Sentimental in Surrey

She sits in her favourite comfy chair, with her daughters around her, for their annual Christmas movie night. Time seems to have slipped by so quickly, so frantically...these past few weeks. It is nice to 'just be'..if only for tonight. I am especially contented tonight for having spent the day in London and best of all to have spent it over a long lunch with a very dear friend. Mr. H calls her my 'oldest friend'...a phrase that she and I are aghast over. We like to say that it the longest lasting friendship of our lives. We met when we were 14 year old. She was the 'new girl' in school. I recall seeing her in the distance in the coolest pair of purple bell bottom pants I had ever seen. I knew at that moment we were destined to be friends. It has been a friendship that has lasted 40 years and today we laughed, giggled and cried...just as we did all those years ago. I think I just had one of the best Christmas presents fact, I know that I did!

Speaking of Christmas...I came across this porcelain figurine in a shop window in Dresden earlier in the week. It is the sweetest little thing....with a very dear price tag (Euros). No surprise as it is the very finest, a Meissen, entitled Girl with Skates .  It reminds me of my daughters...sentimental fool that I am.

Speaking of sentimental... you can see twinkling lights and raindrops falling over Sloane Square, here and view the exquisite jewellery designs of Pippa Small, here.

Ahh... sentimental thoughts of friendship, Christmas, twinkling lights and raindrops on this Friday night in Surrey with one of our annual Christmas favourites... Holiday starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. You can enjoy the scene below, here. :)

Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant in 'Holiday'
Image from here.

Sending you best wishes for a lovely Holiday!
Jeanne xx

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