Curious @ Bridge Road Antiques

Care to join me as I take a little Friday afternoon wander?
 We are going to visit one of my favourite local shops, Bridge Road Antiques.
We can have a browse, take in spot of lunch,
carry on to Hampton Court Palace which is conveniently around the corner 
and then.. decide over coffee what we would like to buy in the shop.
 I will warn you now, once in this shop, it is hard to get me out. 

I managed to remember my phone today and took a few snaps. Seeing the image of Virgina Woolf resting on the floor made me think of the most recent book I read of hers, A Room of One's Own. 
I then thought of Pamela@ From The House of I know how much she enjoys 
Virgina Woolf. :) It is so much fun to make connections as you wander through a shop like this.

I seriously considered the lamp on the table...but then
wondered where I would put it. I am still thinking on that one. 
I can't wait too long, these sort of items have a way of slipping out of the shop quickly. 

I love taking photos and looking at them miss so many things when you 
walk on by. I am fascinated by the mirror over the table. The woman who looks after 
this section of the store loves to paint situ. One visit, I ended up walking out 
with paint on me. It is that kind of place...she is lovely.

The shop is a cooperative of sorts. Five individuals, displaying their passions.
Clothes, art, furniture, jewelery, the curious and unusual. There is always something
to consider. I tent to lean toward the curious and unusual... :)

On my last visit, I picked up the Irish tweed jacket below and a few other things.. here.

Where is this shop, filled with such curiosities?

Bridge Road Antiques
77 Bridge Road
East Molesey KT89HH

Care to join me on my next visit?

Can you believe it is Friday again...already!

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful weekend!
May it be filled with the curious and unusual 
and inspire you to no end!
Jeanne xx



  1. Loving that jacket, Jeanne. What a find.

  2. That store looks like heaven!
    Happy Weekend :-)

  3. Oh, right up my alley! I love all three mirrors, the tweed jacket, the white cabinet leaning against the window outside and I see a white spindle leg that must belong to a small table...I wonder what's around the corner and what those frames to the left in front have in them!!

  4. I love this kind of shops!

  5. I used to live in Hersham - just round the corner so I know exactly where you are!!

  6. You won't believe it but I purchased a fabulous frock coat this year that resembles that blue jacket very closely! Mine's just longer.

  7. After this walk I might just follow you anywhere! Such beautiful jackets and shops.


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