Call of the wild, a foxy fox and a meet/cute

We had snow in Surrey last night and in the midst of it all I heard the call of the wild. 
It sounded like a herd of elephants was having a playful romp on our roof. 
With Mr. H half way around the world in Vietnam, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

I slipped downstairs…in my bathrobe and and grabbed Mr. H's slippers. 
With trusty canine by my side, we made our way to the far corners of the front yard 
to peer at the roof.....looked fine. 

We then made our way thru the front door and out the back kitchen door…
trailing along to the far corner of the backyard. It was there that I determined that it was 
both snowing and raining…on me and my bathrobe. I discovered for the first time,
 that a large evergreen tree stands over our house, over the corner of the roof…
where our bedroom sits. I surmised that the problem must have something to do with the tree.

Seeing that the roof was still intact, I made my way indoors. 
With an explanation in hand, I dried myself off, cranked up the heating blanket and said…
goodnight, moon... goodnight, snow.....
goodnight to the big evergreen tree standing under the moon..and snow.

I awoke this mooning thinking of my midnight excursion,
and looked upon our snow tracks from the kitchen window…

It appears we had a friend in our midnight exploration as well…

Foxy fox… :)

That is it for our first 'snow' of the season. My son is praying for a snow day tomorrow...
I think he is going to have to pray extra hard for that one.

Today...I am going to rest and enjoy it all.

I know many of you are geared up for Super Bowl Sunday. 
I hope the team you favour wins!
I met Mr. H at a Super Bowl Sunday party.. 28 years ago.
Good times..I wrote about our 'meet/cute' here...

Best wishes for a lovely day...evening...morning..
wherever you are. :)

Jeanne xx


  1. Hello Jeanne,

    I was so hoping that you would have a little snow. I think you are right though about the snow day, I believe your forecast is cold and rain.

    I am sure the blanket of snow is beautiful.

    As for the herd of elephants, isn't that the way it always is, your husband gone, middle of the night, and snow and you to guard and protect the house and kids. I often have these sorts of adventures when my husband is out of town. My last one was at 2:30 am when every fire alarm in the house went off and I could not find any reason why as I am frantically running around. Hard to sleep after that.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful afternoon, and evening. Stay warm.


  2. The first snow is always so nice - unless it's more than 8 inches, of course. It's the second, third and fourth that lose their appeal. Hope your son gets a day off and then it completely disappears!

    A fire and a bowl of soup are in order, I think! enjoy.

  3. Quite an adventure :) Glad it was just a tree. Enjoy the snow.

  4. Marvelous little tracks.
    Super bowl??
    Surely you jest!
    Downton Abbey is on tonight!!

  5. Lovely pics Jeanne, I was in the UK for a couple of days this week and watched two foxes fighting in my mother's garden - amazing!
    Thank you for the mention in your last post, so nice to know that you're still using the cushion.

  6. I heard or read about your first snow. Gladly it turned to be a wonderful and harmless midnight exploration.

    I always enjoyed the first snow when we lived in Michigan. Jogging in the morning was invigorating and soft on my feet.

  7. Great post Jeanne, and the pics are wonderful. We have heard on the news here that the snow has been very heavy and that Heathrow Airport has been closed.

  8. What a fun memory...meeting at the Super Bowl!!
    Hope your son gets his wish for a snow day :-) !

  9. I understand you son's desire for a snow day. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. Bonnie

  10. Lucky you! You live in a great place; you needed snow...and you are teaching your young to love wildlife!

    fox are beautiful, and smart, and make magnificent parents!

    We have some near us.....we just make sure the chicken coop is safe!

    Bravo! to you!


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