Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surrey, England : a fine spring day...

Because this feels like a rare occasion and because it may pass quickly.
I thought I would share the morning sun over Surrey. Tika and I breezed through 
the paths this morning on the way home from the school bus stop.

Yesterday we were all drowning in raindrops. It has been a cool, grey,
rainy spring, unlike the last two springs I have experienced in England.
I think I can now fully appreciate what people say about English weather.
But then the sun shines and it is glorious. It wipes all the doubts away.
In my mind, this is England at it's very best.

I have claimed this patch of woods as my own. I have now
photographed it in all seasons. I know someday in the not
to distant future, I will shed my own raindrops, longing for it.

But today...I'm happy.
The sun is shining over Surrey!

Last photo, upon my bicycle. :)

How is the weather in your part of the world today?
Sunny, cloudy, hot, cool?
We talk a lot about the weather in England.
I wonder if that is universal?

Where are you reporting from and 
what is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Reporting from Surrey, England: 
Sunny and breezy, a fine spring day. :)



  1. Reporting from Copenhagen, Denmark, where the sun is shining. I don't know if it's universal, but we talk a lot about the weather here in Denmark as well. I think you talk about the weather if you live in a place where you experience all four seasons? I think we appreciate the sun and light so much more because we're not used to it.

    Everytime I stroll through the Danish National Gallery, I am always thinking about how dark the pictures from the south (France, Italy and Spain) are and how light Danish paintings always are - except of course from Hammershøi who specialised in the grey Copenhagen weather.

    Back to you....:-)

    1. Interesting thought Carina, I will try the same when I next visit The National Gallery in London. I think you are right, with four seasons there is more to talk about. I wonder if I will say more than 'Gee, it is hot'..when we move to Vietnam? :) Glad to hear the sun is shining in Copenhagen!!

  2. Reporting from Berlin: cold, grey, cold, stormy, cold with a bits of sunlight - did I mentioned cold? :) I think here in Germany we gave up talking about the weather. It's too annoying :) But they say next week it will get better!

    Lovely pictures by the way, this is a beautiful place!

    Greetings from Berlin!

    1. LPC..Here's hoping that the suns shines on Berlin soon! Thanks for stopping by... your photography! :)

  3. Hello Jeanne.... well here (Australia) it is already 10.30pm !! I live in the countryside ... Southern Highlands NSW.. 1.5hrs from Sydney. We were in Sydney today... as well as Avoca Beach and the weather was a warm and very sunny Autumn day. We have just arrived back to the farm after driving for 2.5hrs. Living on a farm, weather is also a big topic of conversation.. especially the rainfall for which we are always grateful!. I never get sick of the rain or get tired of it as we have had plenty of drought in this country!. Like Carina in Denmark remarks.. having all 4 seasons is a relatively new and wondrous thing for me as we used to live in Cape Town . Have a lovely day !! Jenny

    1. Jenny...I know our neck of the woods well. The Southern Highlands outside of Sydney are just beautiful. We lived in Sydney through the drought...I thought it would never end. Our home in Sydney is now experiencing the effects of too much rain. Go figure! Thank you for stopping by and talking about the weather. I can feel the warmth of the Australian sunshine already. :)

  4. Ugh. ugh. ugh. My worst time of the year in Texas. Mid to upper 80's and then into the 90's for the next 3 months. We are down to the skimpiest of clothing to try and keep cool. Enjoy TX from Sept. through May but now the fun is over. Went to Oregon to take deep breaths of fresh air. Will leave again in July to escape the heat once more. BTW, I am getting so emotional for you and your impending move. I know it will be so difficult to leave quaint charming England...but I do wonder about all of the adventures you will have!!

    1. Sarah...your weather pattern sounds like what I will be moving into..but you are right, the adventures will be waiting. :)

  5. i see your bike basket.....
    and i was thinking what an awesome ride this would make
    on my sweet boy -
    hershey 'the horse'

    1. We are in horse country would love it! :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL images! The one taken from your bicycle is particularly brilliant! Your view home looks wonderful. I had a similar walk with my Jack Russell after school drop off this morning. Being in Norfolk, England, my weather is probably not dissimilar to yours. I find myself hopping in and out of the garden collecting washing from the line then putting it out again. Grabbing my hat and umbrella one minute, then peeling off the layers and sweating in the sunshine the next. I really don't know whether I need a bikini or a snowsuit half the time!
    Paula x

    1. Paula..I am just impressed that you are thinking bikini!! :)

  7. Gorgeously sunny this morning in Atlanta, GA. Around 71 degrees F now, with a slight breeze, and should top out around 83 by mid-afternoon. A May day we all love. We're waiting to see if our summer will be as miserably hot as the last two; hopefully, not. I'm sure you will miss your very-English neighborhood in Surrey. It looks like a beautiful place to ride, whether it be horses, bikes or four wheels.

  8. Jeanne,

    Today in Virginia it is steamy and rainy. I am not a fan of the heat or the humidity so I am not really looking forward to more weather in the upper 80's. But I do love VA in the winter, Spring and Fall!

    I love riding my bike, my pup would not run along side me, her short little legs could not keep up!

    I hope you have a fabulous week!


    1. Interesting Elizabeth, I did not realize Virginia was that hot this time of year. There you go, learn something new everyday! I like to take Tika with me on my bike ride through the excellent workout for her. I could never manage the same on a road. :)

  9. Oh, it's a grand Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa! Beautiful since we arrived a week or two ago. Low humidity, sunny and breezy, perfectly comfortable temps. Like those rare days in June...only it's May!

  10. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Chicago! Temps are in the 60's and it's the perfect time to start planting flowers! :) Your pictures are so pretty!


  11. Reporting from Arles, France where it perfectly sunny and chilly enough to need a light jacket. Why the chill? There is a persistent wind, a sneaky one, which, according to the locals means "il fait pas beau"--it isn't nice out even though the sky is a cloudless, shining blue.

    Your photos showed me an England that I have always dreamed of seeing. I have seen "A Room with a View" more than any other film! So thank you especially as it takes skill to take photos while riding a bicycle--but it is good practice for Vietnam...

    1. Heather...isn't that a wonderful movie? I just love the soundtrack, never tire of it. Yes...riding a bicycle, minding the mud and taking a photo is quite a challenge. I think I should give myself a medal and a Hoodsie that was a blast from the past, a Hoodsie cup! :)

  12. It is 98 degrees at 11:00 am here in Phoenix, Arizona--high expected to be 103 degrees and fire season has started. Your pictures, Jeanne, are a nice reprieve from looking out the window at a cloudless sky. But, despite what I just wrote, I absolutely love living here. And, yes, we Arizonans talk about the weather all the time because it is hot and dry and we're looking for signs of rain at all times and for some reason it makes us all feel good to state the obvious.

    1. Ouch, I'm feeling the heat Kim. I think we will be able to commiserate once we move to Ho Chi Minh. You will have to give me tips on living with the heat. I can see why you enjoy travelling to England so much, a welcome escape from the heat. :)

  13. It's very windy here and cool-ish. Surrey looks beautiful and it looks like you had a perfect spring day.

  14. Loree, it was a perfect day for most of the day until I started dragging everything out of the garage for a reorganisation..funny what a good dose of sun does to the energy levels, hope you had a lovely day. :)

  15. So beautiful, green and tranquil Surrey!

    We talk about the weather here in Canada all the time. Weather is one of the ways to start a small conversation with someone here. The weather also determines what to wear? Boots for winter or sandals for warmer weather. Also if time to wear cropped pants or shorts from a winter of wearing long pants! Weather talk is a big thing.

    Here in Toronto, it is 14C this evening. Clear with some clouds. It is still sunny though till around 8 pm then it gets dark. Just lovely weather. Perfect to hang outside our house with the dog. Have a lovely evening! Back to you Jeanne...

    1. Pamela...your weather sounds just like ours. It was still light at 9:00pm and we are sitting at 10C. Down right chilly for May if you ask me. Feels like we are stuck in a fashion time cold for summer clothes..sick and tired of the winter clothes...can't win at the moment. :)

  16. Jeanne,
    It was a glorious sunny day in Wales also. Rain again this weekend I understand. We do indeed talk about the weather a lot in the UK :-)

  17. Great images.
    As Brits I think we love to talk and usually moan about the weather, in particular the rain. They should make it an Olympic sport!
    The up -side is that all around everything looks so fresh and green.
    It's so lovely to see your daily 'view from your bicycle'
    Here's to many more sunny days.

  18. Good Morning Jeanne
    Reporting from Southampton, Ontario, Canada, a beautiful town on Lake Huron.
    Sunny, clear blue skies and temperatures in the low 60's predicted for today.
    No wind, so my french easel will not blow over, like it did yesterday. I got sand all over my paints.

    Your view is just beautiful Jeanne and the path is so inviting. This image is embedded in your mind and will be a wonderful "default" when needed.


  19. I can smell the wet earth just looking at your photos - nothing smells the same as the English countryside!

  20. This is absolutely beautiful! Looks like the perfect place to find a little solitude. Love the last photo with your bike basket peaking out..... makes me feel like I'm riding along with you. Sunshine and happiness here in the Midwest region of the U.S.!

  21. I'm longing to go to England/Ireland and Wales before I die
    ...feel as if I would be returning....
    In Seattle we are not only Sleepless, but today Rainless ;)

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  23. lovely post Hope to visit England one of these days! Would be afraid how many photos I would take while there for a week! pretty scary!!



  25. Dear Jeanne, I am reporting from Utah,USA from a small town in the country.
    I am sitting in my backyard sipping coffee an umbrella over my head and the sun warming my legs, the air is so fresh and crisp, birds singing, after a big rain storm yesterday. I've got your postcard from Vietnam and was so delighted with the colorful lanterns and the stamps on the back, Thank you so much.
    a while back I bought some postcard to send you but I don't have your address??
    Kisses over the Atlantic.


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