On the road...a country town in Australia

From the Southern Highlands of Australia.

I could not resist...it took travelling all the way to Australia (Bowral, NSW)
to come across the little book fellow above. Such clever Aussies. :)

Across the road, from this book shop....a cafe, filled with well read books
... a book lovers dream.  A peaceful spot...with plenty to read..someday.

My cameras were packed away, so, I had to 'make do' with
my phone and Instagram. It's been a whirlwind tour..
rainy days, sunny days, beautiful gardens, quirky little shops,
fantastic 'flat white' coffees which this book lover ADORES..

Speaking of books, I have so many new ideas...can't wait to share.
A few here...Paris by Janelle McCulloch... Carla Coulson's new book, Chasing a Dream ...
fantastic Asian cooking by Charmaine Solomon, Bill Granger and one that is at the 
top of my Christmas wish list....Indochine, Finding France in Vietnam by Luke Nguyen...
I found them all in a bookshop HERE.

Off and running again...until next time...

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