A Thank You, A Movie and A Little DR

Ok...can I just say that you are all so so kind to leave 
such lovely comments on my previous post.
This has been an anniversary that Mr. H and I will never forget.
 I have never seen him standing so tall and that says a lot as he is 6'3".
He left for India this morning and I think he could have 
flown there on the comments alone.
A 'Hunk of Spunk' and a 'Hottie'...the man is beside himself. 
My kids are all giggles and we are beaming from all your kind words.
Our deepest most heartfelt thanks to you all.

On another note,
I am putting my feet up tonight.
Mrs. H Sr. and Mr. H have both flown the coop 
and that leaves a little 'me time' for Mrs. H. 
If you have visited me in the past you will know that I am
a bit of a movie girl. The last post left me 
with one movie in mind. I think I found the perfect one.
Calendar Girls...care to join me?

I have planned a few days of DR (domestic relief), 
it is long overdue.
I am still working on my photos from Jerusalem.
Decisions, decisions...

and most importantly, 
I am planning time to come along and say hello to you!
Looking forward to it :)))


images~ me 
with exception of
You Tube and 
Calendar Girl Photo

Photos also posted @ In One Place...with a camera


  1. I'm a little late, but I wanted to throw in my Congratulations as well! 24 years is impressive - now it's time to start planning the 25th!

  2. Jeanne, belated congratulations from me as well. Looks as if you all had a wonderful celebration! The little bit of 'me' time for Mrs H, watching 'Calender Girls' will be very well spent - brilliant film! Julie Walters is my favourite actress!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I missed it. And btw, your hubby really is a cutie! :-)

  4. He should float - he is positively dreamy! You really make a lovely couple. And I am truly enjoying your Jerusalem photos.

  5. Enjoy some "me" time while you can--it's great therapy. Looking forward to your Jerusalem photos--I have such wonderful memories of our own trip a couple of years back. It really does shape you.


  6. I'm so happy your anniversary was a good one!! And yes, Calendar Girls is a perfect choice for a night in with your feet up. If only to marvel at Helen Mirren! She is such a good thing for the species.

  7. Congratulations Jeanne on so many wonderful years of marriage! You two look absolutely made for each other, so beautiful you both are!


  8. Oh, I haven't seen Calender Girls in ages! Such a fun movie. A great one to see right along side it is the Full Monty - I had a kick taking my grandma and mom to see that one way back when. They are both gone now and I miss having my older ladies around to go to jaunty films with!

    Enjoy your "me" time!

  9. I so enjoy reading your blog! How neat that you enjoy your handsome hubby so much and it looks like you had a wonderful celebration! The movie looks delightful and one day I shall get around to viewing it. As for the vacation shots, they are magnificent...look forward to seeing more and living vicariously!!

  10. Well Jeanne, I have to chime in belatedly with my best wishes on your anniversary ... and to confess (along with the rest) that OK yeah ... my eyes did linger a wee bit on Mr H. esp. in that white shirt and with that good head of hair, very reminiscent of Mr Darcy. What a perfect match. You are clearly his Miss Bennett! xx

  11. Ah! India! Which place? Sounds nice to hear that. You should show us the present photos of you and Mr. H.
    One titled: Before 24 years and one: Present. It would be a delight.

    Have a good DR, dear Jeanne.

    Smiles and sunshine to you,

  12. Calendar Girls what a great choice of a movie for some "me" time.


  13. Enjoy your DR and the movie - love Calendar Girls especially the line "I think we are going to need considerably bigger buns!!" x

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    Hope you are having a truly wonderful week!

    With love,

    K xx

  15. Dear Jeanne,
    You both deserve the lovely comments that you received. As I said yesterday, you make the most gorgeous couple. I'm glad that we could send Mr. H off on a high !! Next year I will now be brave enough to post my wedding photos. It will give everyone a good laugh !! hehe
    I think that you thoroughly deserve some 'me' time and Calendar Girls is a wonderful way to spend some of it. I have seen it so many times that I feel as if I wrote the script !! All of the actors are wonderful.
    Enjoy your 'me'time Jeanne. XXXX

  16. Jeanne, if you have the opportunity to see Mao's Last Dancer, do. It's terrific.

  17. Happy DR - with one of my favorite movies, too. I have always wanted to plan an event with about 12 favorite women . . . for a great discussion - about each woman in the movie. Want to come?



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