Dreaming Colour at the Chelsea Flower Show

Time to refocus energies from peevish thoughts to colourful thoughts.
Gardening does the trick for me and I have been thinking about flower combinations.

Lots of great ideas came from my recent outing to the Chelsea Flower Show.
Here is what my flower inspiration board looks like at the moment.
I wish I could tell you what all of these are...
I am sure many of you know and could help me out.

For the moment I am just dreaming colour :)

Colour can bring out the best in you
inside and out

it is playful and sunny

it is calming and relaxing

it surprises you

it brings back memories

it can be regal and refined

it can dance and bring you to new heights

it is a great way to start the day!

Wishing you a colourful day...
I can already feel my peevishness
melting away :)


  1. I love this entry. I already feel inspired to go and add even more color to our garden!!! Lovely! Thank you!!

  2. These are lovely Jeanne. They do inspire me to take just one more trip to my garden center~just a few more things... and it will keep me 'out of trouble'-less peevish!

  3. Oh the colour!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers, now if only smellaputer existed.


  4. What a riot of color and blooms! The photos are beautiful. I'm inspired that they all grow together in such a small space.

  5. I have been up most of the night coughing . . . and your beautiful garden shots have helped to remove my peevishness as well. Thanks.

  6. I woke up to this delightful combination of colors. What a day brightener they were! thanks!

  7. oh those Alliums Jeanne!! only in gorgeous england. jxx

  8. These are beautiful! You make me wish I had more space for a garden! (As I am NOT parting with the hydrangeas, I am staying with blue, blue, blue!) I always wanted a little more land to add a vegetable garden and a cutting garden. Someday ...

  9. Lovely colours to elevate our moods...and what better way to do it than with flowers!
    Ah Chelsea...I have some green envy here.

  10. You have no idea how much I needed to hear your opening sentence today. A true, healthy, much appreciated kick in the butt! Thank you!

  11. The flowers are beautiful. I can't grow these lovelies because my dear little deer gobble them up so it is so nice to see photos of magnificient gardens.
    Also, love that kitty.


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