Country Garden Dreaming

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 
with a little country garden dreaming

For the bees in a Collage of Life garden.

A stately country garden bird house.

Twist and twine to bring it all together.

For a perennial border...

To light the way...

For organising this and that...

English country garden attire...

On to London.... 
  From one of my favourite stores 
along Pimlico Road, Daylesford Organic
They have since closed this section of the 
store but I love these images none the less.

 My little sister, Kathleen, arrives tomorrow.
It has been two years since we last saw each other.
I am getting ready for a whirlwind tour with her...
first stop Hampton Court Palace and
somewhere along the way, 
a coffee at Daylesford Organic.

I am one of six kids and the oldest. Kathleen
is #5. What a little devil she was back then...
some things never change :) People say we look alike.
What do you think, any resemblance?

Happy Weekend to one and all!
More on the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show here.


  1. Don't know if you are wicked or wonderful for posting these pics. Yes, I already have all that wonderful stuff.

    Sister time is important, have fun.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Any resemblance you ask? I thought you were showing us a new portrait you like to use in your profile, but it is your sister!
    The photos above with all the tools are really nice.

  3. Well one can certainly tell you are sisters! Two lovely faces to be sure.

    And oh, off to Hampton Court! How perfectly wonderful. I do love that place. What a dream it would be to attend the flower show there! Maybe next year.

    Have a wonderful time with Kathleen!!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend with your sister Jeanne, 2 years is a long time, how lovely she's coming to visit.

    Can't spot the resemblance!
    Love the Hampton Court pictures.

  5. Oh thankyou Jeanne for taking me on such a lovely tour, makes me long to be in England again.
    How wonderful to have your sister for a visit, I do think you look alike. Although my sister and I keep in contact, via the net, on a daily basis, there is nothing better than actually being together, spending time with your sister is a precious gift...enjoy.

  6. Jeanne, your photos have inspired me to go out on this rainy Vancouver Island day and explore what's new in our garden centres. Thank you.
    Have a great time with your sister!

  7. You must miss her so much. I think it's horrible if I only see my sister once a week:-D!

    Have a wonderful weekend and sister time.

  8. Jeanne, have a wonderful time with your sister at Hampton Court

  9. Getting to show all your favorite spots to your sister . . . how delicious.


  10. Your plans sound wonderful!! I know your time together will be filled with lots of fun and the making of great memories!! ~Enjoy!!~

  11. You have the most ownderful shopping there, everything looks so quaint and elegant. Most especially I love the garden attire store!
    Have a marvelous time with your lookalike sister!

  12. Jeanne, I love your beautiful blog! I am so happy for you that your sister is coming! Have a wonderful visit.
    And thank you for all of the inspiring images and fun things you shared from the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

  13. She is lovely, as are you. Hoping you two have a wonderful time catching up on the last two years.

  14. You definitely look like each other . Have fun with your sister . Love all your vignettes

  15. I love your first photo of the old wicker "bee keep"- may I borrow it (with credit of course) for an upcoming post about bees & honey?
    I hope you and your sister have a brill time.

  16. I'm doing some catching up and so glad I didn't miss this one! The baskets of string! The garden markers! Lovely stuff.


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