Exploring the neighbourhood...

I made a decision the other day, it was time to bust out of the compound, 
leave Cherry Blossom, Orchid, Lily and Lotus streets behind and explore. 
I slipped on my workout gear, snapped on my trusty pedometer, grabbed my 
iPhone, map and set off. I needed some exercise and what better way than a good long 
walk to get things moving. Well..that was my plan.

Within in the first five minutes, I passed a local shop which happened 
to be open and of course, one can not pass up
an intriguing shop, especially when one is in exploration mode.

I loved the lamp shades, bought the mirror....

was intrigued by this bust of a Vietnamese woman..

thought of potential spots for the lamp on the left 
and admired the carved Buddha artwork on the right.

I then glanced over at this small Buddha piece....

and then this Buddha carving on the left 
and the lotus lamp and two carved wooden posts on the right..

Thinking that I really should get on with my walk, 
I snapped this last shot of the sconces below. 

I then carried on with my walk..

 and stopped in quickly at a nursery to check out a few pots.

and set off again to walk...past the markets..

until...I got to a point where I was totally confused. Nothing was connecting on my map
and I realised I had ventured in the wrong direction...I was lost.

I didn't want to do it...I like to work problems out for myself but I had to do it.
I called Mr. Khai to come find me.

Next time, I must remember to take a left instead of a right 
and to stay away from the shops...they are a serious distraction. 
Tomorrow is another day...I hope you have a fabulous one.

Best wishes from Sunny Saigon....


For a view inside the compound, read here.

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