New York Attitude

I was standing on a street corner, outside of The Plaza Hotel and it was there that I spotted them.
 Thru the traffic, between the Manhattan crowds....those red shoes! They were like a beacon in a stormy sea..signalling to me. I should tell you that I am not a red shoe kind of girl...but that
did not stop me from loving the look of the dress and red shoes together. It has that 'corporate power, don't mess with me' kind of look, the one that says "I can wear red if I want too".
I like it. :)

The place: Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue.
The green paisley dress/red shoe look: Jil Sander
I especially love the photos below for the colours, glamour and
Manhattan buildings in reflection. They are all New York.
I think a girl could get used to this. :)

Colour is the operative word here...and lot's of it. 

Red shoe mannequin with attitude.... ready to take on New York.
Here's to you kid!



  1. Such gorgeous windows.
    And... confession... I have a pair of red shoes that I adore. Don't wear them often, but when I do I feel like a star.

  2. Check out the height of those heels on those adorable red shoes. Be still my beating heart, if my feet could stand the pain I would wear them for sure. I love them with the olive green paisley of the dress.xx

  3. Ahhh red shoes Jeanne - I am afraid I am partial. Although not usually to heels - more to ballet flats. I like interesting shoes though - they do lift an outfit. Wait - is this your C&J blog and we're talking style??!! No - I am on Collage of life! I like the new header btw - it may not even be that new but I like it! New York - what a treat. You are the traveller. Lou x

  4. Oh how I LOVE New York Jeanne .... and, did you buy the red shoes ?!!
    Hope that you are enjoying that great city and that precious time with your family.....and if you haven't bought the red shoes them I'm very disappointed in you !!!! haha XXXX

  5. These are stunning pictures you have taken! The New York that I love. Gorgeous, awesome buildings and of course, the shops. The red shoes are fabulous!


  6. Oh how utterly fun. You must have had a blast oogling these shop windows. Wonderful reflections off the glass!

  7. Jeanne, what a fantastic trip it looks like you are having. It's wonderful when bloggers share their travels. It makes it all so familiar and personal.

  8. Asolutely delicious!!! thanks for sharing...

  9. When I get to New York I'll remember to take my red shoes! Red shoes always have attitude!

  10. LOVE NY and you have captured its essence here - great photos. Thanks for reminding me why I need to visit it again. Fx

  11. My little old grandmother always said that only women "of ill fame" wore red shoes. When she died we found a box hidden in the back of her closet ... containing one pair of red shoes, size 4 - definitely hers! I've always loved the thought of her buying them and then hiding them away!

  12. We are heading to New York soon ... our first visit. So I am enjoying all of your posts.


  13. NY-reflections- i like it! best wishes

  14. i have been looking for the perfect "RED SHOES" but still no luck...but these looks gorgeous...i would love to put my hands on this pair!

  15. I love red shoes...and New York!

  16. I have always loved and worn red shoes .... just not those with 4-inch heels. The next best thing to red shoes? A red coat. Love to follow your gadding about the world!

  17. This gets me so excited for a trip to their windows and Berdorf's is the pinnacle...adore the red shoes!! Hope you're having a fantastic trip ~

  18. Oh I can't wait to go to New York. We have nothing planned but I am dreaming of a trip there soon. There are so many great plays, art exhibitions, and restaurants I would love to go to. Enjoy yourself in one of the most exciting cities in the world!


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