The Man Drawing

Sometimes, having a discussion with Mr. H is like playing a game of chess. 

Wife to Husband:
In anticipation of our move to Vietnam in a few months, I suggested that we might need a decorator to help sort a few things out.  We have to merge rooms, furniture and I want to upholster a few pieces to save time on the other end. I could see husband was not keen on this idea.

Husband to Wife: 
Mr. H suggested there was no need, as everything would work together perfectly. He proceeded to draw a map of the house for me.  (Note: I have never seen the house) The dimensions of the room are marked with a squiggle. He managed to indicate a circle for the dining room table and the area where he thinks the TV and sofa should go, in the living room. Priorities established.

Wife to Husband:
...Mrs. H says "Ah...let me just clarify this (she then highlights key features in blue). "We have a mystery room on the left of some size, an 'L' shaped hallway that leads to a kitchen...and then to the dining room, and then to the living room where the most important items of your affection are placed. Correct?"

Husband to Wife
Mr. H, happy that I understood, confirms that this is correct and all our needs will be met. He smiles. Checkmate...(almost).

Wife to Readers:
Wife immediatley thinks of the two 40' containers that travelled from New Zealand to England and looks at map. Wife needs your help...oh wise readers, how should I play this next move?? 

FYI...wife does not want TV in living room.
PS...wife is going to Vietnam in April to look at house, with measuring tape and a camera.

Any advice, humour, encouragement...all accepted! :)

Jeanne xx

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