Finding inspiration at the Chelsea Flower Show

If you were to ask me...when is the best time to travel to England?
Without a doubt, I would May.
For in May, the weather is fine,
the gardens are in bloom and
there is a good chance the sun may shine.
But for me the best of all in the month of May 

You have to go with an open mind. 
You have to realise that you may not see it all.
You have to be prepared for crowds to obscure your views.
You have to be patient, wait your turn and while you do...
look for the little things, the ones
that inspire you, the ones that make your heart sing.

For in the midst of the crowds, you are bound to come across 
something that peaks your curiosity. 

In my view, the Chelsea Flower Show is for you and you alone.
Bring as many friends as you like, just be sure you each take the time 
to look closely and take note.

  Enjoy what you like...

Look for inspiration...

At the Chelsea Flower Show you will be rewarded in more ways than one. 
In my mind, like art, gardens are personal. 
It's what makes a difference to you that matters. 

The Chelsea Flower Show is a celebration of the most wonderful talent, 
it is all there for you to absorb and appreciate. The best part of all...
what you do with it, is up to you. 

Kaffee Fassett

This was my third Chelsea Flower Show event. As much as I loved this event, 
my first time to the show will always be my favourite.
Seeing it for the first time, was like no other experience for me.

Three shows and I have just what I need for my garden inspiration board.
Now..if I could just settle in one country long enough to plant a garden 
and watch it grow...I would be the luckiest woman in the world!
It will happen one day, I just know it. 

I hope I have inspired you just a little bit to pop out 
and buy yourself some flowers this weekend. 
I have a feeling...that you deserve them. 

Happy Gardening my friends!

Jeanne xx

More in depth information on the Chelsea Flower Show can be found here.
My favourite shops at the Show will also be posted in the upcoming days here.


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