Candles, Wine, Music, Figs and the Holy Land

Aren't candles heavenly?
They smell wonderful, are so calming 
and easily bring on 
one of those 'aahh...' moments.

Today, I came home, 
lit a candle, 
shared a glass of wine, 

and played 
one of my favourite soundtracks.

Jean-Yves Thibaudet ~ 'Liz On Top Of The World'
from Pride and Prejudice

It has been a busy week and it is about to get busier.
 Mrs. H Sr. arrived yesterday. 
We are off on an adventure to the Holy Land.
Jerusalem here we come.
Mr. H, Mrs. H Sr. 
and me and my camera.

I have never been and I am still
uncertain as to what we will discover.
 But, you know what?
That's the most exciting thing of all :)

Have you been?

images~ me
You Tube


  1. I haven't been but I can't wait to see where your camera takes us! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. What a perfect evening. No I have never been but I think it will be quite quite amazing, and probably very different to what you may expect. Have fun xoxo

  3. I wish you a wonderful time on your trip and want to hear all about it!


  4. ISRAEL! OMG! If I didn't love ya so much I'd be jealous. Hub and I lived in Jerusalem for a year and a half; tho not Jewish I did an Ulpan on a kibbutz when I turned 40.

    Once your feet hit the ground at Ben Gurion, Don't Stop! There's soooo much to do and see...above all, go to the Wailing Wall for Friday at sunset; walk every inch of the Old City; Golgatha; and eat anything and everything...I ADORE falafels, would buy them by the bag (and skip the pita); the water's fine...JUST ENJOY!!

  5. I love those candles, I was gifted one years ago and it lasted forever. I wish they weren't so darn expensive. Never been - enjoy!

  6. Stephanie...I will be thinking of you and your photoshop every step of the way:)

    Jane...thanks so much!

    Oh boy Kittie, now I am even more excited! Your comments are going right into my travel journal.
    Thank you so so much!

    Cricket..I know, the scent is amazing, isn't it?
    Mine was a gift too!

  7. Hope your trip is a wonderful experience. The Holy Land
    has to be one of the ultimate trips.


  8. Looking forward to seeing your journey through your photographs!! I'm sure they will be amazing....Have a wonderful time!!!

  9. Sounds wonderful.Haven't been, but can't wait to visit vicariously through you and your camera:-)

  10. Dear Jeanne:

    Do your est at all. You are such an energetic woman. You must be having energy reserves in your body! Seriously. I am a great sucker for scented candles and I find that they can transform the room and the mind. And the accompanying soundtrack is a perfect combination to the candle.

    I wish you the best for your trip. Can't wait to see the sights from Israel through your eyes. Israel is one of my dream destinations which I plan to visit soon.

    Have a lovely time.

    Joy always,

  11. Aah yes, wine & candles..I just might follow your lead tonight..have a wonderful trip!

  12. Hi Jeanne - looking forward to hearing about your trip. I love how you take time to light a candle, sip some wine and listen to music. So simple and sounds so relaxing. I must try that. I always have some sort of visual thing happening - reading a book, watching TV; I see that I need to just not look at anything, not read anything; just be! Lou x

  13. You sure get around. Safe travelling. We're with you all the way!

  14. Lucky you! Take lots of pictures so we can share. travel well.

  15. Have a lovely trip! Bring us some beautiful photos. Enjoy! Kellie xx

  16. Dear Jeanne,
    Candles, wine and good music.....what a wonderful combination.
    .....and, what a wonderful trip you are about to embark on. I have never been to Jerusalem either but, my dad was there in the war and my sister and I grew up with photographs and stories of Jerusalem ,amongst other countries that he went to.
    You will have the most brilliant time and gain much knowledge. XXXX

  17. Have a wonderful time! I look forward to your always amazing photographs!

    And you are so right about candles. I have one that smells just like coffee. It's perfect for cold nights!

  18. Have a FABULOUS time Jeanne. I'm dying to hear alllll about it. For now, I will just light a candle, grab my glass of wine and perch myself in front of Pride & Prejudice.
    You give me the best ideas!!

  19. Ahhh...thank you all for your comments!!! I think reading your comments is just as rewarding as lighting that candle, if not better!! xx

  20. Hooray!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Joe :)))

  21. That sounds like such a great adventure :-)

  22. sounds like a perfect evening and a very exciting journey. hope you have a grea time and look forward to your gorgeous pics! jxx

  23. How incredibly exciting! Can't wait to see all your photos and hear about this amazing place. Travel safe and have a wonderful time. Leigh

  24. I have not been yet, but my mother and my sister have and they enjoyed the adventure. Cannot wait to see your photos!

  25. You live a charmed life!!!! I can barely keep up with your travels and changes of address.

  26. Several years ago we were scheduled to go, but at the last minute there was a travel advisory that caused the trip to be cancelled. I was especially disappointed because the trip was being led by our minister who is so historically knowledgeable which in the context of faith is very interesting. Travel well, and I will vicariously experience the Holy Land through your photos.

  27. Oh Jeanne, I love that piece of music. Gives me shivers. I must play it more often. Your evening sounds absolutely perfect. Hope you have a wonderful trip to the Holy Land. No doubt it will be fascinating. Mxo

  28. Lovely candle Jeanne - adore Diptyque... Have a fabulous time in the Holy Land. Tell us all about it later...x

  29. My husband went to Isreal when our girls were little. They kept asking, "when does daddy get to Bethlehem?" When I told him he was finally there, they said, "Tell him to tell baby Jesus hi."


  30. Oh, Jeanne, I haven't but I imagine it will be fascinating. Enjoy every moment and know that we're waiting to hear your impressions when you return! J x

  31. Oh, Jeanne, I haven't but I imagine it will be fascinating. Enjoy every moment and know that we're waiting to hear your impressions when you return! J x

  32. Dear Jeanne
    You must be off enjoying your travels... I've never been to Israel but would love to one day.. how fascinating... Can't wait to see your pics,,

    Sorry for my absence but my internet completely failed me and I was in exile for a while.. Have fun xxx Julie


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