Travelling Tales…New England and a bit..

I had visions of sweet summer days, lounging on my porch,
eating blueberries, reading books, writing blog posts, 
listening to birds and contemplating life.
It is all possible at Tahilla Farm.

But for me? 
Fat chance.

It has been a case of  

It started with visions of spring soon after I arrived from Vietnam
and wandering through the fields in the wee hours 
of the morning in my bathrobe and wellies…
because I can.

and then I hit the road…
to leafy Connecticut for a brief stopover with Mrs. H Sr.

before I headed to Pennsylvania 
to pick up my youngest daughter, 
Miss Claire, from college. 

Where we had hugs and then words…
when I looked at what she intended to put into storage
and take home with us. 

We drove back to Connecticut 
and hopped on the train to New York City
for a brief but fun-filled visit...

which included the outrageously devine 
frozen hot chocolate
Miss Claire kindly shared. ;)

The sugar high gave us just the momentum we needed...

Isn't New York the most wonderful city?

I reckon every trip deserves a few brown paper packages.

I bought these coat/hat hooks for Tahilla Farm at Anthroplogie.

and then we were in the car again…
by way of Vermont..for about 10 minutes

before finally rolling back into Tahilla Farm in New Hampshire.

When I returned, I bought a few Adirondack
chairs and placed them in my favourite spots.

and contemplated the grass growing in the new fields.
I decided it is not a good idea to stand and watch grass grow.

but it was fun to see our Lily of the Valley blossom..

and discover French lilacs growing behind our barn. 

I regularly stop at our stony brook..

and carry on, looking for signs of summer.

I did manage to build a hammock and was quite
proud of myself…as it took all of five minutes.
I am having a love affair with L.L. Bean at the moment.


Oh yes..and I bought a car.
The Subaru seems to the the 
"it" car in these parts of New Hampshire.
I decided the good people of New Hampshire
know best about driving on country roads 
in all types of weather.

I am still learning about country life
and have a long way to go. More on that later.
The stories are mounting...

But first, I have to go to Boston to pick up Mr. H.
He is visiting for a week…I have so much to tell him!

I am slowly catching up on blog life, but not as 
frequently…I expect life to settle down in a week or so.
I look forward to saying hello and telling you about
a little giveaway. ;)

Best wishes to one and all
and thank you so much for your continued
support and readership.

As I always say, 

Jeanne xx


  1. Thanks for such an interesting post and pictures!

    1. You are very welcome Diane, thanks so much for following along! ;)

  2. Beautiful photographs and updates.
    Blessings for a beautiful summer
    Love Jeanne

    1. Thank you Jeanne…it has been lovely having you along this summer. xx

  3. "a love affair with LL Bean"
    How perfect!
    Enjoy yourself.

  4. AWESOME post! The deer hooks are interesting!

  5. It sounds like Spring in New England is agreeing with you...I enjoyed your "newsy" post! Next time you are down this way, let me know and we can meet for coffee! You must be very excited to have Mr. H arriving to share your Tahilla love. Have a wonderful day, Jeanne! xoxo

    1. Thank you Sandy, I will let you know for sure. I will be that way later in the would be lovely to meet for coffee. So many great choices on the Avenue these days. ;)

  6. Wow! And I thought we were busy! Great photos, Jeanne. Thanks for sharing your travels with us - I love your Instagram feeds. One day I'd love to visit Tahilla Farm and you can come visit me in Castine, Maine? Happy June ~ Loi

    1. Yes, yes and yes Loi…it would be lovely. Thank you! ;)

  7. Thank you so much for the post card :) I showed it to my mom and dad, and they were very emotional. That was such a lovely surprise. xo

    1. You are very welcome…I am so glad they enjoyed it as well. :)

  8. I am anxious to hear how you like your Outback! I am in the market for a new car!

    1. Love it Cindy…a few weeks into it and I am so glad I made the choice that I did. ;)

  9. Yes, an Outback...perfect. I'm driving around France in my teeeeeensy tiny Citroen. I cringe when a truck passes us and I just hold on...The weather here is gloriously blustery, cool, rainy, and sunny...sometimes all at once. I love every minute of the weather. I'll brace myself eventually for my tropical return...blech.

    1. Sarah…I am late catching up and I think you might be back by now..but I loved your photos! France in a Citroen…the only way to go! Hope the tropical weather is treating you well. ;)

  10. Hi from Toronto. Your post was lovely to read and the pictures wonderful. New England seems to be agreeing with you. I don't think life ever "settles down". Just keep on enjoying each day.

    1. I have to agree Eleni, I came to that conclusion this morning..I don't think it ever settles down..or perhaps it is just me. Either is a pleasure. ;)

  11. Your adventures make me dream. I wish our summer would wait a few more weeks before showing up. Everything is already as dry as a bone :( Tahilla Farm looks so lush and green.

    1. Thank you Loree…it is getting greener by the day, especially after a good dose of lime on the new fields. Lovely to see…I hope you are getting some respite in your weather. Perhaps a few photos on the "desert" colour theme? ;)

  12. Those seats beneath the tree....Oh my. I could sit there for hours reading and napping:-)

    1. and I would be so happy to see you sitting there Carina…perhaps one day. :)

  13. Hello Jeanne

    Life sounds delightfully busy and no two days seem alike. Tahilla Farm looks beautiful and I can imagine sitting on the Adirondack chair and watching the grass grow. LL Bean is a fabulous catalogue and we have spent bundles there over the years.
    Thank you for your beautiful card, what a delightful surprise to find it here when I returned from Spain

    Continued joy


    1. Thank you Helen…so glad your card arrived. I put Mr. H to the task of posting it before I left Vietnam. Loving your travels this summer…feel like I am travelling with you. The best! xx

  14. Jeanne, Love that you got back to your farm. It looks amazingly gorgeous and wow what about those Lillies of the Valley? I love your sidebar with all the posts past...Is that new? Really enjoying reading them! Happy June! You are so inspiring. xx Kim

    1. Thank you Kim..the sidebar is new…well newish. Thank so much for reading along. I have to catch up with everyone. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up too…I think you are inspiring! ;) xx

  15. Missed you. Glad to hear from you again and your letting us know of all the fun you are having at Tahilla and other points in the Northeast. :-)

  16. How wonderful that you arrived in time to find French lilacs and Lily of the Valley (two of my favorite flowers). Enjoy that L.L.Bean hammock...ours from there is four years old and still looks and feels brand new. Now all you need are some raspberry bushes. Will they grow at Tahilla Farm? Have fun, Leslie in Oregon

  17. This may just be your very best adventure of all….lilacs in the garden…how heavenly…

    And the boot shot is a classic!!

  18. Tahilla Farm is starting to look much better. Your adventures are legendary. At least you are having fun. Enjoy!

  19. I do believe, that once home from your trip. You were able to settle into your new chairs and enjoy the country.
    I love N.York.
    Weather patterns all over are changing.
    Enjoy your stay in Vermont Jeanne.
    best wishes val

  20. Tahilla Farm is a beautiful place. How comforting to know you can always come home there!

    I am curious about the Subaru too.

  21. Lolololol... Hey Jeanne, good to see you're starting off a lazy summer. I'm going to have to go lie down just hearing about it. :) xo, N.G.

  22. Welcome home! It looks like you are having a wonder-full time already :)
    Looking forward to more news from the (not very far) North!
    and thank you for the postcard from another world :)

  23. Beautiful evocative narrative, visual and verbal. Enjoy your time with Mr. H. I hope it's magical.

  24. So much to do, so little time! Enjoy every breathless moment, Jeanne!!

  25. Have a wonderful weekend Jeanne... Enjoy staying put... for the moment... :) xv

  26. Hi Jeanne,
    After travelling and visiting all the different places it's nice to settle down in your second home. Everything is new again including a new car.
    I would guess Cezanne and Van Gogh would enjoy Tahilla Farm.
    You will be content.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Jeanne, it is always a treat to see a pits from you! Your adventures sound wonderful, a road trip with your daughter, the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipidity( a favorite of mine too) trips to see family and if course wandering the farm in your wellies, it is the little things in life that make us the most happy.

    I hope enjoy every second of your time at the Farm! Have a great time with Mr. h. Looking forward to more adventures, as well as more about your renovation.

    I hope the well pump is up and running.

    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  28. Your pictures are so beautiful. It looks so cool in the shade. It is in the 90's here in north Florida!!

  29. Your pictures look shady and cool and beautiful! It is in the 90s here in north Florida!

  30. there is really no need to think about how you spend your days in such a place....just let it flow and enjoy to be you.
    Life has so much to offer and it's your turn now. All the best, Jeanne.

  31. It's definitely the little things in life…lilacs and lily of the valley are favorites. A busy time for you but so much fun!

  32. What a beautiful post with lovely photos -- I need to buy those deer head coat hooks for me woodys son and DIL


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