October 28, 2010

Midlife Wisdom and Paris

Two thoughts are before me this fine day.
Midlife and Paris.
How fun is that?

Midlife Wisdom

I am changing my tune and mixing it up a bit over @ B-Well.
I have a lot on my mind and it is about wellness...in midlife.
Am I having a midlife crisis? Who knows?
I like to think of it as one of the wonderful stages of life.
Even better, one of the many stages of ageing gracefully.
Sounds better to me :)

If you need to get your groove back or just keep it, come join me.
It is going to be my source of inspiration where I write about health, 
wellbeing, beauty, fashion and more. Basically, whatever it takes
for this Midlife Mama to get her groove back.
More here

and on a lighter note...


My sweet seventeen year old, Claire and I are 
off on a Mother and Daughter adventure to Paris. 

She wants to see the Eiffel Tower and sample french pastry
I want her to fall in love with Paris and I have three days
 to complete my mission. 

Wish me luck!

:) :) :)

images: 1, 2, 3, 4~me

October 26, 2010

Tissue Barometer: Soppy, Sloppy and a Sook

The Tissue Barometer of Life
Soppy, Sloppy and a Sook

Yes, I have to use all these words to describe my weekend.
First...I just loved all the responses on my last post.
I thank you all for your comments and insight 
into this little blogging world we live in.
I was touched by so many and this is when...
I got soppy. (teary)

I spent the weekend with a dear friend 
 from New Zealand. I loved having her here and felt so lucky 
to have this special time with her.  We talked non-stop. 
It is such a great feeling when you can do that with a friend. 
We said good-bye hoping to meet one last time before she
flies back to New Zealand. Closing the door behind me....
I started to get sloppy. (sentimental)

It was the end of a chilly Sunday afternoon.
The house was quiet. I had it all to myself for an hour or so.
I lit a few candles, took myself to the TV room and plopped myself down.
I was not going to move for the next hour and took my chances 
on what would be showing on TV...


Before I start, I should mention that my family 
hates to watch movies like this with me.
They each come prepared with a tissue box.

 This movie is right up there in the list of movies 
that gets me going.  It's an oldie but goodie.
A perfect end to a Sunday afternoon.

First we have the music. 
Music by Steve Tyrell is movie heaven to me.
He sings the opening to the clip below.

Then there is the movie...

When they sell the house, say good-bye and share
basketball memories, I am a goner.
I laughed, I cried...I was a big sook
who got soppy and sloppy with
the tissue barometer reaching the red zone.

It was not long before I was discovered...
'Jeez Louise' was Miss Claire's first comment.
'What happened to you?'
I started blubbering something about a basketball
 and she passed me another tissue.

What can I say, I am a sook :)

How about you, what is your tissue barometer ?
Are you reaching for the box at the first whiff of emotion
 or are you solid as a rock?

Images: 1, 2 and 3, 4,
You Tube

soppy and sloppy: sentimental
sook: crybaby

October 24, 2010

One Year Anniversary and BLOG TALK

My one year blogging anniversary is here.
Four blogs and 830 posts later....
Hooley dooley and blow me down, what a year!

Can I say to all my blogging buddies that you
really and truly are the best! I thank you all for
your comments and emails over the past year.
I have been delighted by each and every one.

I never would have imagined the outcome when I started.
I have met the most wonderful people, of all ages and
my life is richer for the experience. Whether you have been with me
from the start or are a new reader...my sincerest thanks!

I know there are others, who watch and read but do not
comment. In fact, most of my family and friends fall into
that category and to them I say thank you for stopping
by and following.  I am one lucky lady!

I am so glad I hit the POST
button last year for my first post.


I now have a question or two for you.

image here

It is time for a little BLOG TALK
I recently offered to give a talk to fellow expats
on blogging and need your help.

 I know which questions will be top of mind.
You will know too.
"Why do you blog or rather why would you"?
and the big one..
"How do I start a blog?"

In case you are wondering, yes, I did volunteer to do this!
I think my story is similar to your story
and I would love to hear yours.

I have three questions.
Take one, take them all.
Long or short,
I am all eyes for your comment.

Why do you blog?
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
If you could start over again,
what would you do differently?

Every comment is sincerely appreciated!
Feel free to go off topic to and add what you like :))

and when you are done...come visit me @ Finding My Way.
for a little of what has been happening out and about in
my corner of the world this week...

Wishing you a most glorious weekend wherever you are!!

Jeanne xx

October 21, 2010

Shades of Velvet


How do you feel about velvet?

I came across these images and felt very sentimental.
I admit I have a few velvet pieces in my closet that I can not
part with even though my daughters beg me to do so.

It is the full length black skirt that I am sure that will come back
into fashion someday. Ok, maybe the blue velvet turtleneck tops
will not but you just never know.

I think these are lovely too...

So sweet for the holidays, I remember wearing something 
like this myself (as a child) and dressing my daughters in the same. 

via Babble

I have at least one or two of these jewelry boxes

and more shades of blue velvet...

I am thinking that a chest like this is the 
perfect place for a spot of  velvet.

Wow is all I have to say about this one!

And then there is burgundy velvet and Kate Moss...

via Vogue

How about you, how do you feel about velvet?

October 19, 2010

An Artist's Life And A Little Night Music

There is something about this room. 
Maybe it is the big bowl of shells on the table
or the little leather case next to it.
I can't help wondering what is inside...

Imagine sitting in that chair and looking
out onto a beautiful garden. 
The peace and quiet would be lovely.

A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table.
Interior colours...rich and welcoming.
Could the blue painted chest contain a treasure or two?
The rugs and that gorgeous chest of draws 
 must have an interesting story behind them. 
I wonder....

This home is featured in the November 2010 issue of Country Living UK.
It is the home of painter, Sandra Whitmore

You can tell a creative person lives here. 
She has surrounded herself with beautiful and thoughtful objects.
I imagine she is continuously inspired by her surroundings.

Of course, a setting like this needs a little music.
Have you heard of Tina Malia?
She is another artist that manages to bring it all home.

A little night music...enjoy!

October 18, 2010

Anticipation, Experience, Reflection: Jerusalem

I look at traveling on three levels 
and find each equally exciting.

First is the anticipation of a trip, you plan, 
discuss, research, pack and and away you go. 
This stage can take weeks if not months or years 
depending on the trip. 

Next is the experience. This is where you make it all happen, 
where you take it for all it is worth and make it the experience of a lifetime. 

It is your experience, you own it, 
you make it the best it can be.

Last but not least is reflection
Some, like me, will photograph every minute, 
others would not think of using a camera 
so as to live in the moment

Some will write, some will draw
some will shop to their heart's content 
and others will do all of the above. 
We choose the method that suits us best. 
If it was an unforgettable journey you will 
find a way to be reminded of it every day.

Am I being a little over zealous about the travel experience? Perhaps.
Ordinarily, in a non-blogging state of mind, 
I would look at my photos, file them and be done...for a while.

But now...I have found the joy of blogging and my travel
experiences have not been the same since.

Now I look at over 1200 photos and think..OMG
which ones do I show??????????

I am going to inhale, exhale and let go of the delerium
and just get on with a few of my favourites.

Oh, look at that...I'm done. 
Not really as there is so much more to say and this is the first three days 
of our trip with three more to go. I have books and notes etc..on my 
thoughts and observations as we travelled but this could easily end up 
looking like a version of War and Peace (literally) if I tried to put it all in. 
I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, 
you can reach me at henrqs@yahoo.com.

There is more to come...
I haven't shown you Mr. H and I covered in mud before
dipping into the Dead Sea...
:)) :)) :))

PS..If you are interested in more photos of Jerusalem
you can visit me @ In One Place..with a camera.

necklace  via  Rose Creek Cottage

 other images~me