Feeling Good, Feeling Fine

How sensational are these images?
They make me want to throw a big party.

Actually, they just make me feel good.
I hope they do the same for you :))

I am thinking that these little creations 
would be a snap to put together.
Very clever!

Loving the high shelving, stove...and the shoes!

I can smell the coffee!

Another easy ensemble, 
a perfect way to start the morning.

Lots of room, a big table filled with family and friends
 and those two lovely chairs by the fireplace :))
I am there, feet up with some fantastic music playing in the background.
A little Julie and Julia perhaps?

A summer breeze is blowing thru this kitchen.
I can feel sand underfoot.

Love orange, love olives....

Yup, this is how I would feel too!

You can find more at Gridley and Graves Photographers.
A very talented husband and wife team 
They made me smile, how about you?


  1. I could look at lovely pictures of kitchens all day long!! Yes, these made me smile! Thanks for the visual treat!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous...those kitchens are to-die-for!!


  3. If I owned a large home I'd want a kitchen like one of these...and those tulips are to die for...lovely images...
    I feel better already!

  4. How wonderful! These made me smile and I loved Julie and Julia - 'the blogging moments' in the movie were hilarious.

    And belated congrats for you and Mr H's anniversary.

    Have a lovely rest of the week. ;)

  5. My favorite is the one with the low hanging lights and the lit fireplace...I can smell wonderful things wafting from there now!!!

  6. Oh, Jeanne, thanks for sharing these. The blue and white is just perfect. Oh, and I mentioned you in my last post ☺. J x

  7. Those kitchens are gorgeous - such a nice change from all the sleek white rooms in the mags I have bought lately, can hardly tell one from the other. I might store one or two images away for later. A x

  8. Stunning shots, oh to have one of those kitchens..

  9. What makes me smile are your posts....so simple, so poetic, so lovely. I think they must be a reflection of you!

  10. Very evocative pictures - I imagine some of those kitchens are in somewhere gorgeous like Nantucket - I have a thing for Nantucket! I can smell the coffee too!! Lou x
    P.S. Has your hottie calmed down now after all of the adoration? ;-)

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  12. I LOVE all those kitchens, and I'd move in right now and start cooking! I haven't seen Julia and Julia - it just didn't fit in my plans when it was released here and I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Oh dear Jeanne,
    These kitchens are beautiful and put mine to shame. I would have any one of them.
    I love the blue and orange in the first picture......it does look quite easy and would make a great impact, and I think one would get many compliments from the guests.
    ....and, another classic film. I love 'Julie and Julia'.
    Hope that you are enjoying your 'me' time Jeanne. XXXX

  14. Loved the shoes with the apron...yes, feeling good! Thanks for the lift!

  15. You have a keen eye for the atmosphere of a photograph Jeanne. These are not only visually sensual, they manage to touch the heart in such a way as we each can imagine ourselves in any and all of them. Therein lies the pleasure.
    Clever you! and thank you for sharing these.

    Love the milkmaid(?) statue, I'd love her hanging around my kitchen.

  16. My Goodness.....I think I just managed to find yet another blog of yours....it is so very lovely....DON'T WE ALWAYS COOK IN HIGH HEELS???? (O:(O:



  17. did you know that your posts always make me feel good Jeanne! Thank you!


  18. I love big kitchens! They could be a pain to clean but they are just gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  19. Many thanks to one and all for your comments..I am so glad that someone feels the same way I do about these images. I love the effect photographs can have on you. There are times I can scan thru dozens of magazines and nothing grabs me and then there are those few that make you turn back a page and look again. I found these via the internet but same principle applies...there are lots of great photos on this site.

    Enough said on that...I went looking for the milk maid that Jacqueline mentioned and found her...can you?

    I have to agree, I would love to have her hanging around my kitchen as well..

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend to all :))

  20. oh my goodness jeanne - those kitchens are the stuff that dreams are made of!! seriously. billiant images!


  21. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful images, Jeanne!
    IT is always a pleasure finding perfect photos, because it doesn`t happen all the time. You`re right.
    Have a wonderful week-end and enjoy your new "sunday evening activity"! Beate :)

  22. Every single one of those kitchens would be a dream. I loved Julie and Julia. I thought it was so fantastic and I loved Meryl as Julia.

    I can't believe how time flies and I realize how I haven't been by to visit. I think of you often. Oh yes things do happen on Halloween. Unfortunately Halloween is on Sunday so our city switched our Beggar's night to Friday the 29th. Also we have Homecoming for our college.

    We are having a party on the 30th so that should be a blast. I will definitely be taking pictures so I can post all the details. I am not sure but I might be pirate wench. It might be a little too tacky and risque for some in the blog world but oh so much fun!

    Hope all is well with you and yours!


  23. *loving* that huge kitchen/great room with the fireplace! how comfortable and welcoming it feels~ i would love to wake up tomorrow morning and hang out there~

  24. Well I was going to say I loved the first kitchen.. but then I saw the third.. with the black&white floors!!! scrumptious!!! I want that.. and the house that goes with it.. hehe.. I've watched Julie and Julia twice now [of course.. haha].. and funnily enjoy the Julia segments but not so much the Julie.. shame on this Julie hehe Maybe I enjoy the escapism of a world gone by..

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Jeanne.. ciao xxx Julie

  25. HI Jeanne, I am smiling! Beautiful images. I love those plates at the top. Clever. Carla

  26. The first picture is wonderful, fantastic table.
    I love your blog.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  27. The first picture is wonderful, fantastic table.
    I love your blog.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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