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Our and out of Chateau Mango
Saigon, Vietnam

 Three Franciscan Friars came for dinner last week, three wonderful men, one American and two Vietnamese. They span generations and have the most interesting stories to share. We see them every few months for dinner in our home and it is always a treat for us. Last week was a high for me.
Father Joseph walked in with his bright smile, entered our living room, glanced around to see what was new to the menagerie we call home and said with sincere enthusiasm "It feels like an artist lives here".  Those four words wrapped themselves around my heart and set it alight. My friends, If I was tied to a string, you would have had a hard time pulling me down from our ceiling. He got me on 'artist'. I felt the skies open up and my worries rise above me. I no longer felt that I had serious issues with my hunter, gatherer syndrome..and the menagerie mess I call home. I was an 'artist'. Roll it in, prop it up, worry about it matter, an artist lives here. Why do I have three of the same thing? An artist lives here. Where will I put it all when we move? An artists worry, I will think about that another day. God Bless Father Joseph!

I suspect that many of you probably feel that same creative tug. Artists can sense fellow artists. Is there something that you can't resist...that draws you to it? Is there something that another would raise an eyebrow over and you secretly love? Do you feel the energy pulling you in every time you pass an art gallery or store filled with curiosities? A curiosity could be anything and everything. Do you feel drawn to photograph, draw, write, create, touch and dream about an idea?  Join the club...we are artists!   I have decided we can use this word as loosely as we like...if it's within you, it's divine and it's yours and yours alone.

I have been thinking on this new feeling and one word comes to mind.. 'bowerbird'. It is a charismatic bird found in New Guinea and Australia. Both male and female have a unique 'hunter gatherer' quality, a creative flair that makes them stand out from the rest, they are artists of the Ornithological world..

Bowerbird hunting and gathering in chartreuse.

A few word on bowerbirds from National Geographic....

People also study bowerbirds because, well, they're surprisingly similar to people. Indeed, evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond has called them "the most intriguing human of birds." These are birds that can build a hut that looks like a doll's house; they can arrange flowers, leaves, and mushrooms in such an artistic manner you'd be forgiven for thinking that Matisse was about to set up his easel; some can sing simultaneously both the male and female parts of another species' duet, and others easily imitate the raucous laugh of a kookaburra or the roar of a chain saw. Plus, they all dance. 

Written by Virginia Morrell for National Geographic here
PS..while you are there, look at the photos...amazing!

Bowerbird creating in stone

Creating something new...Bowerbird Friends
A while back I started The Brown Paper Book Club, it is about friendship and books. You simply share a book or the name of a book you enjoyed reading. I pick up recommendations from all of you and add them to a reading list, they are old favourites and new favourites...they are all here. The link is kept at the top of my blog page if you ever want to check in for a reading suggestion. I am thinking of something new for us creative types...and I will call it Bowerbird Friends.

Bowerbird Friends is for artistic souls who are happy to share what they love. I will do it via a Linky post. For those of you who are not familiar with Linky, it is a place to share links, a place to meet each other.  It is easy to do, just click on the blue 'Add Your Link' below and follow the instructions. If you need help, let me know, happy to help.

I would love to have you share a creative post..writing, reading, photography, painting, cooking, sculpture, gardening, collecting let us know what you love. Pick one of your personal favourites. Link in the location where you express yourself best (Blog, Flickr,Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest etc). I think it will all work here.

Let's just never know what will transpire, it could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. I know for a fact that there are many creative souls who read this blog...I can read it in your words and your posts. I hope you will join along!

An artist creates....Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon
Where we met the first of our three Franciscan Friar friends. :)

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