Siesta in Red

A passing shot in Marrakech last week. 
You would never know that it was absolute mayhem all around us. 
I couldn't resist this sleeping fellow. 
More photos to come for those of you who are thinking about Marrakech. 
I have a few travel tips too. :)


  1. I looooove that photo Jeanne. A very lucky Marrakechan cat!

  2. What a great setting for the snoozing cat. I love all the woven pillows and carpets. It must have been difficult not to come home with suitcases full.

  3. Jeanne, I finally took the time to go all the way back to the announcement of moving to Vietnam. Somehow I totally missed that, but had gotten the idea!

    sounds like you have plenty to do over the next five months, but that you are well on the way to organized. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Part of me wants to sneak into that 40-foot trailer, too.

    Will enjoy following along and can't wait to start seeing that whole region thru your lens. Enjoy!

  4. Hello Jeanne,

    Welcome back! I hope that you had a relaxing and wonderful time! I love this photo, it seems that animals can sleep anywhere even when there is chaos all around.

    Are you have a wonderful week? I cannot remember if I said, my mind is going, you know what that is like, but I love Lily and Rose! Christine is an honest, witty, wise and delightful writer. You have raised a beautiful woman!

    Have a great week! hugs to you, Elizabeth

  5. Oh my! This photo grabbed my attention with the tapestries in red and two kitties enjoying all that life has to offer! I want to hear all about your trip as I had a trip booked with time in Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains but had to cancel... I will get there still!

    Safe travels!


  6. I love that red cushion, and the cat looks totally relaxed.

  7. expressive colors and designs. Very good contrast with the napping black cat.

  8. A wonderful image Jeanne....a little quiet spot amongst all of the hustle and bustle ...... it took me a while to spot the white cat on the right !!
    Many, many thanks for your kind birthday wishes are a lovely blogging friend. Much love. XXXX

  9. The wonderful colours of Marrakech - and two lazy cats quite oblivious to affairs of business going on around them!!

    I feel for you over losing your post - now I'm curious!! I hope one of your friends can email it back to you Jeanne.
    It will be a wonderful jubilee year in Britain with wonderful spectacles planned.

    Shane x

  10. Isn't it funny how cats are always able to find a way to stay "above it all" even in the middle of chaos? great photo Jeanne!

  11. your header is great.
    so is the kitty and fabrics


  12. I love the shot and all the colourful pillows.

  13. Marrakech how wonderful, love the pillows amazing colors. Thanks for the tip to look on line for photography tips. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  14. Thank you for the fabulous postcard!
    It was such a fun surprise to come home late and find
    my little card on my desk...<3
    It made my day : )
    Those red fabrics on the cushions are fabulous!
    Hope your trip has been restful.

  15. What a gorgeous image - loving the red textiles and the cats add just the right touch!! So hope you had a fabulous trip ~


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