Tissue Barometer: Soppy, Sloppy and a Sook

The Tissue Barometer of Life
Soppy, Sloppy and a Sook

Yes, I have to use all these words to describe my weekend.
First...I just loved all the responses on my last post.
I thank you all for your comments and insight 
into this little blogging world we live in.
I was touched by so many and this is when...
I got soppy. (teary)

I spent the weekend with a dear friend 
 from New Zealand. I loved having her here and felt so lucky 
to have this special time with her.  We talked non-stop. 
It is such a great feeling when you can do that with a friend. 
We said good-bye hoping to meet one last time before she
flies back to New Zealand. Closing the door behind me....
I started to get sloppy. (sentimental)

It was the end of a chilly Sunday afternoon.
The house was quiet. I had it all to myself for an hour or so.
I lit a few candles, took myself to the TV room and plopped myself down.
I was not going to move for the next hour and took my chances 
on what would be showing on TV...


Before I start, I should mention that my family 
hates to watch movies like this with me.
They each come prepared with a tissue box.

 This movie is right up there in the list of movies 
that gets me going.  It's an oldie but goodie.
A perfect end to a Sunday afternoon.

First we have the music. 
Music by Steve Tyrell is movie heaven to me.
He sings the opening to the clip below.

Then there is the movie...

When they sell the house, say good-bye and share
basketball memories, I am a goner.
I laughed, I cried...I was a big sook
who got soppy and sloppy with
the tissue barometer reaching the red zone.

It was not long before I was discovered...
'Jeez Louise' was Miss Claire's first comment.
'What happened to you?'
I started blubbering something about a basketball
 and she passed me another tissue.

What can I say, I am a sook :)

How about you, what is your tissue barometer ?
Are you reaching for the box at the first whiff of emotion
 or are you solid as a rock?

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You Tube

soppy and sloppy: sentimental
sook: crybaby


  1. Dear Jeanne,
    Oh, I know how you feel....at least they were 'happy' sad things to get emotional about.....I also watched Father of the Bride....Part 2' for the umpteenth time and I know the parts that get you all unneccessary....me too. Perhaps a good comedy is called for this evening !!!! XXXX

  2. I am a major weeper....love these films.
    and watch them whenever they are on...Diane Keaton is so fabulous...I know where you are coming from.
    I have been known to cry after seeing a commercial!

  3. I can sob with the best of them over sappy movies...this one especially!! What a lovely {!!} way to spend a cold Sunday!


  4. Jeanne...I'am the WORST cryer!! I loved the "Father of the Bride" movies! This weekend we went to see "Secretariat". It was a great movie and twice I had tears streaming down my cheeks. It ends well and that is the best kind of movie....one that makes you...FEEL!

  5. Ladies...I can just imagine us all together watching a teary movie! I think we would need a case of tissue to get thru it. Nice to know I am not the only crybaby (sook) out there!!!

  6. I am so happy to come over here and visit you. (from It's and Average Life)
    I love that show too....seen it like 100 times (well, maybe NOT 100, but you get my drift)

    I cry over everything. I think God gave me an extra tear duct or two....too many.

    I'll be back.......(no that's not a threat, I am harmless)

  7. I cry all the time - not even trying to hide it anymore. The best/worst cry movies for me: Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias. But I also cried like a baby over Marley and Me. I can't help it - my childhood dog was a yellow labrador.

    I cry at weddings, I cry when Danish athletes win a gold medal, I cry when the families get their new house in Extreme Makeover:-D

    I better stop now, before I embarrass myself too much...

  8. Carina...Oh boy, you got them all there. I totally lost it over Marley and Me as well. I will add The English Patient (the cave scene) and Out of Africa (thru most of it) to the list too. The last one that nearly had me hyperventilating was PS.. I Love You with Gerard Butler!

  9. Oh yes...The English Patient and Out of Africa! The last time I cried at Denys Finch Hatton's funeral was at Rungstedlund, Blixen's home in Denmark, which just seemed to intensify everything:-)

  10. That is a funny movie, love Diane Keaton and steve. I know how you fell when a good friend is so far away. Well glad you are doing OK
    come visit sometime.. ':)


  11. Oh please, I am a total sobber. I cry at happy silly movies, even sports movies too. Commercials! Seriously. It's a problem. ;-)

  12. Nah, I'm a great big sook too! I found myself much soppier after having kids - must be those hormones. Love these movies too, and my mum actually bought them in the first place because she loved the house so much. Can you tell where I get my interior design addiction from? K xx

  13. My mom was a weeper and always cried at circuses, parades and church. She would tage things according to a Kleenex system...a five kleenex parade really brought a lot of tears. Lately I have been so sentimental. I cried three times the other day because Obama's daughter (who I was watching on TV) were growing up!
    P.S. There is a very nice joint jewelry swap done by myself and Robin Thomas (A Nest with a View). We would love to have you come and sign up.

  14. I am a hopeless "cry baby". I cry when I am happy or sad.

    Movies, I am real bad...
    Steel Magnolias, most of the episodes of Greys Anatomy. Like Carina I cry at anything.

  15. Oh Jeanne.. poor petal.. and how funny.. I just rewatched part II on the weekend too!!! Weird... It's one of my favourite feel good movies.. that and part I...

    Well I am 'Myer The Cryer' too.. I also went to the movies on the weekend and think I cried through most of the movie.. hehe... good thing it was dark... Have a lovely week Jeanne.. no more tears!! xxx Julie

  16. This so reassures me Jeanne, my family make such fun of me "Mummy, you're not really crying at ET are you ??!!",... I haven't seen Father of he Bride 2, but the first one makes me sob relentlessly.

    Thanks for allowing us this public confessional !

  17. Hi Jeanne - I meant to add comments to your last post on blogging - must go back to it. Meanwhile - cry baby? Moi? Yup afraid so. I am the worst at soppy films so I would have been right there with you watching Father of the Bride! Lou x

  18. Are you kidding? I can get tears watching Dancing With the Stars!

  19. I learned a new word today - sook (which my spellcheck does not seem to like!). I feel my vocabulary has been enriched. I can't wait to use it in a sentence or two!

    All but for about a week a month ( i doubt I need to say more) I'm pretty solid. It takes a lot to make me cry, let alone get all blathery and snotty (and I always end up with a sinus headache when I do, so I attempt to avoid it as much as possible.) There are a few exceptions. Whenever I read EB White or see the movie, I almost always get teary when Charlette dies. When I was seven and saw it for the first time I was sick and had a dreadful earache. I cried and cried, both from the pain of the earache and the loss of such a wonderful spider. I also tend to lose it when animals die. And when I think about or talk about my mom...because I miss her so much. Occasionally I'll be completely worn down , having exhausted myself through anger over something and feeling desperate will break down.
    Other than that, I do get pretty sentimental(soppy) when I see or read about people doing really wonderful things for others.

    Which is why I got soppy when I read your recent comment on my blog. To have such a compliment from such a great photographer really meant a lot - thank you so much, Jeanne!

  20. I was smiling when I read your posting...(but the translator did not know what the words "soppy" and "sloppy" means. So I had to use my imagination, but I think I`m right)I know these feelings and every additional year makes me more emotional *sigh*.A movie (like the one you described)makes me cry on the special scenes, a very well sang song and ....suspicious drops roll down on my cheeks....somebody has a tragedy to tell...I feel sorry about and....you know what happens. :)
    But, this seems to get a part of my older life...so I have to deal with my obviously immense "water tank"!Give me a tissue, please! :))

    Thank you s o much for your sweet comments and good "hunting" for a dignified I-Pod cover!All the articles, they sell, are so glamourous.

    Best wishes and a lot of tissues beside tv, Beate XXX

  21. Hi Beate..yes, I know the feeling. Someone tells you a heart wrenching story and the eyes glaze and it is near impossible to stop. My eyes change colour when I get like this..it is a dead giveaway in my family!

    I saw your post on the movie, Nights in Rodanthe.
    Now that was a movie to cry over!

    Sook and soppy are expressions I picked up in New Zealand...they have just stuck :)

  22. Dear Jeanne,
    I rarely look sad films - I'm more into comedy, though my family doesn't always share my - British - sense of humour: when I laugh like mad at "Keeping up Appearances" or "Yes, Minister", they silently sneak out of the room. They stay with "Inspector Morse" and the vast collection of detective films - I love BBC things, made so lovingly and historical true (somehow..) - Period dramas. Have seen the complete Forsythe Saga (old version) just now, Gaskell "Wives and Daughters" will follow, and..and.. and.. Winter comes... Britta


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