A Cup of Earl Grey.....

I am so feeling this right now.
Earl Grey for me.
How about you?

Hope your holiday plans are
running smoothly!!

I think mine got lost in transit :)

For your viewing pleasure....

"The Classic Stars wish you a Merry Christmas"

image- from Christmas magazines past
maybe the 80's?


  1. Plans are coming along nicely here. Just 2 pressies left to get, and of course the turkey to order. So ready for being home for Christmas. Just having a cup of English breakfast tea right now. Enjoy yours!

  2. I just discovered your new post 5 minutes ago...still sitting here, enjoying my cafè au lait, (some fresh baked butter cookies from yesterday evening...yes,mother was standing in kitchen very late, yesterday!:O))smelling the fresh christmas tree and listening to your wonderful christmas tunes!!!
    Funny, I just thought of James Stewart and *Mr.* Grant and how nice it would be to see an old movie with them...once again, welcome back, Jeanne! :)
    Warm chrismas greetings, Beate XXX

  3. You caught me as I was having my morning coffee, tea is for the evening in my case.

    Thankfully I am 98% finished shopping but have much decorating to do, but I love to take a visit around to see what all of you ladies are up to!

    Have a great day Jeanne!


  4. I love the red wall in the back!
    There is so much to see in your photos. Time for a cup of tea, 4.18pm

  5. Nearly done - definitely coming along! and jeanne, I loved the video! so delightful!

  6. I'm a bit of an English Breakfast girl myself or a nice cup of Licorice tea.......lovely music Jeanne to get us all in the Christmas mood. XXXX

  7. It used to be Earl Grey for me, but now I feel deprived when I'm without Twinings' Lady Grey tea. Over-consumerist fussiness on my part.

  8. Thanks Jeanne...loved the video...those movies are the best! Oh, and only builder's tea for me!

  9. My holidays start tomorrow and I'm going to try really hard to do a lot of sleeping in. That picture almost did me in in my current sleep deprived state :)

  10. Couldn't live without Earl Gray. Having a cup now as I read your blog! Enjoy.

  11. Ooh, I fancy a cup of Earl Grey now (I haven't had one in months). I'm going to make one... bit naughty as I was supposed to heading on up to bed...

  12. Bonjour Jeanne,
    A cipu of Earl Grey sounds perfect. I'll bring the gateau. I think I am officially finished and ready for Christmas! Enjoyed the video.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas!

  13. My Grandmother's favorite tea!!! AND her ancestry was from England. Hope you enjoy yours as much as she did hers!!

  14. That photograph reminds me of my very own home. And it's been Lady Grey every night for me this month!

  15. Yes, Earl...he's such a treat!

  16. We have just returned from a week in Hong Kong and am I now in panic mode! I have hardly done any Christmas shopping and I am also trying to wrap gifts for my daughter Maddy's birthday tomorrow...I guess I should get off the computer but I have gone for 8 days without blogging and need to catch up on everyone's news!

    Happy day and enjoy that tea. I am now having had a chamomile tea...let's hope it calms me down!

    Best wishes,

  17. Earl Grey = comfort in a cup :)

  18. Needless to say my plans are not quite progressing as I would have hoped but hope that they will soon be back on track!

    Bon week-end a toi,

    Leeann x


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