On the road...a country town in Australia

From the Southern Highlands of Australia.

I could not resist...it took travelling all the way to Australia (Bowral, NSW)
to come across the little book fellow above. Such clever Aussies. :)

Across the road, from this book shop....a cafe, filled with well read books
... a book lovers dream.  A peaceful spot...with plenty to read..someday.

My cameras were packed away, so, I had to 'make do' with
my phone and Instagram. It's been a whirlwind tour..
rainy days, sunny days, beautiful gardens, quirky little shops,
fantastic 'flat white' coffees which this book lover ADORES..

Speaking of books, I have so many new ideas...can't wait to share.
A few here...Paris by Janelle McCulloch... Carla Coulson's new book, Chasing a Dream ...
fantastic Asian cooking by Charmaine Solomon, Bill Granger and one that is at the 
top of my Christmas wish list....Indochine, Finding France in Vietnam by Luke Nguyen...
I found them all in a bookshop HERE.

Off and running again...until next time...


  1. Jeanne,

    I love this little book man! So cute. There is something about a book, it is so comforting and peaceful.

    I hope you are having a grand adventure!

    Take care be safe and most of all enjoy your family.

    xo Elizabeth

  2. Hi Jeanne, Have just come across your blog and was delighted to see that you mentioned my book. I'm not sure if you bought it but if you did I do hope you enjoy it! All the best, Janelle McCulloch

  3. I could not resist looking at any books and leafing hrough some of the pages.
    One of the book bloggers showed a photo of a Christmas tree made of books. Now your book fellow. Nice.

  4. Hello Jeanne - enjoying travelling with you through the southern highlands - I am so green with envy - we were hoping to get to Sydney for Christmas but work commitments don't allow....all our friends (and neighbours) have gone or are departing for the antipodes - I feel so left out! Looking forward to hearing more about the trip, love Susiex

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  6. Jeanne, I always looks forward to you book suggestions. I would be in heaven visiting such a book place. Be safe traveling. Bonnie

    p.s. thoroughly enjoyed "Daphne".

  7. hi Jeanne :)
    i am still new to your blog...but i couldn't resist to write cuz i am a book worm to the bone....i love the small bookshop...and the books are so inviting ,,,they get and look better with time...as for Australia...although i love travelling...i can't imagine going there..It’s very far...it takes a day and half of traveling...on a PLANE to get there!!!...but it such an amazing country...maybe someday...as you say...who knows?


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