Saturday, October 24, 2009

Collage of Life-the beginning

There is nothing harder than being homesick, 
especially the kind that reaches right in 
and sits heavy on your heart. 
I found the best way to 'let it all out' 
was to create a painting 
 that represented everything I felt.

I discovered many things about myself in the process
and thru the months it took to create the painting 
I slowly felt at ease and found comfort. 

The images and words are 'home'. 
 It has been several years since I created it and to this day 
it still brings a smile every time I see it. The driving force are the words 
in the center of the painting.. 'Shape the thought that stirs within.' 

I called the painting 'Collage of Life'
It seemed a natural for the name of this blog as well. 
It has become another outlet for me 
to shape the thoughts that stir within.

painting by Jeanne Henriques


  1. Hi Jean,
    You've reflected the significance of HOME in such a heart-full way here. Thank you for passing on this link to me. It made me reflect on my own situation.

  2. It's quite special going back to read your first post. I hope your homesickness has abated somewhat.
    Your collage is gorgeous
    Thank you again Jeanne :) I'll post again soon.

  3. Dear Jeanne, Have just read your very first post. What a beautiful painting! Love the black and white images mixed in with the paper collage - reminds me of a photo album, or pages from an old journal. I know what it's like to be homesick so much your heart feels like it will never recover. And also to experience that 'lost' feeling when you don't know which country you really belong in. I've lived in 4 countries and we may well be moving to our 5th later this year, if my partner gets his dream job with the Republicans. But just think about how lucky we are to see such places! In the end, the pros do outweigh the cons. Hope you're having a marvellous time in Marrakech! Sorry this is comment is so long... Janelle McCulloch xx


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