From Ha Long Bay, you

We travelled to Ha Long Bay, (Vietnam) this weekend. 
From Ho Chi Minh City, it was a two hours flight to Hanoi, 
where we spent a few days and then a three hours drive north to Ha Long Bay. 
From there it was a quick step onto a cruise boat for the weekend.

Ha Long Bay (or Halong) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
 featuring thousands of limestone rock formations. 
Many are covered in lush tropical plants and contain enormous hollow grotto's.
Fishing villages consisting of floating houses are dotted throughout the islands.
It is a way of life, like no other I have seen.

That's never ceases to be amazed.

With the sun moving in and out of the clouds..all the way to sunset.

 Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful morning, 
afternoon...evening...wherever you happen to be in this magnificent world.
With that I say goodnight and sweet dreams.

Jeanne xxx

PS..thanks so much for your wonderful comments on the last post,
I have a bit of updating to do...coming soon! :)

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