that I do not know 

what I love more about this picture..

the beautiful flowing skirt...

the white high collared shirt..

the gorgeous coral necklace...

the fact that she pulls if off with bare feet..

the stunning vase that stands next to her....

the oriental at her feet...

or the fact that she is standing outside 
what I imagine to be a charming guesthouse
which she decorated....

I pulled this out of a 2002 issue of House Beautiful

the lady in question is Designer  Mary McDonald....

some pages are keepers..this still is


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
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Hope one of these brings a smile :)



  1. You're right - a beautiful image - really timeless.

    Off topic here, but you're right, the ipad seems great. But I am waiting to see if it comes down a bit in price so I can get the one with the most memory. Plus I think a new camera may be in the cards so I must be good!

  2. I love the whole picture! The long messy hair, the white shirt, the long, flowing skirt, bare feet and the ease of the whole thing. It exudes style!

  3. It just goes to show that style never goes out of fashion. Love everything about this pic - but that blue and white beauty is divine! K xx

  4. Totally agree! I think this photo is full of style and definitely a keeper! ~ Sarah

  5. Simple, casual and perfect. What a lovely lady she is!


  6. She looks effortlessly chic and that outfit is timeless.
    She has such a confident style about her...and barefoot too!

  7. I agree Jeanne! Both her and the surroundings are drippping with elegance. Hey I'm sure you could pull the look off effortlessly!
    a bientôt,

  8. Everything about the picture is beautiful!

  9. Dear Jeanne,
    at the end of clicking me through your "FUN"-side, I was really laughing out loud. It made my day! Love to laugh....
    I saw two of them in Germany (Heineken and onother one), but we don`t have this "Nespresso"-Commercial in particular. Mr. CLOONEY is the best,so funny and good looking, of course...
    But "Man Cold" is without competition...!Unbelievable those poor men. And at long last: I love this movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson! I remember, I was laughing tears how lamentable she was crying over her heartache.But this was just one scene of so many.
    Thank y o u this time for sharing!

  10. How Funny!!

    She IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE AMERICAN DESIGNERS, I wish she had a blog, don't you?
    I postted some of her pictures in the beggining of my blog.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Beautiful photograph, I love how you so wonderfully identify each of its breathtaking aspects. Hope you have a marvellous weekend :)

  12. Fab image Jeanne! Although I'm sitting here saying a silent prayer to the God who takes care of big wishes. I wish that tomorrow I will wake up & 6 inches to my short stubby legs have been magically added. So I look half pie decent in a gorgeous skirt like this one!
    Millie ^_^

  13. She as a whole is lovely. Wonder how you cherry-pick your photos. Your eye for style and life is oh! so wonderful and infectious.

    I dedicate a lovely Sunday to you dear Jeanne.

    Joy and passion,

  14. I just found your delicious wonderful blog(s)!! I saved the exact same picture of Mary McDonald in the long grey skirt, from 2002...great minds and all that .... I am also an expat, been in London for the past 19 yrs.

    Just out of curiosity if you don't mind do you organize/store old photos/articles/magazines? I have loads in cupboards that I have been wanting to sort efficiently for years. Any tips would be most welcome.


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