The Story of Buddha...

Pam in New Hampshire asked me about the story behind the large Buddha wood carving that used to hang in our entry at Chateau Mango in Vietnam. I have been meaning to write about it and thought now is as good as time as any.

The shop around the corner..
It all started in a shop around the corner from where we live in Ho Chi Minh City. It was early days, maybe a week or two after moving to our new house that I stumbled upon this shop. In fact, what drew me in was the statue sitting on the center of the table. I had seem something similar in a local museum and thought it might be a nice starter to our Chateau Mango collection. Of course, I couldn't help but notice the wood carving of the Buddha behind it...and I adored it but at 8' tall and 200 lbs I thought it might be one of those things that I would come to regret purchasing. So I left the store...empty handed.

Over the next month, I went in and out of the a state of ' do I or don't I?". In case you guessed, I am not very good with on the spot decisions...especially big ones. A month later I took Mr. H along for his thoughts...and he loved it. That did it, we bought it...size and weight would be a problem for another day. 

That day started one day later when three men delivered it and started chatting, measuring and scratching their heads on the best way to hang this more than life size piece of art. Lucky for them they only had to hang it two feet off the ground.

"Maybe if we..."

Mission accomplished, we placed it in our entry. 
For four years, Buddha welcomed us home in Vietnam.

Happy Buddha...hanging Chateau Mango, Vietnam

Buddha and Tahilla
I would like to mention that at the time of purchase, Tahilla Farm, our antique/new farmhouse in the woods of New Hampshire was just a smidge of a notion. I had yet to start my official house hunt when I bought this piece of art. The house hunt came two months later.

When I found Tahilla Farm I knew that Buddha would never see the light of day there...unless...we renovated.. and fortunately we did. When it came time to put ideas to paper with the architect I had one request...we had to allow a spot for this piece of art. We decided that the entrance was it's best shot and we 'drew it in'.

When our containers arrived this summer...Buddha was the one item I was most excited to see. It's time had come. Our construction crew had been hearing about "the big one" for over a year. Once it arrived I started to worry... that it might not work, that if might fall, I had all but given up the notion of hanging it. Then I realized...these were builders, they built our house. Surely they could handle a 200 pound wooden piece of art. I felt so much better once that clicked in my worrisome mind.

First they measured....
and I watched...nervously.

Then they measured again and 
brought in reinforcements
and I watched...
a tad less nervously.

And then they did it. 
Our Vietnamese Buddha 
had oficially found it's way home.
to Tahilla Farm.

Buddha greets one and all as soon as they enter
just as it did at Chateau Mango.
Peace reigns once again.

And that's the story of our Buddha
and its journey from Vietnam
to Tahilla Farm in the woods
of New Hampshire.

With peace in my heart
Peace in my soul
Wherever I'm going
I'm already home.

Lyrics 'Living in the Moment' 
by Jason Mraz

For you..something to brighten your day. 
I hope you have a spectacular one!

Thank you for reading along!

Jeanne xx

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