Reading in February

Good afternoon dear friends...

We are having a 'ripper' of a day here in Surrey. Cold as cold can be. This morning the sun was shining through my bedroom window where I happen to be reading 'Death in August' by Marco Vichi. It was worthy of a snap. The pillow behind the book is from the lovely Sharon @ My French Country Home. As you can see, the pillow is well loved. :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend....

Best wishes..
Jeanne xx

PS.. The book is engaging and the perfect weekend read. I have added it to the Brown Paper Book Club book list here.


  1. Jeanne, I always love hearing about your latest read. The pillow is fabulous. I adore anything monogrammed. I always think curled up with a good book is the best way to survive any weather not suitable for being outside. Stay warm. Hugs! Bonnie

  2. Dear Jeanne,
    What a fabulous looks like an advertisment for an Agatha Christie film !!!!
    I have a similar cushion that I got from the Country Living Fair, many years ago, from Charlotte Casadejus. Yours is lovely.
    Today we are busy doing nothing as it's so cold. My husband is watching the rugby and I'm on the laptop !!
    Keep warm Jeanne. XXXX

  3. So warm here, all the doors and windows open!

  4. Hello Jeanne, I had to let you know that my teapot-quest is over! I returned home successfully today and Denby is part of the success. Not the pot, but cup and tea warmer. Assam tea-time at its best.

    Thank you for being my tea-rolemodel. (everytime I pick a sachet of Earl Grey in the drawer, I think of you, because you wrote about Earl Grey tea and how much you enjoy is. It guess you wrote about it ... probaly just once! ;-)
    xoxo Paula

  5. Hello Jeanne,

    I hope that you were lucky enough to have some snow! I have seen on the news and from talking to other friends in europe that the weather is very cold so a little snow would be perfect!

    The photo of your book and pillow looks beautiful, a perfect vingette for a Saturday morning, perhaps on the night table you had a cup of cocoa or tea to keep you warm.

    The weather here in Wisconsin is crazy, 55 one day 30 the next, so far snow only two days. Last year when I was here for a visit we had 28 inches in a three day period. At home in Virginia it is 70, about 30 degrees above normal.

    Enjoy your weekend! I will pray And hope you get some snow before winter is over, stay warm and enjoy your book.


  6. Warm wishes from a hot summer's day in Sydney - I too am in doors - only because it's too hot outside! F

  7. I love the streaming February sun :)

  8. Your book recommendation is very interesting (Marco Vichi), but unfortunately I will have to wait until it reaches the US. Have you by chance read the Donna Leon series of detective novels set in Venice, featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti? I have read all 21 and am in love with the Commissario.

    This is the winter that wasn't in the Southeast USA. Yesterday was 70 degrees and sunny. But who knows--I've seen it snow here in late March and early April. It wouldn't last, however .... the ground is too warm and it feels like early Spring.

  9. oh that beautiful golden light. loved this one Jeanne! And thanks for the postcard that just arrived. Loved that one too!


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