Feeling Peevish

I am feeling a bit peevish at the moment. 

 This all came about after reading 
an article that was urgently placed in front of me.  



I see, I read and go to the end of the article.
Yes, yes, yes...I have heard this before 
but then it ended with this...


How do you know if you are to absorbed in technology? 

Experts have identified these signs:

Do you always check your e-mail before doing other things?
Um, kind of.....

Do you frequently find yourself looking forward to the next time you will be online?
Yes, but.....

Have you ever lied about or tried to hide how long you have been online?
Is this a trick question???

Have you ever chosen to spend time online rather than going out with others?
Phew, no!

Does going online lift you from a depressed or nervous mood?
Only when blogging...but that is ok, isn't it?

Do others in your life often complain about the amount of time 
you spend using technology?

Yes, I feel like this too...
a bit loopy
especially after this arrived this morning...

the much anticipated
you-beaut computer chair

Can I just say....

from this multi-tasking
computer friendly
blog writing
camera loving


I took the FOCUS test to find out...
Lucky for me, I passed.

I guess I am still safe :)

You can try it here...

Now, I am going for a walk!

Article from 8 June  2010 International Herald Tribune  (I read the paper version, not online)
image 1, image 2~me, image 3, image 4~me, image 5, image 6, image 7~me

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  1. Ok, I am kind of safe but I do seem to be addicted to blogging... and I love it!

    Great article!

    Off to go and read some more of my favourite blogs...

    Best wishes,

  2. O.K..... I could ditto your answers!!! What makes me crazy is when I haven't been "on" that long... and then I get 'caught'~
    C'mon, it isn't like I've been sitting here for...well, HOURS!!!
    Happy Day darlin'.

  3. A really fun post!!! I'm pretty close to where you are when answering the questions, so I'm not worried.

    Blogging is a creative outlet and a fanciful connection to magical parts of the world. How can that be a bad thing? I feel guiltless :)

  4. I will only comment on the pictures in this post.

    I like the cat and the lovely path amidst the bushes.


    Don't probe more into my internet habits.


    Joy always,

  5. Dear Jeanne,
    Well, I don't feel guilty at all. I use the computer when I WANT to so I am happy with the time that I spend on it.
    I don't think that we have to worry. Modern technology is here to stay whether we like it or not so I guess we need to embrace it.
    Everything in moderation is my motto ! XXXX

  6. Hi Jeanne - yep I am with you. I do answer the questions in the same way and spend a fair amount of time agonising about whether I spend too much time online. Certainly my preference is to do it alone, when the kids are in bed so that suggests it's a guilty habit! But whether it's bad for me? Nahhh, blogging has done nothing but enrich life for me, not detract from it. Lou x

  7. My answers are identical to yours! The guilt over being online too long is the worst. When I see my husband's car...snap goes the laptop shut! lol!


  8. Glad I am not the only one Jane! It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun :)

  9. As long as you go for one of those walks every now and then... you're fine! Besides, I know you get out occasionally. I see the pictures!

    And, as I love my visits here very much, I do hope you have no intention of cutting back!

  10. Oh my...guilty here too!
    Hope that you enjoyed your walk....it could be worse...we could all be hooked on soap operas getting fat on the couch and eating bonbons!

  11. Ohh....good point Hostess, you are right on that front. I forgot about soap's..do people still watch them? Now there is a flash from the past!

  12. Wait a minute, Jeanne. I thought the beaut of a sports car that arrived recently, was your new office chair :) Love the picture of the fashionable kitty- Happy Blogging!

  13. No need to change for you! And I am sure they make no mention of the OTHER articles that said it can help keep the brain agile and stimulated? There's always too sides, right? Off to take that test, though!

  14. I agree, why change when we're happy and healthy with how we are. I love blogging, I love the blogging community of which, it gives me great pleasure to say, I am part. Of course I look forward to reading my fellow blogger's wonderful posts, and I have no shame in saying so :D

  15. The thing about blogging and the Internet in general is that it creates peace in my head after a day of listening to everyone, thus enabling me to do the sort of stuff that requires peace in my head. So going online takes me offline. Hope you're not so peevish after the walk!

  16. A lot of that certainly rang true for me as well. Is it wrong to check your email 25 times a day and to think about blogging, well pretty much all the time?

  17. This is the beginning of my 5th month of blogging and I do LOVE IT.
    Your answers to the questions on tecky addiction . . . were hilarious!

    Your blog was recommended and I can tell already, I will enjoy it. Thanks for making me smile.

  18. Jeanne - I loved reading this!! (And I really loved the insistent sentence at the bottom about reading the PAPER version!) You're so organised I bet you have everything perfectly under control (including your online time!!) x

  19. If you only new Susie...my mind seems to be in a state of chaos every moment of the day for some reason.
    I put it down to eating to much chocolate!


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