A Puzzling Dilemma

How do you feel about puzzles? I often thought this was one of those long ago past times. 
My father was an avid puzzle fan. I assumed he found it relaxing and a good way to get his 
mind off the stresses of the day. I always enjoyed the times when I was able to sit with him and 
pop in a few pieces. There is something very calming about tackling a puzzle, it absorbs you.

I had an idea a few weeks ago on ways to improve quality family time. I poked around
 in the garage for a while and found an old puzzle. I popped it on the dining room table,
spread out a few pieces and waited. It was like bees swarming to honey. First my son,
and then Mr. H and they have been at it ever since. Working side by side, they talk, 
strategize and sit in contemplative silence...together.  Except, now I have a problem.


 Mr. H is looking for greater challenges. A package arrived the other day with a 3000 piece puzzle 
of an African safari scene and our dining room is now a puzzle shrine. The table, the side table 
and a few trays  are covered in masses of puzzle pieces representing zebras, lions, giraffes 
and a host of other animals. He is now captain of his puzzle domain. He is on a mission and 
I fear next, he will set out to conquer the world.

It is a puzzling dilemma. I think it is time to set down some rules.
Any suggestions? Do you have any puzzle fans in your family?

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