Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tahilla Farm, Tarzan, Mr. H and a Birthday Wish

A few months ago I wrote about the movie inspiration 
I have been drawing on for Tahilla Farm.

Nancy Meyers came to mind with films such as..

You were all unanimous, 
I had made good choices…


Mr. H read my post and went quiet...I could tell something was coming. 

He said: "Actually, I had a few movies of my own in mind."

I said: "Ok, but please tell me the list does not involve Tarzan, 
I have no interest in living in a treehouse.."

He said: "Better than that, the movies I have in mind for Tahilla Farm are…."

I said: "You do realise we own an antique farmhouse don’t you?"

He said: "We are renovating…let’s have fun."


I like to look for the positive in every situation
and decided to think it through rationally, (as you do)
starting with the female leads in his movie suggestions.

Catherine Deneuve in Indochine

Meryl Streep in Out of Africa
Virgina McKenna in Born Free

It was looking promising..except for a slight
detour with a vampire

Peta Wilson in The League of Extraordinary Gentelmen

and I was baffled by The Addams Family..
but then again, maybe not. Afer all, we do have Fred 
as a result of one of Mr. H's expeditions.
It has an Addams family quality to it

Carolyn Jones in The Addams Family

After 27 years, life is anything but dull with Mr. H 
and I can tell you it has been a journey trying to work out 
where we are going with Tahilla Farm. 

The latest "discussion" involved the master bedroom window. 
I often wonder what our architect must think of us…

Mrs. H suggested the bedroom window in the movie... 

Something's Gotta Give

Mr. H suggested the window from the ship in the movie..

Master and Commander

Our builder mentioned the challenge of a curve.
The end result…
we just received the price to build our fantasy window.
We are back to the drawing board.

Maybe that treehouse isn't looking so bad after all?

Maureen O'Hara and Johnny Weissmuller ( 1932) Tarzan the Ape Man

I am writing this post by way of Tahilla Farm in New Hampshire and sending Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. H in Vietnam. Our travels often revolve around his birthday which means he often spends it on his own. This one is for you Mr. H…I have just the spot for that treehouse! ;)

Please join me in wishing 
Mr. H 

The post where it all began

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Call of the Wild…a bear meet

I admit, I wasn't expecting it.
My mind was elsewhere as I drove into  
the road that leads to Tahilla,

Within seconds I squealed joyfully 
at the sight of two black bears, 
thinking of of Robert McCloskey's book
Blueberries for Sal (a family favourite)
 and then I wondered
Do I drive up to them, around them or stay put?
What do you do when you encounter a bear?
I decided the best option was to stay in my car and wait.

Then I panicked.
My daughter, Miss Claire,
 runs down this road every day.
What if she was on her way…
she would turn the corner 
to Mother Bear and Cub approaching her.
I tried to phone coverage.
Blasted woods.
I had to hope that she was still at home.
Then I waited and inched forward very slowly.

Each time I did…Mother Bear was not happy.
In a very meaningful way, she told me to back off.
I obliged.

Just to be sure, she did it several more times. 
Her cub was totally clueless as it ran off 
into the distance and into the woods. 
Mother Bear soon followed with one last stance 
before she slipped into the woods.

As I sat there (seemed like forever)
 I wondered again..
 what possessed me to buy a Venetian Red car?
The bear now knows where I live.
Could I be any more obvious?

I wonder if I will wake one morning 
to find bear paws along my pollen dusted car
as a sign that she knows were I live.

Miss Claire was home.
Both of us have decided to take up 
a new walking/running route.
Bear Free and in my case with a loud bell.

If you are wondering what you would do 
if you encountered a black bear.
Wonder no more…

The good people of New Hampshire Fish and Game
have this to say about black bears

If you see a bear, keep your distance.

Make it aware of your presence by clapping, 
talking, singing or making other sounds.

If you get to close to a bear, it may slap the ground, 
huff, blow and chomp its teeth or rush you
(this is referred to as "bluff charge")
in an attempt to get you to move 
a more comfortable distance away.

If this occurs, maintain eye contact with the bear, 
speak in a soft, calm voice 
and slowly back away from the bear.

These actions will help appease the bear 
and show that you are not weak, but, 
at the same time, not a threat to the bear. 

Do not run, avert your eyes or turn your back to the bear. 
The bear may perceive weakness and enforce dominance. 
The bears bluff charge and chomping of teeth 
are a defense mechanism 
to establish the bears dominance in an encounter 
with humans or a more dominant animal in the wild. 

Bears can outrun, out-swim and out-climb you. 
If you are attacked by a black bear, 
you should fight rather than "play dead".

With thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game 
for this invaluable information. 
You can read more here.

I shall lay awake pondering it for many nights to come.

So that's what's happening in my neck of the woods..
and yours?

PS..apologies for quality of the photos.
They were taken through my pollen dusted 
bright red car window with my iPhone. 
I decided hanging out of the
car window was not a wise option.

Blueberries for Sal 
by Robert McCloskey
Read by Emily Kohne

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Travelling Tales…New England and a bit..

I had visions of sweet summer days, lounging on my porch,
eating blueberries, reading books, writing blog posts, 
listening to birds and contemplating life.
It is all possible at Tahilla Farm.

But for me? 
Fat chance.

It has been a case of  

It started with visions of spring soon after I arrived from Vietnam
and wandering through the fields in the wee hours 
of the morning in my bathrobe and wellies…
because I can.

and then I hit the road…
to leafy Connecticut for a brief stopover with Mrs. H Sr.

before I headed to Pennsylvania 
to pick up my youngest daughter, 
Miss Claire, from college. 

Where we had hugs and then words…
when I looked at what she intended to put into storage
and take home with us. 

We drove back to Connecticut 
and hopped on the train to New York City
for a brief but fun-filled visit...

which included the outrageously devine 
frozen hot chocolate
Miss Claire kindly shared. ;)

The sugar high gave us just the momentum we needed...

Isn't New York the most wonderful city?

I reckon every trip deserves a few brown paper packages.

I bought these coat/hat hooks for Tahilla Farm at Anthroplogie.

and then we were in the car again…
by way of Vermont..for about 10 minutes

before finally rolling back into Tahilla Farm in New Hampshire.

When I returned, I bought a few Adirondack
chairs and placed them in my favourite spots.

and contemplated the grass growing in the new fields.
I decided it is not a good idea to stand and watch grass grow.

but it was fun to see our Lily of the Valley blossom..

and discover French lilacs growing behind our barn. 

I regularly stop at our stony brook..

and carry on, looking for signs of summer.

I did manage to build a hammock and was quite
proud of myself…as it took all of five minutes.
I am having a love affair with L.L. Bean at the moment.


Oh yes..and I bought a car.
The Subaru seems to the the 
"it" car in these parts of New Hampshire.
I decided the good people of New Hampshire
know best about driving on country roads 
in all types of weather.

I am still learning about country life
and have a long way to go. More on that later.
The stories are mounting...

But first, I have to go to Boston to pick up Mr. H.
He is visiting for a week…I have so much to tell him!

I am slowly catching up on blog life, but not as 
frequently…I expect life to settle down in a week or so.
I look forward to saying hello and telling you about
a little giveaway. ;)

Best wishes to one and all
and thank you so much for your continued
support and readership.

As I always say, 

Jeanne xx

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