Mr and Mrs H head for the hills...

If you read my last post...
you will know that I have been thinking on a cottage by the sea in Maine
and a farmhouse in New Hampshire. You may be wondering why I am
now showing a village in the northern region of Vietnam.
Have we finally found our home away from home?

'A Village in Sapa' by Roland Renaud

Did we decide to call it quits, 
buy a jeep and head for the hills?

love this jeep!

In our fact, the village is a painting...
which arrived wrapped in a big red bow, inside this jeep.


Mr. and Mrs. H are celebrating 26 years of adventurous, 
marital bliss today.
It's our I can say bliss. :)

I spotted the painting a few months back 
and have been regularly admiring it ever since..
It speaks to our travelling life...I was hoping Mr. H agreed. 
Sweet man that he is, he did.

I have written about Mr. H many times..

Always on my mind and in my heart.
 ...ah.. the things we do for love.

Happy Anniversary Mr. H!...
safe travels back from Hong Kong. 

Mrs. H xxx

With that...
I send warm wishes to one and all from Saigon 
for a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx


  1. Happy anniversary! So thrilled. Wishing you happiness for the next 20 years! xxx

  2. Congratulations and a very Happy Anniversary! Bonnie

  3. Happy Anniversary! Our 29th was in August…very hard to believe! I love the painting and i can't wait to go back read some of your other posts on Mr. H! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Congratulations on 26 yrs of wedded bliss with Mr. H. Here's wishing you many more years of happiness and travels. The painting is gorgeous and a very nice representation of your stay there in Vietnam.

  5. Hooray! Let's hear it for LOVE. Happy, happy Anniversary to you both. What adventures you have been through together...and what many more lie ahead!

    I love, love, love the is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly evocative. A perfect gift!

    Am also looking forward to reading backwards in the archives. :)
    Bon Weekend et gros bisous,

  6. Very happy anniversary to you both. Isn't it wonderful
    to still be in love. I love the painting too.

  7. Many,many more blissful years to you both!

  8. Hi Jeanne.. aah.. loved your posting today.. and I ADORE your new painting.. sure you've got a special spot for it already?.. ps.. VERY interested in doing those painting classes one day soon.. enjoy a good weekend.. b t w.. did the painting come from Red Door?.. it looks like his jeep.. :).. x j

    1. Yes came from the Red Door...and it is his jeep. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both. Every day a new adventure!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both. Every day a new adventure!

  11. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary

    The painting has a magical feel to it. One can almost feel the mist and freshness of the air.

    A treasure to keep

    Helen xx

  12. Jeanne,

    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 26 years of grand, exciting and wonderful adventures and 4 beautiful and intelligent kids oh and one adorable dog.

    This painting is magical. What a beautiful keepsake of your travels and life.

    I hope Mr. H arrives home safely and that you have a glass of champagne on your veranda and toast yourselves and your memories.

    Enjoy your weekend, Elizabeth

  13. Congratulations Jeanne... and what a beautiful painting... I rather like the jeep too!
    Have a wonderful celebratory weekend... xv

  14. Happy 26 years of marital bliss!!! It's truly a blessing to find your bestfriend and companion. I wish you many more years of bliss : )

  15. Happy Anniversary to you! It's our anniversary today, also -- 33 years!

  16. happy anniversary the exotic life.


  17. Such a perfect gift. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    I hope you have a perfectly wonderful day.
    Send me your mailing address.
    The book is here!

  18. Awwww....happy Anniversary to your love birds!! What a sweet token of affection towards each other!

  19. Happy anniversary, dear Jeanne!


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