Summer Sundays and the Sea

I can't tell you how much fun it is to create these 'meme's for Summer Sundays.
It really has been the next best thing to being there for me.
If you are interested visit The Tablescaper and join in the fun.

I grew up along the sea, in a small town outside of Boston.
It is along Cape Ann and has a rich history but more importantly it is filled with
wonderful people. It hasn't changed much in the many years since I moved away.
That in itself is a treat for me and my family each time we return.

I like to think that I go to the sea to find the best in me.
The sea has a way of doing that.  It brings you in and sweeps you along.
Walking the beach, collecting shells, swimming, boating, fishing..
you always feel like the best is yet to be.

Along Cape Ann, artists thrive in summer. 
Everything falls into perfect pitch.
There is no better time to live a creative life. 
Whether it be artists or writers...the sea has a way of 
helping one to define themselves.

    I created this blog on a painting which I called
the painting served as a reminder of my 
childhood by the sea.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow inspired me with
Often I think of the beautiful town
That is seated by the sea;
Often in thought go up and down
The pleasant streets of that dear old town,
And my youth comes back to me.
My grandmother and me
on a porch along the sea

With that...I say 
Hooray for

Next week 4th of July celebrations in the little town by the sea
more on that next week :)

image 1, 2-7~me, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12~me, 13, 14~me

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