A story for every colour....


I can not stop thinking about when you were ten.
Each and every comment to my last post took me down
one path after another. The images in my mind are priceless.
Someone commented what fascinating
readers you all are...I have to agree!

Thank you for sharing..I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Now I wonder...since you have been reminded of your ten year old self
do you still see her in you today?

With that thought...I am going to post 
a snippet from your wonderful comments and link back to the writers.
When you were ten...you were all living around the world..
and you all were living in colour and loving it. 

In France... 
Veronique loved listening to popular French singers, 
belonged to a bicycle club 'Les Fous du Velo' (Bicycle Maniacs)  
and she still loves the colour orange.

In Italy... at the age of ten,  
Sandy discovered the true meaning of wanderlust.
It shaped her persona more than any other year in her life.

In 1952, in the USA, Becky lived with her writer father, 
musician mother and five siblings..
and she loved the colour purple-y blue.

WG  grew up in a small village in rural England. 
She had a new dress every year for Easter Sunday.
She recalls a green and white striped linen one with a white collar. 
With that she wore a straw boater with long green ribbons 
and white shoes. I love that image!

Vicki.. an Aussie girl of ten,
 now living in France, still loves the colour pink.

miss b from England...her crayon of choice...sky blue.

At ten years of age, Val lived in Southern Rhodesia..
she loved pencil crayons, Elvis Presley,
comic books and was crazy about hula hooping.

Loree..still loves the colour red.

Pamela..from the southern states of the USA..
still creates beautiful stories 
around the colour Forest Green.

kkkkaty..loved the colour dark midnight blue. 
She remembers holding a flag for school patrol, 
her dog following her to school, bunk beds and loving geography.

Kittie..another Southerner from USA..loved the colour sky blue (like me).
The ten year old in her self still bubbles up insider her
and makes her want to run among the rain drops.

Mel..is taking a walk down memory lane. I am still on it.

When Elizabeth from the USA was ten she moved
from Michigan to Alaska..loved the colour blue
and spaghetti and hot chocolate too.

At the age of 10, Helen was living in rural Ireland. 
She had a beautiful moss green circular skirt..
where she hid the latest comic books, Judy and Bunty.

Pamela was living in Manila, Philippines
 in the days of President Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos..
'where they ruled the Philippines like King and Queen'.
She loved the colour sky blue too.

For Penelope in the USA..the colour magenta still rules..55 years on.

For Heather...who now lives in Provence...
cornflower blue was her crayon colour of choice.

HeartWings..loved magenta and 'Gumby' green and 
enjoyed connecting with her inner child
through the post.

Cindy from USA...like me, 
was told not to press to hard on the crayons.
We still wonder what that means...

Leslie in the USA...always had her nose in a book..
Nancy Drew, the Borrowers series, Little Women
and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...'she remembers
the starry eyed dreams that propelled her into adolescence'.

Bonnie...loved reading, playing jump rope, 
horseback riding..at ten, 
her parents moved her family to a farm in the country.
Her favourite colour was blue.

Pam..growing up on Cape Cod...USA and now living in Paris,
could never pass up a fort, pretending to be Pippi Longstocking, 
riding bikes and playing kickball games.

Francesca emigrated from Tanganyika (now Tanzania) East Africa 
to Australia when she was ten years old. She remembers the things
we take for granted..electricity, flushing loos, school and shops. 
They were all new to her world.

Carole from Canada..was the oldest of five with fond memories of sibling
rumbles over 'who's on who's side'. Together they played 'house, school and office'..
she was always 'Miss Hastings'.

Carolyn from Alabama, USA remembers moving each year to a different state.
California, Tennessee, Colorado..Alabama..all wonderful memories.
The colour she remembers most in the crayon box...white. 

In the spirit of my last post, where so many of you provided glimpses of yourself,
I am doing the same via a photo update. The woman who hates to have her photo taken,
who uses the excuse that she is to busy taking photos of others...is updating her photo.
In real time...brave soul that I am.

My twelve year old son, Connor, assisted. He picked the photo that
best shows the everyday me...always on the verge of laughing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!
You really and truly are the most fascinating readers!!

Jeanne xx


If you are new to this post...and would like to join in...
feel free to leave a comment...I will happily add your link and
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