Finding inspiration at the Chelsea Flower Show

If you were to ask me...when is the best time to travel to England?
Without a doubt, I would May.
For in May, the weather is fine,
the gardens are in bloom and
there is a good chance the sun may shine.
But for me the best of all in the month of May 

You have to go with an open mind. 
You have to realise that you may not see it all.
You have to be prepared for crowds to obscure your views.
You have to be patient, wait your turn and while you do...
look for the little things, the ones
that inspire you, the ones that make your heart sing.

For in the midst of the crowds, you are bound to come across 
something that peaks your curiosity. 

In my view, the Chelsea Flower Show is for you and you alone.
Bring as many friends as you like, just be sure you each take the time 
to look closely and take note.

  Enjoy what you like...

Look for inspiration...

At the Chelsea Flower Show you will be rewarded in more ways than one. 
In my mind, like art, gardens are personal. 
It's what makes a difference to you that matters. 

The Chelsea Flower Show is a celebration of the most wonderful talent, 
it is all there for you to absorb and appreciate. The best part of all...
what you do with it, is up to you. 

Kaffee Fassett

This was my third Chelsea Flower Show event. As much as I loved this event, 
my first time to the show will always be my favourite.
Seeing it for the first time, was like no other experience for me.

Three shows and I have just what I need for my garden inspiration board.
Now..if I could just settle in one country long enough to plant a garden 
and watch it grow...I would be the luckiest woman in the world!
It will happen one day, I just know it. 

I hope I have inspired you just a little bit to pop out 
and buy yourself some flowers this weekend. 
I have a feeling...that you deserve them. 

Happy Gardening my friends!

Jeanne xx

More in depth information on the Chelsea Flower Show can be found here.
My favourite shops at the Show will also be posted in the upcoming days here.



  1. I think I am missing too much excitement by living on this side of the pond! Those I am convinced to start finally growing roses. I have always been a bit timid to try them but I really must. Maybe in a few years I will have some beauties (or does it take longer?). So much to learn, thank you for the show inspiration. Ahhh.............but you get to enjoy florals around the world. Happy weekend. XO

  2. Hi Jeanne, these are lovely pictures. I wish to attend the Chelsea Flower Show one day! Visiting England in May is just glorious, not too hot and not too cold. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh, this makes my heart sing!
    That old car. I want that old car!
    And that floral room... was that Designer's Guild by any chance?? Very similar to me to Tricia Guild.
    Loved it ALL!

    1. Hi Pamela... floral room here...
      More to come on that one.. :)

  4. Jeanne, I would love to go to the Chelsea flower show, it looks fabulous!

    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures.

    I hope you enjoyed your time with mr. H and the family.


  5. What a lovely post. Would love to make a trip to see the Chelsea show some year, but you've provided good inspiration with these photos. thanks.

  6. Hello Jeanne
    I have never been to the Chelsea Flower show and your images make me want to fly immediately.
    The last image looks like Kaffee Fassett's fabrics.
    Just beautiful and the Jubilee Rose is spectacular.
    I am planting my balcony pots this weekend
    Helen xxx

    1. Kaffee Fassett is correct obviously know your flowers!
      This was part of the 'Artisans Retreat' would love it!! :)

  7. I am ashamed to say that I have never been to the Chelsea flower show, but it looks wonderful. Totally agree with you about the month of May, probably my favourite in the year.
    have a lovely weekend

  8. Such an inspiration, to see artists being able to create their dreams.
    I love all the photos that you have taken.. wonderful gardens and great ideas.
    When i was a little girl ..we had a morris minor just like the one in the photo.. we had such fun with it and went on pic nics..
    tinkerebell is a delight.
    this is a lovely post Jeanne. I hope that one day you will be able to have your garden. When do you go to vietnam again?
    happy saturday..and thank you for such a lovely post.

  9. Love the roses. It must be a spectacular show. Looks like you had great weather. I was in the UK last week, and the gardens and parks were at much in bloom, but unfortunately we had rain most of the time. It was beautiful regardless. Jennifer

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    We were at Chelsea on wednesday and Simone tells me that you and Vicki were there on the same day !! We probably past by you ! Wasn't it lovely and so much inspiration. I shall probably do a post and what's nice is, my photos are completely different to yours as there was so much to see !! XXXX

  11. Jeanne...Oh, thank you for the visit to the Chelsea Flower Show. My garden life is a special piece of each year....short here in the Rocky Mountains, but finding the first bud on a peony or rose bush, watching the bulbs and iris corms wake up while overhead the lilacs burst forth in color, are those pieces of leaving winter behind that wake up all of me in springtime. Now as fruit trees and bushes blossom and alpine strawberries begin to fruit I am planting the vegetables that will provide lovely meals in the summer and be preserved for tasty, homegrown food in the winter months.
    It was my pleasure to read of your visit and see some beautiful roses and garden sculptures. And then, the piece de resistance, the Kaffe Fassett made my day sheer delight.
    Thank you Jeanne for gifting us with your words and pictures.

  12. Jeanne
    Thank you so much for taking us along to the Chelsea Flower Show. I have always heard there is nothing that compares!

  13. Apologies to Sarah for the accidental delete... :)

    It's on my list. I've always want to go to this show. Thanks for sharing the images and the thoughts on this show.

  14. Apologies to Cindy for the accidental delete... :)

    Jean..the flower shows of all flower shows...thanks for hope to attend some will have a garden one day..but now just enjoy the experiences that you enlighten us all with!!!

  15. Oh Jeanne! My heart is singing in faraway Australia. Thankyou. One day I'll get there! J x

  16. Such lovely shots Jeanne... and that was no mean feat! May in Europe is a dream come true if you love gardens and flowers... xv

  17. Oh Jeanne, Everything inspires! I absolutely "need" the fairy for my fairy garden. And the quotation.... perfect for "Living Life". You will one day have your forever home. Now, you are collecting so many experiences and memories. Bonnie

  18. Hi, Jeanne. Beautiful photos of an amazing show. I'm awestruck! My garden needs so much work!
    best, nadia

  19. Hi Jeanne! Lucky you, going to Chelsea! We always seem to miss Chelsea by a couple of days during our May visits to England. The same happened this year so thanks for the lovely inspirational post to catch us up! And, hang in there. I have no doubt that you'll have that dream garden soon. And, knowing you, it will be a stunner!

  20. I used to go to Chelsea religiously every year. I loved it. Just loved it. (It helped that we lived just around the corner.) It has become a little commercialised in the past few years, but it's still lovely. I am so envious of you, but I shall enjoy it through your beautiful photos! Janelle x

  21. That old car brought a smile to my face. Believe it or not, up to a few years ago, there were still a few of those old things running on our roads. If I ever see one still functioning I will be sure to snap a photo. The last photo is superb - So vibrant, flowery and colourful :)

  22. I loved looking at these Jeanne, really enjoyed the words that accompanied it too. Wonderful weather you had that day :)

  23. Thanks - I have a garden voucher for a rose and been wondering what one to get. Will try and get the queen's jubilee one.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love Leanne


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