Exploring the neighbourhood...

I made a decision the other day, it was time to bust out of the compound, 
leave Cherry Blossom, Orchid, Lily and Lotus streets behind and explore. 
I slipped on my workout gear, snapped on my trusty pedometer, grabbed my 
iPhone, map and set off. I needed some exercise and what better way than a good long 
walk to get things moving. Well..that was my plan.

Within in the first five minutes, I passed a local shop which happened 
to be open and of course, one can not pass up
an intriguing shop, especially when one is in exploration mode.

I loved the lamp shades, bought the mirror....

was intrigued by this bust of a Vietnamese woman..

thought of potential spots for the lamp on the left 
and admired the carved Buddha artwork on the right.

I then glanced over at this small Buddha piece....

and then this Buddha carving on the left 
and the lotus lamp and two carved wooden posts on the right..

Thinking that I really should get on with my walk, 
I snapped this last shot of the sconces below. 

I then carried on with my walk..

 and stopped in quickly at a nursery to check out a few pots.

and set off again to walk...past the markets..

until...I got to a point where I was totally confused. Nothing was connecting on my map
and I realised I had ventured in the wrong direction...I was lost.

I didn't want to do it...I like to work problems out for myself but I had to do it.
I called Mr. Khai to come find me.

Next time, I must remember to take a left instead of a right 
and to stay away from the shops...they are a serious distraction. 
Tomorrow is another day...I hope you have a fabulous one.

Best wishes from Sunny Saigon....


For a view inside the compound, read here.


  1. Every girl should have a Mr Khai!

  2. Thank you for taking us on your walking adventure in your neighborhood.

  3. The little detours are always an adventure and over there I'm sure you will find a distraction at every turn. Love the mirror, and I think I'd have snapped up that large Buddha artwork piece too.

  4. We all need a Mr. Khai sometimes!
    Such fascinating photos, Jeanne.

  5. Jeanne,

    Your walk, and your adventure looks like fun! I LOVE the mirror and a few other things in the shop. And I love those blue and white pots.

    I admire your sense of adventure and as I have said before thank goodness you can call for help!

    I am so happy you came to visit this morning! It was nice to hear from you.

    Have a wonderful week! Elizabeth

  6. Jeanne, It is always a little frightening when street signs and maps to not match up in an unfamiliar place, especially when you do not speak the language. How wonderful you had someone to call. I have found getting lost is usually the means by which I find my way. I know I worry my family. You did go back and pick up your mirror???? Hugs! Bonnie

  7. What a fascinating shop and the market looked so interesting with all the beautiful fresh produce. I'm sure you will soon find your way around!

  8. What a lot of shopping opportunities you have! I love the blue and white pots and the carvings... wish it was my shop around the corner.

    Inside the compound and outside look very different - I look forward to finding out more as you explore.

    Oh, and love Tika's new look (on your other blog).

  9. Oh Jeanne, you are having serious fun exploring.. my husband Francois always says my left leg is shorter.. I go around in circles! Good you had a Mr. Khai to come find you.. lovely mirror you bought x j

  10. Too much temptation Jeanne... those shops... xv

  11. The Fortuny lamps!!! *faint, pick myself up, faint again*

  12. It's a good thing Mr. Khai knows his way around otherwise you might still be wandering. Knowing you though, you'd still be finding lots to see through your camera lens.

  13. I think you should go back and purchase one of those Buddha carvings. Love the one on the shelf and the larger one on the table....

  14. Dear Jeanne,

    Thank you for the sweet comment. I have been absent from blog land, but have done my best to read along on my favorite blogs. I still can't believe that you're no longer across the sea, but as far away as Vietnam! I must write you to get your new adress one of these days.

    I see bicycles and think of you:-)


  15. Who cares if you get lost when you can find all those delicious shops??? Love getting lost with you - more please! F x

  16. Not sure if taxis are as plentiful in Vietnam as they are in Bangkok, but one 'trick' we learned about getting lost in Thailand, was to have a little map and our address written in Thai on a card, so if the girls and I ever found ourselves in parts unknown, we would hail and cab, hand him the card and voila!

    About lotus flowers...as your housekeeper how to fold the petals of the flowers...it's beautiful!

  17. You are so brave. Or I'm such a timid soul. But my biggest fear is getting lost in a strange land, and here you are, making it sound wonderfully exciting. I love seeing the streets because it helps me get a 'feel' for your new life. I just checked out the compound; I think I must be your only reader who has no idea what and who lives in a compound. You should educate us poor native Californians who've never stepped a foot in a foreign land. wink.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)


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