book I bought just for Patrick
all those years ago.

by Tommie dePaola


Celebating St. Patrick's Day
and a wedding in one week.
It's a sign!
A great one!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Jeanne ;)

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