December 27, 2010

Mr. H and Madame Blogger

A little surprise on Christmas morning
with this little message waiting for me. 
Dear Mr. H was a very good reader this year. 
Somewhere along the way he clued into my fondness 
Lots of goodies to keep me delighted and 
entertained for some time to come. 
Hugs to Mr. H for being an enthusiastic supporter :)

Another little beauty waiting for me was a book I had added
to my wish list earlier in the year, Mary McDonald Interiors.
It pays to post about the things you love:)

I have been under the weather the past few days, but have to say this book
cheered me right up. Three or four cups of tea later and I was looking 
at decorating in a whole new light. This is a book to inspire.
Mr. H may regret this purchase :)

With that I say adieu...this cold is lifting me up
and wishing me back to bed. If anyone has home
remedies for a persistent cough...please do tell.
I am in need :)

Off to Dublin ...
I think I am going
to need the luck of the Irish 
to be well enough for this one :)

Jeanne xx

image top~
Hamper via Eurostar
all others via Mary Mcdonald Interiors

December 25, 2010

Homemade Love and a Christmas Wish

A great meeting of the minds has taken place over the past few days.
It's been all girl talk. "What to make?, how to make?, what if?,
maybe not, wouldn't this be nice?" and so on and so on.

Our kitchen table has been taken over by cookbooks. 
For days the following ladies have intrigued us 
with their delicious suggestions. If you are still in search 
of a recipe or two I highly recommend each and every one.

Miss Christine made her first Gingerbread House 
and I was delighted to pass over the challenge. 
The boys exclaimed it is the best one ever and I would have to agree.

Even our little Elf who travels around our house at night 
and wakes up in the most peculiar places agrees :)

I hold such promise for anyone who can create a roof top with such precision.

It has been homemade love right down to the last little 
biscuit tenderly wrapped with Christmas ribbon.

We are chopping and stirring and whizzing 
and my thoughts keep drifting back to you.
My family and friends....
Are you cooking, shopping, running frantic
or do you have your feet up by the fire?

Are you traveling or staying at home?
Many questions and I am sure not enough
time to answer. But if you do, 
I would love to know :)

I for one, look forward to sitting by our fire (above)
when the festivities have quieted to catch up with you.

I will sign off now wishing and hoping that 
your holiday is filled with the things you love.

Warmest wishes for a joyous holiday!

Jeanne xxx


December 22, 2010

Christmas Wishes from the Girls

I have written so much about 
Miss Christine and Miss Claire 
this year that they feel like part 
of our blogging community too.

Miss Christine and Miss Claire 
send you snowy wishes 
for a wonderful Christmas!!
and me too :)

Last night, a snowy night 
in London

December 19, 2010

Around the Corner

We woke to snowfall this morning, 
the kind that weeps gently from the sky.
It was glorious.
I looked at the view from my window 
and was itching to get out amongst it all.

Mr. H, Miss Claire and I walked to town 
to pick up the weekend paper 

I just love these houses, anytime of year.

Miss Claire left us to visit friends

as the postman passed on his morning route.

With our newspaper in hand, packages posted 
and library books deposited we walked home, 
slowly and peacefully.

Looks like a white Christmas from here :)
How about you?


December 17, 2010

A Cup of Earl Grey.....

I am so feeling this right now.
Earl Grey for me.
How about you?

Hope your holiday plans are
running smoothly!!

I think mine got lost in transit :)

For your viewing pleasure....

"The Classic Stars wish you a Merry Christmas"

image- from Christmas magazines past
maybe the 80's?

December 15, 2010

An Australian Adventure

Dear friends, 
This past week has been filled with many thoughts 
but most importantly it has been
a time for joy...
There is something about the pageantry of a military
celebration that completes the inner Virgo in me.
The order, the precision, the call to attention with
salutes in swift order. If only I could run my
home in the same fashion...what bliss :)

The rain hailed down on graduation day last week but nothing
could deter from the joy these fine young men and women
felt as they neared the closing of their graduation ceremony.

Within a moments notice the announcement was made, the
hats went flying and cheers filled the air.

We had a whirlwind of a time.
I think our son's smile says it all.

Of course, I am still smiling especially after reading
the many thoughtful comments on my last post. I
would like to thank one and all. You allowed me a 
sentimental moment and for that I thank you ;)
a little adventure...

With the festivities at a close Mr H. headed back to London, 
my son carried on with his celebrations and I
 headed north for a little adventure of my own.

It was warm, relaxing....

filled with delicious food

and many special moments.

I felt especially lucky to capture the
photo below...I have a special fondness 
for Kookaburra's
and spied this little fellow sitting above me.

I think the nursery rhyme speaks for the two of us.
The Kookaburra and my Australian interlude.

'Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree'

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he
Laugh, Kookaburra! Laugh!
Gay your life must be

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Eating all the gum drops he can see
Stop, Kookaburra! Stop!
Leave some there for me!

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Counting all the monkeys he can see
Stop, Kookaburra! Stop
That's not a monkey that's me

Kookaburra sits on a rusty snail
Gets a boo-boo in his tail
Cry, Kookaburra! Cry !
Oh how life can be!

Marion Sinclair

Special thanks to Zarli, Alinta and Evelyn
for making the photos 
from my little adventure possible xx

With that I am signing off. This weary
traveller needs to rest but before I do...
I just loved this film. I watched it on the flight
over to is a must see :)

Read here.

with exception of last.

December 5, 2010

Seems Like Yesterday

I am off to Australia for my 
son's University graduation.
It seems surreal when I think back...

It seems like yesterday
when we sat in this booth,
just mother and son.

It seems like yesterday 
when he gave his first order 
from his Batmobile.

It seems like yesterday 
when he drew his first picture 
and a jeep appeared.

It seems like yesterday,
 when he and his friend Casey
got up close to the real thing.

It seems like yesterday,
 when his dreams started to take shape.

and his fantasies knew no bounds :)

It seems like yesterday,
 when there was one Lego 
creation after another.

and his little brother was giving him a big hug.

It seems like yesterday when he 
marched in his first military parade.

It seems like yesterday when he came
home, no longer a boy.

It seems like yesterday....

Oh dear, there she goes again...tissue please!

Signing out for a few days.
Thank you all for your
very thoughtful comments
on my recent posts. 
The tissue boxes in our house
are stacking up :)

I look forward to the days when I can
sit back, relax and visit you. I have
asked Santa for a laptop. I have
devised all sorts of ways to 
keep in touch.

I think I have been good this year :)

Jeanne xx