The wings of change...

There are times in your life 
when you need to take a deep breath and let go. 
I am feeling it now.
The wings of change are in the air.

Miss Claire (L) and Miss Christine (R)

My girls take change in stride. Moving countries, a few times, 
during your informative years, does that to a person. 
They have a joie de vivre for life and easy confidence 
that I admire. I also like to think that
they picked up a few pointers from me. :)

Happy New Year!

These days they live 16,000 miles apart and countless hours by plane. 
Each visit together is a gift and they have no trouble making the most of it.

Peace and Love

I love that some things never change...

Sisterly love, Miss Claire (L) and Miss Christine (R) 

I wanted to write today, for the girls, for two reasons.

Christine is back to work in Sydney, Australia 
where she lives and today is her birthday! 
If you are around Bondi Beach today and
see our bright eyed gorgeous girl...please wish her a 

Happy Happy 
Bondi Birthday Christine!!!

Miss Claire is back in the USA, packing her bags 
for a six month study abroad programme in Cameroon.
She flies off tomorrow evening...for an adventure of a lifetime.
And so begins my six months of deep breathing techniques.

Happy travels to Miss Claire! Hong Kong

As for me... I am back in Vietnam, feeling those wings of change.
I am being mindful of taking deep breaths and letting go.
Why does it always sound so much easier than it actually is???

I think Buddha has the right idea. 
I will try leaning into it and draping myself in flowers.
Sending you warm wishes from Chateau Mango!

Jeanne xx

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