Holiday Gift Ideas #4: for Armchair Travellers

Greetings one and all...just back from Australia with all sorts of travelling ideas for you! I am thinking big comfy armchair, a cup of tea...or a glass of wine and a great book. I have a few books that I recently discovered, some old, some new. There might be one or two here, that may interest you. :)

From Paris....
If you looked at my travel bookshelf you would wonder why I would want to add another book on Paris. It is just too hard to resist..they are all so special. Paris by Janelle McCulloch is filled with wonderful photography and what I like best...inspirational destinations...bookstores, vintage boutiques, galleries, garden, shops, neighbourhoods... A list is not essential when in Paris, but when time is of the essence it surely helps.  You get all that and more in Janelle's book.

Image and interview with Janelle HERE

To Italy, France, Greece, India and Australia...
If you have not discovered Carla Coulson, you are missing the works of a brilliant photographer. When I picked up Carla's recent book, Chasing a Dream,  I admit it was difficult to put it down. In fact, I did a spin around the bookstore and went back to look at it again. If you love photography and travelling the armchair, be sure to check out Carla's book.

Image and review HERE

From backpacking across Europe, Australia, England, USA.... at 50../
To be honest, I think this is my fifth copy of 'Gang of Four' by Liz Byrski. I seem to purchase it with every trip to Australia and pass it on to a friend as soon as I return home.  I love this book, it is one of those feel good, coming-of-age (at fifty) kind of stories. Four friends, each on a journey, the kind that could easily happen to you. 

Book review HERE, image HERE.

To France and Australia....
I discovered Australian author, Alex Miller, with 'Journey to the Stone Country' and was compelled to read all his books from that point on.  Sometimes you find an author that 'speaks to you' and there begins the journey. Since moving from Australia, I have fallen out of step with his recent novels. I picked up 'Lovesong' and wished for more room in my luggage for 'Autumn Laing'. I am sure it won't be long before it finds it way to a bookshop in England. 

Images and information on the novels by Alex Miller HERE

From Chennai, India to London/Devon.....
I attended a dinner on a recent trip to India. I entered the room not knowing a soul and left with one of the most enjoyable memories of my trip. Amongst the many fascinating women I met that evening, was Ruth Khanna. We talked about life, work, family, careers and dreams. Ruth had recently written her first novel, Paper Boats, and I knew from the moment she mentioned it that I had to read it. I finished the book last night and it left me wanting more. I take that as a good sign and look forward to telling Ruth all about it.

Ruth Khanna's review HERE

To India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, Vietnam, The Philippines, China, Korea and Japan....
What better way to travel than through food! I love Charmaine's curry pastes and marinades. They were regular features in our pantry when we lived in Australia. With our recent travels to India and impending move to Vietnam, I think this book will make a nice addition to our cookbook collection.

Visit Charmaine Solomon's website HERE

Lastly....while we are talking travel, I was absolutely glued to Australian, Maeve O'Meara's SBS TV episode of French Food Safari (available on DVD) on my flight from London to Sydney.  It was worth every minute!

Read about Maeve and her Gourmet Safaris HERE

AND.....I just discovered Maeve's Vietnam Gorgeous Safaris
A big YES from this side of the world. Who wants to join me?? :)
I think Maeve is fabulous! Go Maeve!

There you have it, put a woman on a plane round trip from Sydney to London and
she will come up with all sorts of suggestions...of the travelling kind.

I hope you found something of interest here....maybe a gift idea for you or a friend?

Either way, I send my very best wishes for a wonderful weekend.... 
Happy Holiday Planning!

Jeanne xxx

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