Mr. H and Madame Blogger

A little surprise on Christmas morning
with this little message waiting for me. 
Dear Mr. H was a very good reader this year. 
Somewhere along the way he clued into my fondness 
Lots of goodies to keep me delighted and 
entertained for some time to come. 
Hugs to Mr. H for being an enthusiastic supporter :)

Another little beauty waiting for me was a book I had added
to my wish list earlier in the year, Mary McDonald Interiors.
It pays to post about the things you love:)

I have been under the weather the past few days, but have to say this book
cheered me right up. Three or four cups of tea later and I was looking 
at decorating in a whole new light. This is a book to inspire.
Mr. H may regret this purchase :)

With that I say adieu...this cold is lifting me up
and wishing me back to bed. If anyone has home
remedies for a persistent cough...please do tell.
I am in need :)

Off to Dublin ...
I think I am going
to need the luck of the Irish 
to be well enough for this one :)

Jeanne xx

image top~
Hamper via Eurostar
all others via Mary Mcdonald Interiors


  1. It won't cure your cough, but you'll feel better if you add a bit of bourbon and a bit of honey and a bit of lemon to your tea! Good luck.

  2. Lovely gesture,well thought out. Merry xmas. It was very nice meeting you this year.



  3. So lovely! There it nothing like color to cheer one up!

  4. Lovely presents Jeanne especially the interiors book - gorgeous. Look at this site you'll be inspired or, better still go there if you can. It's where I worked in England - lots of gorgeous ceramics and green glazed pots, not to mention furniture etc. Tell them Sarah sent you too!

  5. Oh, Jeanne, bless Mr H! What a good man. Thanks for sharing these pretties with us. A feast for the senses. And you had me at 'cerulean'...

    I do hope you recover in time to enjoy Dublin's delights. Mr PB and I were there in December 1994, a time I remember very fondly. J x

  6. Hope you feel better soon. There's nothing like interiors books! What a great husband you have:-)

  7. O, so sorry about being down and out during the holiday season! Here's wishing you the best and getting off to Dublin.

  8. Who couldn't be happy in that Tiffany blue room?

    Piled up with a good book, another source of happiness.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  9. You have stirred the fires of spring cleaning and re-organizing in me with your photos Jeanne.
    I'm afraid the only cure for your & fluids. It will have it's way, whether you co-operate or not! Get well soon!

  10. These are some stunning images that certainly inspire me. Hope your feeling better. Have a lovely day ~ xox Alexandra

  11. So sorry you're under the weather. I received the Mary McDonald book as well and am just devouring it - so much to love!!

  12. Have a great time in Dublin (exactly where I am now), Jeanne, and well done to Mr H on his powers of observation and his discernment.

  13. Have fun in Dublin!! Hope you feel better soon :)

    Love love those interiors {sigh}
    XO L

  14. Jeanne hope your are much better, and what a special surprise!!

    Happiest of Holidays & All the Best in the New Year!

    Art by Karena
    ps Have you entered my Giveaway!

  15. What a great gift from Mr. H!!
    Your photos are beautiful! Love the rooms! Have a great time in Dublin! We were there for a week a few years ago...neat place!!!

  16. Hot tea with lemon, honey and a generous splash of whiskey. Also, and it's rather unpleasant, but slathering your chest with Vick's Vaporub has always worked here. Only at bedtime, of course. Do feel better!

    As for Ms. McDonald... I loved the article in the NY Times the other day on her children's Christmas parties. Did you see it?

  17. Ahhh...Mr. H is obviously sweet on you!! So happy he has made your Christmas wishes come true! Safe travels and happy blogging for the year to come! xoxo

  18. If anything can help you over a cold, it would be the thoughtfulness of a loving husband, right? I think we should all now refer to him as Mr Wonderful:) Hope you're feeling better soon, lovely Jeanne. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Meredy xo.

  19. You are right! These are heavenly! And the couch in the bath makes it look warm and cozy. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  20. Dear Jeanne, after having tried so many various mostly herbal remedies I finally found one medicine that helps me. Kaloba - the extract of a plant and it works wonders on me. Maybe it is available in the UK, too? Hope you get better soon and I leave with some eye candy, did you ever hear of Eddie Ross? He has a blog and his work might please you, he is an amazing decorator!

  21. Hope you feel better soon Jeanne.. and hope your christmas week has been delightful... I guess.. tea with honey and lemon is my only suggestion.. Although I make a mean Greek Chicken Soup which always sets things right!!!

    Take care.. xxx Julie

  22. I love that green printed chaise lounge! You have quite the lovely blog too :)


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