Random, Remarkable and Revealing

There is a '25 Things' linky party circulating around the blogosphere 
and I thought I would join in. I decided to put a different twist on it and 
attempt to list 25 remarkablerandom and revealing things.

Are you ready?

1. I left a reply to each and every one who commented
on my last revealing post, 78 to date.
If you left a comment...I left a message for you. :)
You are remarkable.

 2. I am paying it forward with a remarkable pool of flowers for you.
Feel free to grab it and pass it on.

3. I recently connected with a remarkable blogger,  Janelle @ A Library of Design. We met
 via a bookstore in Australia, a book about Paris ...and now a blog I love.  She used to live
in London, suggested great sights for me to see and I have been ticking them off my list.

4. Something random about me...my winter breakfast consists of Scotts Porage Oats (below) and a handful of frozen blackberries, blueberries and strawberries that melt into luscious deliciousness. 
A tasty random.


5. I am loving following blogs via email, it has been the best reading! 
If you want to know how to add this widget to your blog...read here
Follow the blogs you love for remarkable reading.

6. I love this painting by Percy William Gibbs. 
Just had to say...it is simply remarkable.

7. I had a wander thru Wimbledon this week, stopped in a cafe
 and popped in the shop below. Random window shopping is fun. 

8. More randomness... I am steaming my way into perfection with a new iron. 
The Tefal Pro Express Steam Generator..it's so cool... 
Random and revealing.  (I iron my tea towels)

9. Tika on Twitter alert. I laughed myself silly the other morning. 
I tweeted during my morning walk...each time the text went thru, 
my phone made a tweet sound... and Tika came running.
Very random but hysterical.

10. Pretty in white...a snowy scene on another morning walk. 
Remarkable snow.

11.  It is invasion of the Gilmore Girls..in our home.
My daughters were gifted the complete DVD collection for Christmas.
Seven seasons...mother is now addicted. 
 Random viewing


12. Argan Oil is my new love
Dry winter skin and a grumpy Jeanne no more.
Remarkable Moroccan oil.

13. In my postbox today... 
Good listening and reading..The Queen,...Life Changes 
and Indochine. A random collection.

14. I added a new folder to Pinterest this week...Island Living.
Without question, the most popular photo to date..here.
but my favourite photo today is the one below...
A random sight.

15. Ring Ring..I had a phone call from a blogging friend yesterday.
It made my day.  She is remarkable. :)

Wow...15 things and that's a lot of work!
So far....I only managed to reveal that I like oatmeal and ironing tea towels!
I seem to find just about everything in life remarkable...with few random thoughts.

I have more, but need a rethink...
In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about
the linky party for '25 random things' you
can visit the lovely Elizabeth here. She has the inside scoop.
It is best to stick to the rules...it is much easier!

Jeanne xx

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