A Royal Sweetie

We are in countdown mode until the big day on April 29. 
Every street corner in London, in fact everywhere you go 
you see a reference to the impending nuptials 
of Prince William and Catherine. 

I have to admit that Royal Fever is even affecting me!
I haven't felt this excited since the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
There is nothing like a nation in preparation of a big event.
It makes you feel giddy :)

On that note, I have a Royal Sweetie for you.
Fiona Cairns, is the soon to be creator of the royal wedding cake. 

I had a glimpse at a video on The Royal Channel this morning and wanted
to share it with you.  In the video posted below Fiona talks about the 
Language of Flowers.  A language that is reminiscent of Victorian times 
when emotions were expressed in a coded way. 
What you could not say in words you expressed with flowers. 
Catherine has made several special requests for the royal wedding cake. 
Some of them are..
Pink Rose... for happiness
Oak and Acorn...for strength and endurance
Lily of the Valley...for sweetness and humility
The four national flowers will also be included
English Rose....England
Daffodil ....Wales
Shamrock ...Ireland

I can't wait to see the finished product!

Fiona's cakes are beautiful and even better she has a cookbook for those
who are feeling royally inspired :)

If you would like to read more on the Royal Wedding, you
can follow along at the Official Royal Wedding website, here.

images of Fiona Cairns and cakes via Fiona Cairns
Top image via me at Fortnum and Mason


  1. Jeanned, I'm trying to diet. I have banished all sweeties from my house. Now I'm dooooooooomed. Lucky it's not for me though.
    Lovely lovely lovely

    I shall pass on your gorgeous 'blog love' this week :)

  2. The Royals have certainly come a long way with a website and apps for the wedding!

    The world is watching...
    I remember staying up to watch Diana and Charles and being moved to tears.

    It's exciting times!
    Thank you for the links!

  3. Oh...it really is so exciting, for everyone. It sounds like the cake is going to be lovely. Thanks so much for sharing this news!


  4. is it true, there will be 2 cakes: William wants a cookie-cake!

  5. it is exciting, isn't it? keep us posted, sweetie. We know you'll bring us all the best details!

  6. Can't wait to see the masterpiece she creates for this amazing ocassion!

  7. On this side of the Pond, we gals gathered at 3:00 a.m. to drink tea and watch Prince Charles' wedding. How the time has flown!

    A bit of the royal fever is here as well. One morning show has a daily countdown to the wedding. Newspapers have updates and so on.

    I think the cake will be gorgeous! Love how the national flowers and the personal flowers interact. And thank you for the video. I had just prepared a cup of tea, so all was perfect!

  8. We are waiting in Canada too! They make a very handsome couple.

  9. It's so exciting. I am a sucker for anything related to the Royal Family. I just hope that the press will leave Prince William and Kate alone and let them get on with their lives without having every moment photographed and made public.

  10. Don't Wills and Kate look good together. So nice to have good news for a change. I wish them everything they wish themselves!

  11. Those plates are darling. I'm very excited for the special day. In fact I am planning to wake early and cuddle in to watch all of the festivities~ just as I did for Charles and Diana with a split of champagne.

  12. Sweet couple all right.We are looking forward to seeing the wedding, a few people I know are holding "Tea Parties" to watch the wedding in style.

  13. It's fun to get the details. All of this brings me back to Charles and Di.

  14. I think the cake will be phenominal! The Royal Wedding excitement has also traveled across the water (USA). I believe everyone will be watching the Royal Nuptials : )

  15. must be mayhem over your way... and an air of excitement...

    Love your new blog look too.. ciao xxx Julie

  16. Jeanne,
    Perfect!!! Just what I wanted...a bit of your view of the royal doings :) Thanks so much for the link to the delights of the official royal wedding site...I've been virtual-touring Buckingham Palace, something I couldn't do last time we were in London.
    Keep us posted...we're counting down over here across the pond. :)
    Warm hugs,

  17. As a Newfoundland Canadian, we have a long standing love affair with the Royals. I watched Diana and Charles; and I shall watch Will and Kate. However, I don't think I'll get up at 4 in the morning. Perhaps I'll tune in a little later.

    Anxious to see Kate's dress (and a little smooch perhaps?).

  18. Love, love the blue and white plates. How fun.


  19. Dear Jeanne,
    What an honour for Fiona. I know that I would mess it up.....I'd be so nervous !!.....but, that's why I'm not a cake maker and she is !!!! It's going to be beautiful. I can't wait for the 29th. I LOVE a Royal wedding. I was 9months pregnant with our daughter when Charles and Diana got married and, our daughter-in-law is the same with our grandchild although, I think that she should have had the baby by the 29th as it's due on the 13th.
    So sorry that I have not been around lately....computer problems, loads of them !!
    I hope that I'm back on track now although it's still not quite right. Blogger is giving me so much trouble.
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the glorious weather. XXXX

  20. I think it depends where you live in London. I haven't seen any sign or mention of the Royal wedding, but I live in one of the poorer boroughs so perhaps that isn't so surprising. The last time my area felt united in something was when the local football team won something huge in the early 80s! Sadly since then it's been in a bit of a decline... but that's London for you, changing fortunes all the time.

    I love the Victorian language of flowers - there are fab books on it. The cakes look beautiful as well - making me think fond thoughts of lunch!

  21. Would have loved to be a taste tester of their choices!

  22. Oh that beautiful blue cake. How gorgeous. I wish I knew something about cake decorating!

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