Travelling Spirit...are you ready to fly?

Lauren Bacall, Rome. 1960

I am feeling that whole 'woman on a mission' vibe that Lauren Bacall did so well. Since I last wrote I have started systematically checking my travel lists for upcoming trips to Sydney, Vietnam, Hong Kong, London and the USA. For the most part, I will be travelling solo, a mix of business and pleasure. The best part of all the air miles I am about to clock in is that I will be able to visit with my children in Sydney and celebrate a significant wedding anniversary in London with Mr. H...our 30th! I guess it is only appropriate that 30 years on we are still playing 'plane tag' across the globe.

"Sometimes the smallest step 
in the right direction 
ends up being the biggest step 
in your life."
~Naeem Callaway

Which brings me to one's travelling spirit, in particular, your travelling spirit. How do you feel about travel? Are you game or do you prefer the comforts of home? Do you say YES! when you start to read about an amazing travel experience? Or do you say YES!...but are happy to travel by armchair.

Do you find as the years go by that you are more keen to travel, or less so?

When you think about and where do you see yourself travelling? With a partner, solo or with a group? Have you recently been on a trip? Do you have one coming up? Will you be travelling to new territory or returning to a place you feel a special connection to? Do you enjoy quiet reflective vacations or are you keen to experience it all?

Here is why I ask. In 2012, when we moved to Vietnam, I started a blog, Expat Diary Vietnam. As often happens in the blogging world, a blogging buddy, Millie, asked if I knew of Jean Wethmar who organized personal tours to Vietnam. Jean and I eventually connected and I mentioned her travel business on my blog for fellow readers looking to explore Vietnam. Another blogging friend, Linda  at Lulu's Musings was intrigued, contacted Jean, pulled together a few friends and off they went, with Jean to explore Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2013. I called them the Travelling Sisterhood and wrote about it here. I have kept track of Jean and her growing business and am excited to mention her upcoming adventures to India, Myanmar, Morocco, Greece and Paris. Kismet strikes twice as some of the original Travelling Sisterhood are meeting up for Part II in 2017 with a trip to Rajasthan. I just love that they are doing that!

Travelling Sisterhood...Travelling it what you like, it's pretty special when it happens. I am so very tempted to join about you?

Jean Wethmar of Cape Lux Travels
If you are not familiar with Jean, I can tell you she considers herself the 'ultimate concierge'. No detail is to small, she is the consummate organizer, your 'friend in a foreign land', your 'go to' person, your 'ear on the ground'...she can do it all, happily and willingly. You can check in at her concierge desk here.

Has she peaked your travel spirit? If so, read on and be sure to contact Jean if you have any questions, she is more than happy to create a trip like no other for you!

with a fabulous small group of dynamic girls...
17 November – 3 December’16

Smell the jasmine and the saffron – taste chai and authentic naan bread.. See the glittering Taj - Visit the Pink City, Experience Udaipur and relive Goa’s very Portuguese influenced past.. Shop in all the right places! For further info- my email address  - or

20 – 30 April, 2017

The mystical charm of Myanmar is attracting an increasing number of travellers and is one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. When Rudyard Kipling visited Burma a hundred years ago he described it as “quite unlike any land you know about”. To this day Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, a land of breathtaking beauty and charm that offers traditional Asian delights to all visitors. For further info- my email address  - or

Then Morocco delights – 

with Interior Decorator Sally Carson
from Queensland, Australia
13 – 23 October 2017  

Sally Carson
Embark on a private, personalized tour filled with local encounters and memorable experiences. Designed to give a broad sense of the essence of Morocco, this tour encompasses the culture, the history, the warmth and generosity of its people, along with the geography and amazing cuisine. Accompanied by an English speaking driver/guide plus your own concierge and interior stylist, Sally Carsonyou will visit the major cities, majestic gorges, and ancient Kasbahs. Plus you’ll spend two nights in the High Atlas Mountains, where we will hike through the villages and have lunch with a traditional Berber family. For more info- 
my email address  - or
Note(only place for 4 GlamGirls left.. 8 already paid $100 deposit etc, etc ) 

high luxury tour 
25 October – 9 November 2017

Glam Girls Lux Travels together with Go India, will help unfold the mysteries of Rajasthan, as we take you through deserts and mountains, small reclusive hamlets and bewilderingly enormous palaces, dyed clothes and scintillating embroidery, its colours and music, its dance and food which together weave an unforgettable tapestry. Rajasthan is synonymous with royalty and romance, human grit and determination. In this fascinating land, human is unimaginable without the camel-the camel is the constant companion of dry barren lands. Our brochure is still with the graphic designer..please contact me for details. For further info .. my email address  - or

A fabulous look at local life with Francesca Muir – 
blogger and photographer dynamic –
1 – 12 June 2018 

An exclusive insight into the Cretan way of life, people, traditions and food with Francesca Muir 
Francesca Muir
who will take us on an exciting journey to the Greek island she calls her spiritual home...12 days on the island of Crete, home to the famous Mediterranean Diet thanks to the island’s rich soil and warm climate, and cradle of Western Civilization thanks to the ingenuity of the Minoan Civilization; learning about their 9000 year history, their culture and food. Think crystal clear azure seas; breathtaking views; a Minoan feast (cooked as the Minoans cooked 2500 years ago); mountain villages; traditional lace makers, bootmakers and shepherds; a trip to the last leper island in Europe; a private tour of the Palace of Knossos; cooking Cretan food the traditional way as well as stunning shopping – jewellery; leather goods; olive products; pottery and clothes. The perfect trip for painters, photographers, artists and writers and those interested in the anthropology of food – it’s so inspiring and there’s so much to see you’ll want to go back. For further info .. my email address  - or or Francesca Muir-

and secret gardens of central France tour-
exclusive for just Twelve Glam Girls! 
July 2018 – Exact dates to be confirmed

Twice yearly summer sales in magical Paris are a spectacular occurrence with up to 70% off at favourite boutiques, high street chains and other fashion stores. After a whirlwind experience in the capital city, guests head to the French countryside in the Limousin region. Here you get to visit a brocante (country antique and bric-a-brack market) and explore charming, historical Boussac, the rural village in which la Creuzette is situated. You also get to feast on various culinary treats complemented with French wines. Sounds idyllic? – it is! – Chateau  la Creuzette will ensure that you have the ultimate, hassle-free luxury French Lifestyle experiences.  Oh.. we travel to the Limousin via the Loire region and spend a day at the MAGICAL Chaumont sur Loire Garden Fair (regarded by many of the la Creuzette guests as ‘better than Chelsea”) and at Villandry castle – “the most beautiful kitchen garden in the world’. For further info .. my email address  - or
Travel photos and trip details 
provided by Jean @ Glam Girls Lux Travel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Each and every one of these trips sounds fabulous and I am only too happy to share them in this post today. Jean can fill you in on all the details. Write to Jean or check out her website

I am sharing because some of you may have a travelling spirit that is ready to fly and Jean might hav just the trip for you. No matter who, what, where and when you go....I hope your travel spirit soars!

"There are times when we stop, we sit still. 
We listen and breezes from 
a whole other world begin to whisper."
~James Carroll

Happy Travels!

Jeanne xx

PS..thank you all for your very kind words in recent posts.
I have been out of touch with my blog for some time but am
back in action. If you left a comment...I have replied..finally. 
Little late but better late than never. Yes? ;)


  1. Nobody does it better than Jean as you would find out if you join the Traveling Sisterhood. Thanks for the sweet mention.

  2. Oh Jeanne,.. Congrats on your 30th wedding anniv.. I know why your Mr H keeps you!.. xx you're a fine lady for sure! Thank you so very much for this amazing write up.. gosh.. I am humbled! Totally! I am lost for words.. and if you ask my husband.. that never happens! You are a genuine friend.. a gal with a heart of gold and a gift for words and keeping it and putting it together so beautifully, like non other that I know! Jeanne, I know the sun shines happily on you.. thanks my friend x j

    1. You are very welcome Jean...always love to pass on the good word for friends. :)

  3. Hi Jeanne - I'm so thrilled for you and Mr. H being able to celebrate a special anniversary together in London - I know he will make it a day to remember! Seeing the family in Sydney will be grand, and of course revisiting Vietnam, where you have lovely memories, will always be a great trip.

    Me and travel? Well you know I leave home often and travel to many wonderful places. I've always been a traveler I guess - since leaving home and emigrating to the US all those years ago. The past
    10 years have seen me visiting all seven continents - some places with my best girl friend, some with Bob, and several with our group of traveling friends. All have their place in my life - all have been full on, hardly quiet and reserved! Little did I know I would ever do adventure travel and expedition ships at this time of my life (will turn 73 this month!), however I've managed well and am not ready to rock on the porch quite yet. The Kenya trip was awesome - many more posts coming -
    and I'm off to Calif. this week. Dec. will see us back in Europe including Christmas in my home town - that will be special. Have just one trip lined up so far in 2017 but will probably add more - have a lot of air miles/hotel points to use up!!!

    Happy Autumn - know NH must be getting colorful these days.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. I feel like I just travelled around the world with you Mary...I love the way you travel! Your safari pics are wonderful, brings back so many memories and makes me think we should squeeze in one more safari trip when we visit Miss Claire in Botswana next year. I mean...if we are already there... ;)

  4. I travelled around the world the last 35 yrs for business, adventure and home
    change. I do not like long haul flights anymore. As you know I am back in Europe and start to explore my continent just
    for fun, particularly Spain, where I live now. 2 weeks ago I came back from a
    weekend trip to Tangier and in 1 week I am off via Milan, Verona to the Dolomite
    Alps in South Tyrol for hiking. In Dec. I fly to Amsterdam which I didn't visit
    since decades and really looking forward to see it again. Most of the time I
    travel with my husband (we are already retired) but for a couple of days and
    special reason I also enjoy to travel by myself. What I am not keen is to travel
    in a group because I am more an individualist. After many many years of travelling I promised "never" but can't really stop my desire and curiosity. I am a wanderer.

    1. So enjoying thinking of all the places you just mentioned Rena and happy to see that in retirement, life can still be so rich. I know there will be a point when I have had it with long haul flights...but am not there quite yet. Like you, the wanderlust keep calling....

  5. Thank you Jeanne.All the places are for new adventure & discovery. One day I will be there.

  6. Hello Jeanne
    A very Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. H. Wishing you many more years of joy and adventure.
    Your suggested trips via Glam Girls Lux Travel sound fabulous and unique.
    We have travelled fairly extensively and still love going to new places. We also love to return to places we like it is always extra special returning when we have made a friend or acquaintance on a previous trip. I take painting trips with my art partners and we just have been invited to paint in France next summer.
    Happy travels my friend.

    Helen xx

    1. Thank you Helen...I love the idea of taking a trip with like minds...especially when you get to practice or enhance your skills. It's on my list...the search is on. Your trip next summer sounds wonderful! xxx

  7. Jeanne, Sending you wishes for a wonderful anniversary celebration. I am one of those folks who is equally happy traveling to faraway places and staying home. I'm not for sure what that says about me.
    When traveling, I usually have an agenda and not very good at compromise. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

    1. Thank you Bonnie! I hear you on the compromise side of travel...I tend to be like that too. Mr. H will likely be nodding along when he reads this comment. ;)

  8. Happy Anniversary Jeanne and thank you so much for the wonderful heads up! I'm thrilled to be a part of Jean's extraordinary Glam Girls Lux Travel venture to Crete in June 2018... and to now be on 'the same page' as my two favourite "Jean/nes" makes me a very happy girl! Thank you for your generosity and happy days always to you my Friend. F xx

    1. You are very welcome Francesca...I am SO SO excited for you! Your passion comes through in your writing and photography...I know anyone travelling with you will be inspired by both. xx

  9. I know about JEAN and her travels...............I would LOVE to join in but I CANNOT Leave THE ITALIAN for that amount of time!3O years for us too...............AS for YOU and TRAVEL THAT IS WHO YOU ARE!XX

    1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you Elizabeth and THE ITALIAN! :) xx

  10. Jeanne,

    I have been a traveler since I was born and although I still do a fair amount I find that as I age I enjoy being at home just as much.

    WE are headed to Argentina in December, Florida, Charleston, Savannah and points in between in November. Then a trip to Scotland and several other trips in the stated over the next 5 months.

    Congratulations on 30th years of Adventure! I hope that you have a fabulous time with your kids, and with Mr. H. How is Miss Claire doing in Africa?

    Have a great night!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Your travel plans sound exciting.. I would love to travel to Argentina, I hear it is very special. Miss Claire is settling in and enjoying life in Botswana...we hear from her regularly which makes for a very happy mother and father! ;)


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