Balancing Acts, The Queen and Miss Claire

wall decor  Harvey Nichols London

Put your hand up if life is feeling like a bit of a balancing act these days..or rather, take a seat.
Do you ever feel like you have so much to say that you are a loss for words?
My mind is in a bit of a muddle...but I will think about that tomorrow.

Here's what is on my mind...

This afternoon on Regent Street, London

London is red white and blue.
It is so exciting to see, read and hear about the preparations
for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend. 
Up to 1000 boats are arriving from around the UK, the Commonwealth 
and the world for The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday June 3rd. 
There are festivities happening all weekend long. Our neighbourhood 
is combing forces for a street party on Monday. I have my baking orders. I can't wait!


I have been searching for commemorative keepsakes.
Deciding which ones has been a challenge. I have been trying to convince myself 
that we really need this covered crown. It is just so sweet... but I can't decide.

Decision time at Peter Jones in Sloane Square.

I often wonder what The Queen must think of the celebrations in her honor.

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

The weather in London has been glorious...I call the photo below
'Taking Aim', just me having a giggle as I passed by.

Lunch break at Piccadilly Circus, London

I never tire of London street scenes...even the most ordinary 
seems extraordinary to me. 

 Regent Street traffic, London 

Speaking of celebrations...
We are so very very proud of our Miss Claire.
She graduated from high school this past weekend, 
a momentous occasion. 

Her school is rich in traditions, one of them
is long white dresses for graduation. Months ago,
I groaned as we went in search of white dresses.
On Saturday...I took it all back. She was just beautiful.

Miss Claire (left).
Her school was the perfect setting for a garden party.

and cake!

As I type away, I am thinking of Miss Clare and Miss Christine
who left at 4:30am this morning for a months trip around Europe.
They are starting their trip in Paris. Ah, to be a student again....
Claire packed with her signature blue ribbon on her sleeping bag.
She laughed when I took the photo...someday, it will be a fond memory for her.

On that note, dear mother here, is going to put her feet up and contemplate life.
I have the day off tomorrow which translates to paperwork and sorting out 
our belongings for our move.

On Thursday, I am off to explore Windsor Castle. 
Work hard, play hard...that is my motto. :)

Wall decor Harvey Nichols London.

I said at the beginning of this post I was at a loss for words.
Looking back, I guess I found them. 
Best wishes to one and all. 

Jeanne xx

Chelsea Flower Show 2012



  1. What beautiful gardens and congratulations go to Clare!
    I am going to be glued to the CBC for Jubilee coverage as close as we can get from our bungalow in British Columbia!

    Enjoy Windsor Castle!

  2. I love the pug picture as he looks like my Barkley (also a pug). I wish I was in London to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.. It will be fun to celebrate over there. Congratulations on your daughter's high school graduation. It must be a proud moment for you.. I wish her a safe journey around Europe.

  3. Hello Jeanne

    Claire and her class-mates look so beautiful. How great that the weather co-oprerated. The scene of Regent Street has be longing and home sick for London. How exciting that you are there at such a historic time. Enjoy every minute.
    Yes you need that crown from Peter Jones. It will be used for future events and will always invite questions.

    Enjoy your week of fun

    Helen xx

  4. Good words too. I shall be missing all the jubilee fun. Must remember to get my sister to send me some fun keepsakes. London looks fantastic - love the photographs. And the girls in white dresses look so wonderful too.

  5. Oh, to be in London now!! You are so fortunate, you know!
    I would fill my suitcases with memorabilia, none of which I needed, but all of which I could never resist, I just know. Are you going to the "armada"??

    1. Pamela...I am going to the "armada" via an armchair. I don't want to miss a thing! :)

  6. What a lovely daughter! It's so lovely to see her launched into adulthood.

    It must be nice, too, to be in London now with all the festivities. We Americans do love your royal family and all the pomp and circumstance. i hope we will get to see a bit of the ceremony, too. Definitely get the crown shaped dome. It's darling and one really should have a souvenir of this event. It truly is history.

  7. Congratulations to Claire! And those London street scenes made me so wistful. How I love that city!

  8. Hello Jeanne! Lovely to catch up with you in London and what a buzz accompanied with the blessing of good weather. The graduation girls look perfect.. what is the name of the school please? As I write this from Paris I can also imagine her exictement at arriving here... also perfect weather. Jenny x

  9. Ms Claire looks lovely in white. Lovely school grounds for the photos.
    I love London and wish i could be there for the jubilee celebrations. I will hve the tv on.
    You took some great pictures Jeanne.
    Wishing claire a good European trip.

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    The Queen's Diamond Jubilee has crept up on us and I am so looking forward to Sunday when the thousand boats travel up the Thames. What a sight it shall be.
    .....and, many congratulations to your clever daughter Claire. What an achievement and all of that hard work certainly needs celebrating. What a beautiful school she goes to.
    Isn't it an exciting time to be in London ? XXXX

  11. What a wonderful post. You have so many exciting things happening right now. The Diamond Jubilee is sure to be spectacular.....and a wondrous distraction from missing Claire. Sounds like she is off on a great adventure as well!

  12. Beautiful photos Jeanne, doesn't Regent Street look fantastic with all the Union Jacks?

    I am still mulling over which piece of Jubilee china to purchase too :)

    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation....I love the tradition of wearing white dresses, that's so lovely. And yes, to be young again and heading off backpacking, what fun!!

    Enjoy the Jubilee week-end! XX

  13. You must buy the covered crown! How great to be in London for the festivities, I bet you will see our Queen smiling more than usual that weekend. Congratulations to your daughter and her choice of a white dress was perfect. Enjoy the fun this weekend. XO

  14. Congratulations to your beautiful girl! she did indeed look gorgeous. And what an exciting time to be in London. Feels like forever since I've checked in. Great to catch up. xoxo

  15. Congratulations to Miss Claire. She looks beautiful in the white dress. Have fun with all the celebrations.

  16. I wish I could be there for the Jubilee. Your daughter looks so pretty and whimsical in white. London seems to be as vibrant and fantastic as always. Enjoy the celebrations :)

  17. The long white dresses seems to be a metaphor for their beautiful innocence before they enter the bigger world of college and adulthood. Very good for them to go away and find their way in Europe.

    and of course the Jubilee of loved and enduring Queen Elizabeth. Think for a day and celebrate like a royalty.

    Always you have beautiful and well selected photos.

  18. I love this post... Your beautiful photos remind me of why I returned home to the UK. Many congratulations to Miss Claire and I wish her wonderful travels as she wings her way around Europe. Enjoy your and looking forward to hearing about your day at Windsor.
    Jo xx

  19. Oh, Miss Jeanne, you are never at a loss for words!!! So much fun to catch up with you and we've been totally drooling over the doings in London. The TODAY Show does a fun job on covering it and Meredith and Matt will be there in a day or two...lovin' it!

  20. I hope you enjoyed a lazy day jeanne... xv

  21. Jeanne, you should have heard all the oooohs and ahhhhhs I've uttered looking through your photographs! It all reminded me of why I love your beautiful blog.

  22. what a fun time to be in London!! I wish I were there too!! Enjoy


  23. Hi lovely Jeanne, Oh lucky girl to be in London for the Jubilee weekend. So exciting. I need to get myself over there and get a fabulous tea cup with the Queens face. Have you ever seen Martin Parr's collection of memorabilia? Amazing. Carla xx


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