One Year Anniversary and BLOG TALK

My one year blogging anniversary is here.
Four blogs and 830 posts later....
Hooley dooley and blow me down, what a year!

Can I say to all my blogging buddies that you
really and truly are the best! I thank you all for
your comments and emails over the past year.
I have been delighted by each and every one.

I never would have imagined the outcome when I started.
I have met the most wonderful people, of all ages and
my life is richer for the experience. Whether you have been with me
from the start or are a new sincerest thanks!

I know there are others, who watch and read but do not
comment. In fact, most of my family and friends fall into
that category and to them I say thank you for stopping
by and following.  I am one lucky lady!

I am so glad I hit the POST
button last year for my first post.


I now have a question or two for you.

image here

It is time for a little BLOG TALK
I recently offered to give a talk to fellow expats
on blogging and need your help.

 I know which questions will be top of mind.
You will know too.
"Why do you blog or rather why would you"?
and the big one..
"How do I start a blog?"

In case you are wondering, yes, I did volunteer to do this!
I think my story is similar to your story
and I would love to hear yours.

I have three questions.
Take one, take them all.
Long or short,
I am all eyes for your comment.

Why do you blog?
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
If you could start over again,
what would you do differently?

Every comment is sincerely appreciated!
Feel free to go off topic to and add what you like :))

and when you are done...come visit me @ Finding My Way.
for a little of what has been happening out and about in
my corner of the world this week...

Wishing you a most glorious weekend wherever you are!!

Jeanne xx


  1. Happy anniversary! Very fun. I blog as a way of focusing on the beautiful things in life. It's sort of a gratitude journal for me. I do it because it's fun and it helps keep me focused on the positives, even (and especially) when I'm having a hard time. If I could do it differently, though, I'd spend some time reading blogs before creating one of my own. I'd take the time to think about the name, the purpose, the style, etc, before jumping into it. I just jumped in and have allowed mine to evolve over time, which is fine too, but I kinda wish I had waited just a little bit. Good luck!

  2. Hooley dooley and blow me down, hahaha, I have to incorporate this phrase into my vocabulary. I love it!

    I started my blog because it's a big old world nowadays and it can be hard to find kindred spirits.

    One thing I have unexpectedly enjoyed most about it is the way it's encouraged me to think more about the photos I take. I notice the little details in the world, and see so much more beauty and interest in the city, when I'm out with a camera, planning to share it with outsiders.

    Blogging has been a very positive thing for me to do. If I am having a rubbish week, it is often the fact that I want to post on my blog which motivates me to do something interesting, have some interesting thoughts, or at the very least find a new recipe or see a new movie. My day-to-day existence can be quite narrow and focussed, and my blog truly stops me from stagnating and helps keep me being me.

    Most of the big events in my life happen off the blog - my life is enormously different from how it was when I first started it, and I think one great thing is that blogs do change over time just like life does.

    (it says my comment is too long - part two copied and will be pasted imminently!)

  3. Best of all though, I have come to know some wonderful, interesting, and inspiring people. I've enjoyed all the recommendations too... since starting to read blogs I have read some great books, seen some brilliant films - and eaten a LOT of delicious cake! I love the insights I have gained into people's lives near and far, and the smiles that have so often been put on my face when I am wandering around London in something of a black cloud for whatever reason.

    I will admit that I am in a terribly soppy and sentimental mood today, but I do love blogland with the inspiration, creativity and friendship that it has sent flying into my poor creaky old ibook. Happiest of blog birthdays to you Jeanne - am off to peruse your other blog!

  4. Congratulations on your 1 year - it's been a real pleasure to come on this journey with you!
    Some definite food for thought in those questions, Jeanne. Why do I blog? It was a way to connect, to put some creativity and hopefully some beauty out there. I thought it would encourage me to do more creative projects, but I find the more I blog, the less time I have for them.
    What I enjoy most about blogging is definitely the wonderful people I've met. I love that people in my own backyard, and Pakistan, and Australia, and Italy and ... you know, are all connected and interested in the same things. It's like a big global hug!
    If I could start all over again, I don't know what I would do differently, as I still don't know what I'm doing! :) But I'm happy to be here, and in such good company.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Jeanne!

    Why do I blog?

    I started following a few blogs I really liked. And after an annus horribilis in my family, I decided to create a blog of my own - a place to gather all the pretty, beautiful, inspiring things in life - sort of a way to remind myself that these things do exist! It's not that I don't acknowledge and accept all the negative parts of life, but my blog is not about those. I actually didn't expect anyone to ever folllow or comment, but to my great surprise and delight people do - and feeling in touch with people all over the world is amazing and the reason why I can't imagine that I'll stop blogging any time soon:-)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Dear Jeanne,
    at first *HAPPY ANNIVERSARY* and let`s have a glass of champagne!
    why I`m blogging? Well...*think*.*think*..I guess the main reason is, because I enjoy the inspiration of other blogsites all over the world (like your fantastic one!)So I get inspired and it brings hopefully the best out of me (sometimes...:)). I want to share my thoughts and favourites with other wonderful people in this world and I want to know what is going on in their life and thinking.It`s so interesting and the world is so various.
    This makes me smile and I`m learning...I like to learn or hear new things. I think I`m just a curious person and it makes me feel like Columbus explores the NEW WORLD. YES, this is my reason of blogging: Just being a part of this world in a virtual way...have a lovely weekend, Beate :)

  7. Jeanne - first of all congratulations on your first blogging anniversary. I love the beautiful white roses picture.
    Now to answer your three questions.

    1. Why do I blog - I don't know! I think, that being the remoteness of where we live, it's a lot about social networking and the sharing of the lives of like minded people and sharing mine with them.
    2. What do I enjoy about blogging - I love people and also reading other people's blogs and when they visit mine, I have made some wonderful on-line friends - almost like meeting for a virtual cup of coffee. I love people commenting. I find that very encouraging.

    What would I do differently? Well nothing really! It's a learning curve all the way. When I've read over some of my past blogs I've thought 'Yipes, how embarrassing'
    But people have been very kind in their comments! I think I would feel a bit hurt if I was flamed. I would not want to put anything spiteful on someone else's blog. But so far it hasn't happened!!

  8. Happy blogoversary!

    1) I started blogging because I wanted to try writing and thought this would be a good way to work on small ideas - essays - and just do it. Hasn't really worked out that way becuase I tend to write stream-of-consciousness and not go back to edit to create a really "written" piece.

    2) I love the community. Even when I am not feeling about writing, I read what's happening with my blog-friends. It widens my world and gives me a wonderful sense of belonging to a community where age, race, gender, etc. don't matter.

    3) I wish that I had a better focus to my blog... but I don't!

    Good luck with your talk.

  9. Happy Blogiversary! I started blogging almost a year ago too so we are about the same age!

    I originally started blogging as a way to record our home renovation. However, as time went on it became more of a way for me to appreciate my life more. Seeing everything written on screen somehow makes me realise what a wonderfully romantic life I lead.

    The best part of blogging for me is feeling connected with so many like minded people around the world. I feel inspired every day by the people I've 'met' through my blog. Blogging motivates me to be better, to do more and to try new things. The comments people leave on my blog encourage me to keep going.

    I don't think I'd do anything differently if I started again. I love the learning process of blogging. My blog has changed and evolved or the past year but that just reflects the way my life is going.

    All the best for another successful year of blogging x x

  10. Happy Anniversary Jeanne...
    I got into blogging after discovering LPC's blog
    amidlifeofprivilege...and wanted to leave comments, I started a blogger account went in search of other blogs and thought to myself...I could do this too.

    it was that simple!

    I love that I have fellow blogging buddies all over the world. It's way more fun than my former days as a pen pal!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you!! These three questions are not easy because I have often tried to put the answers in words for family and friends, the curious sorts!

    I love the connection in blogging, the bonding with kindred spirits, soul sisters...we are all so much alike although we are from all different places. It also fills up spaces in my day as if I am having actual conversations and sharing with a friend and I am ALWAYS inspired by the creativity that I find around me in Blogland.

    If I could do anything different, I would have read more blogs to find my style before starting. Or maybe I am just lucky that I did it on a wing and a prayer!

    I hope this helps you a bit. Again, Happy Anniversary. My 2 year is next month!


  12. Well congrats missy because your blog is one of my favs!

    In answer to your questions:

    I had a lot of kooky stories and I was tired of my dog rolling his eyes at me!

    Best part about blogging interacting with everyone... I feel like I have connected with so many amazing people and they have been (including you) incredibly supportive.

    The only thing I would do differently, is I would have found a theme look for my blog right at the beginning, I floundered for so long in trying to find the right look and I am still considering changing it up!

  13. Happy Anniversary! I am pretty new to your blog (and my own!) and not thinking well...late at night...but I can't imagine life with out the richness of blogging!


  14. Have no idea why I started, just seemed a good idea at the time, I continued because it became a way to leave stories behind for the Grandchildren
    Then it continued some more because these amazing people commented and then I made some enormously beautiful friends.
    I would change the name if I could because it bears no relation to the content!!

  15. Oh, Jeanne - happy 1st blogoversary! I am so honoured to count you amongst my bloggy friends. I'm only 13 weeks into this little bloggy caper and you have been a singular inspiration to me. I have really appreciated your coments on my posts and our little 'offline' chats via e-mail. Oh, and thanks so much for introducing me to the lovely Meredy. You are gorgeousness personified. So, now to your questions.

    1. Why do I blog?

    With 3 children under 5 and severe PND, I worry about forgetting what happens on Planet Baby. This is a journal to record the funny things the pixies do but also a place for me to rediscover myself and what delights me. It's a lovely creative outlet and a chance for me to exercise my 'lawyer brain' whilst I'm changing nappies and wiping bottoms!

    2. What do I enjoy most about blogging?

    Meeting likeminded souls who share my taste and share their insights on life so generously.

    3. If I could start over again,
    what would I do differently?

    Hmm, only 13 weeks in and I'm quite happy with how things are going. I probably just should have believed in myself a little more and not been so worried about whether people commented on my posts or to take it personally.

    I am so grateful we've 'met', sweet Jeanne. J x

  16. Dear Jeanne,
    High five on your one year of blogging. A year is a long time and I never thought that I would know what to post about but, somehow, something pop's into my head.
    I was looking for a picture of a Gustavian clock and happened upon a blog....I don't think that I really knew what a blog was until then. Well, after that I read a lot of Scandanavian blogs and, glancing in the top right hand corner, it said, Create blog and, the rest is history.
    I have made so many friends all over the world and learnt so much about all sorts of things. It's also like having lots of penfriends. Everyone's life is different but, with many similarities. .... and, everyone seems to get something different from it. My blog is purely light hearted and, I don't get deep and meaningful, as I just wanted it to be's probably rather shallow but, there is nothing wrong in a bit of frivolity in one's life, is there ?!!!!
    I wouldn't do anything different although, if I wanted to, I could just change it !
    It has been lovely following you Jeanne and reading your posts. They have been interesting, fun and informative and a great pleasure to read.
    Here's to many more years of your posts and, once again, happy 1st anniversary. Lots of love. XXXX

  17. Two good friends of mine started bloggin as a way of keeping in touch with their out of state children...they could see the currant activity of the day and all stay in touch. About that time, I/we started having grandchildren in different cities and this was a way to do that myself. I was thrilled with the grandbabies and this then became a way for me to journal and remember. There are so many special moments that you don't want to forget. One of my friends has her blog printed into a book each year. That is my goal too and then it is forever. I love that!
    Happy Anniversary, Jeanne (my mother's name so it's special to me and my middle name)...I certainly do enjoy reading yours!!!

  18. Happy Anniversary!!! 860 posts is a lot - more than double what I will have done when I reach my one year anniversary. Way to go.

    Now on to your questions:
    I read and enjoyed blogs for about 2 years before I started one. I thought I had nothing to write about so why start a blog. I kept reading about the wonderful relationships and support and interactions that people were enjoying as part of writing their blogs and I thought that sounded like fun to be part of. Now that I blog, I have to say that is one of the things I do enjoy most. The other thing I love, though (almost as much as the relationships) is the full editorial control of content that I have. I always say to friends and family that it is like being a magazine editor of your own magazine, so I get to choose the topic, write the article, select the photos and then enjoy the finished product. I always enjoyed photograpy, but having a blog has taken it to a whole new level. I'm now taking photos of things I wouldn't have thought of before and setting myself little challenges (like getting some photos of birds sitting on a wire) which has given me a spring in my step and a new interest in life. The only thing I would think twice about if I was starting over, is if I would go with an alias again. It has caused some problems for me (like when I meet up with fellow bloggers).

  19. Dear Jeanne!!!
    Happy happy bloggerversary... well... I can't believe how quickly times flies and am so glad that you popped in my way which led me to your blog.. Your photography and love of travel always inspires me.. and your generous nature and encouragement has cheered me through some tough times over the last year..

    I really only started my blog to show someone else it was easy.. but from there I kept going as I felt the need to find a passion in life.. anything other than work.. and what I found was generous, humorous and down to earth ppl such as yourself and rediscovered a passion for art and photography... getting creative again has been the icing on the cake!! What would I change.. every day i think of something and then change my mind once again.. [forgot what the second question was.. haha]

    Thanks for being you and sharing all you do.. and I look forward to another year of blogging Jeanne style!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  20. Hi everyone

    Wow!! This is fantastic, I am loving all your comments and they are not what I expected. What a great insight into the life of a blogger. I think we all discovered a pleasant surprise along the way...each other. We all started out for different reasons. We can draw some comparisons but I think the thought process so far is that none of us has looked back and feels it has strengthend us in some way.

    I am going to do a synopsis when this post runs it course. I hope it does not do that to soon because all these comments are just fantastic. I think you all have just written the speech I am working on for the upcoming blog talk.

    I may have to do another post as I can feel more questions coming! In the meantime, you are all a surprises there and I thank you for your responses. If anyone else is reading and would like to add a thought or two or twenty...please do!

    I am writing to everyone via email and look forward to writing to each of you to thank you for reading and commenting. It is what makes this blogging world of ours go round :))

    Jeanne xxx

  21. Just shooting out the door for dinner, so I only have time to wish you a very happy blog birthday, mega congratulations for a mega achievement. I'll be back shortly with my answers to your questions.

  22. Sending you a most heartfelt Happy Anniversary wish. One year! Well done you!

    As to why I blog... well, I suppose it's to get out all the thoughts that swirl and swarm in my head. I've met wonderful, interesting, kind and creative people in the process, and they keep me going!

  23. Happy anniversary! That's so cool -- congratulations very well deserved!

    Just wonderful :)

    K xx

  24. Happy anniversary Jeanne. Meeting you through blogging has been a wonderful treat. Which I guess is the answer to why I continue to blog...because of the connections. Why did I start? For a very different reason to why I keep it up I think. I wanted to practice my writing with a view to writing for magazines one day in my retirement! I'm not sure that is still the aim but it doesn't really matter actually. I do it now because I enjoy it, because it keeps me motivated to do things (say it on the blog and you'd better follow through!) and because it is mostly a pleasure. The day I stop enjoying is the day I'll stop blogging. What would I do differently? I think I'd have some sort of a plan about what the blog would be about...a focus if you like. Or maybe not! I do enjoy a bit of a ramble :)

  25. Hi Jeanne

    It's now the next day and I have time to sit down and answer your questions!

    A year ago I didn't even know what a blog was - an American friend sent me the link to her new blog and I started reading.

    I was AMAZED at the buzz of activity and the dynamic feel to the blogging community. I couldn't get over the quality of the writing, the themes, the pictures and the 'atmosphere' in so many blogs and the whole thing looked such fun!

    This came at a time when I was looking for a new interest. I felt like I had been allowed to peep through an open door and watch a huge friendly 'in' party in full swing.

    So really I started just because I wanted to join in the fun. I first published at the end of January this year and have loved every minute of it. I do admit to watching my stats, it's so interesting to predict the reception on a new post, then see if I got it right.

    I love the writing, I love the contacts that are sometimes established via comments and then mails, and I love the politeness and friendliness.

    At a time when my children are growing up and rely less on me, blogging has definitely put an added dimension into my daily life.

    No real regrets, just the wish to continue and to improve.

    Good luck with the talk - get yourself filmed and we could watch you on YouTube!!


  26. A very Happy Bloggieversary dear Jeanne & what fabulous answers to your questions from everyone! I won't be so eloquent - as let's face it, The Hedge is the most shambolic, wreck of a blog out there. It's impossible to intellectualize why I blog, I just have one word for you - MOTH!! While that man continues to draw breath, his short fuse continues to get shorter & we have a house to renovate, I will blog.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Love your work girl!

  27. Dear Jeanne:

    First off: A very warm hug and congratulations on your Blog's anniversary. I reciprocate whatever you have expressed here and I am truly glad to have stumbled on to your cosy cosy place.

    Now for the answers to your questions:

    Why do you blog?

    * I blog because I like to write and this medium has enabled me to express my thoughts and reflections. It is a feel-good factor in my life.

    What do you enjoy most about blogging?

    * Comments, hands down. I have met some lovely people who I know will remain through the passage of my life. I am truly grateful for all of you out there (And you are also part of those lovely people, dear Jeanne). I also get to passionately exchange ideas, opinions and thoughts.

    If you could start over again,
    what would you do differently?

    * Hmmm. Nothing.

    Joy always and many blog anniversaries to thee.

    ~ Susan

  28. Huge congratulations, beautiful Jeanne, on your blog's first year anniversary. I can't believe it's been just one year. I feel as though I've known you forever.

    I blog for no other reason than anyone else. I have a lot to say. Hahaha. I don't know. Maybe. Also, it's the only place where I feel I can say something and not be interrupted mid-thought.

    What I would change about it, is responding back to each and every comment. I am so short on time, in real life, that I'd rather visit my commentators in their own (blog) home.

    Wishing you a beautiful future in the blogosphere! XOXO

  29. Hello you...Many congratulations on a year! WOW. I love how that anniversary creeps up. I have skimmed through the coments here and many resonate with me. You knew my blog from the start as I think you were one of the early followers, so you'll have a sense of how it evolved.

    I started my blog on abit of a whim...I started reading some blogs and thought 'I can do this' but there were some real key ones along the way. Simone's, The Sartorialist, Lola B, Collage of Life. Anyway - looking back I was very glib with my 'look/brand' and just picked a photo ad hoc, no thought to it. Neither did I think much about the name Lou, Boos and Shoes. Other than I am Lou, I have the Boos and I love shoes!

    So all in all - what has it meant to me? Getting to know my long lost 'big sis'. Many friends. Support. Clarity. Things of beauty. A whole lot of shopping inspiration for the home and wardrobe! I love the whole process. Not many people 'get it' so it feels like a cool friendly little club.

    So - that's probably enough for now! Lou xxx

  30. I think you will want to place a facebook icon to your site. Just bookmarked this url, although I must do it manually. Simply my suggestion.

  31. Sorry you stopped blogging.. I linked back to this blog with the photo you posted of BLOG TALK I hope you don't mind too much.. please let me know if it is not okay. My reasons for blogging are posted on my wordpress ABOUT PAGE
    I have been blogging in different places for almost 7 years.. I love it.. will not stop EVER!!! : )


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