Getting into a Zen Vietnam

Scene from 'Something's Gotta Give'

Erica ( Diane Keaton):

"Okay, I can handle this.

I'll just get myself into a Zen place.

Play music. Cook. Write. Focus."

Diane Keaton here

This week I have been working on getting myself into a Zen place. I imagine many of you are as well. It's that time of year.  The time when you wonder how you can possibly accomplish all the tasks before you. That's when I have my 'Erica moment'. I go in search of the Zen place...the place where you take a deep breath and say "right, I can do this".  I want to thank many of you for being part of that deep breath. I appreciated your comments last week as I slipped in and out of my jet lag fog from Tahilla Farm in the USA to Chateau Mango in Vietnam. I am happy to report that the fog has lifted and I have found my Zen place.

My Zen place mantras...



Post ice cream exercise to be exact.
I have stepped up the exercise in a big way.
I admit I have this slight weakness...
for Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream
Hence the exercise.
(Thankfully, they do not sell Coffee Heath Bar Crunch in Vietnam)


I loved my summer cover from Rough Linen so much 
that I brought it back to Saigon with me. 
You can read all about it here.


I love Vietnamese food and decided to take a Vietnamese cooking 
lesson at one of my favourite restaurants in Saigon, Hoa Tuc here


I discovered Philip Phillips song, 'Home'..and my Zen place.


A trip to one of my favourite haunts is a sure way
to get the creative energies flowing again.
I love that anything and everything goes in Vietnam.


I left Tahilla Farm with an untethered soul,
a desire to listen to stone and plan an intimate garden.
Perfect reading when looking for a Zen place.


I found an old typewriter in my travels and best of all.. it works.
Type..write..perfect when looking for a Zen place.

Focus. sunshine?

I admit that is a little difficult to focus with Fred on my mind.
Have I told you about Fred? Mr. H discovered him in Papua New Guinea,
 At first sight, I had a few other words for him other than 'Fred'. 
I figure if I have to live with him, I might as well keep it simple.
He has been sleeping in a crate for the past five years...until now. 

Bringing Fred into my Zen space is proving challenging.
I think the barn space would be better...but I will keep trying.


How about you? 
How do you get into your Zen place?

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