Mr and Mrs H...and a Buddha

Mr. and Mrs. H took photographs today.
Mrs. H was in London, thinking of
flowers, window boxes and afternoon tea.

Mr. H was 'working hard' near the China border...or so he says.

Mr. H is thinking a Buddha would be a nice addition to our garden.

 Mrs H. is thinking otherwise.

What do you Buddha or not to the garden? 


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    1. I love it when you are nearly speechless Pamela! I think a very small gnome...might be a good compromise. :)

  2. I would say yes to a Buddha in the garden, but not that one!

  3. Having just spent 2 weeks in Bali I would definitely say Buddha - BUT it has to be the right one! Something more organic - from stone maybe! Just a thought. F x

    1. stone...yes Francesca, I agree. :)

  4. Jeanne,

    You always make me laugh...I think sometime we lead parallel lives. My husband frequently brings things home from trips, most I like but others I wish I was lucky enough to receive a photo first.

    I agree with Pamela a Gnome sounds perfect!

    Take care and have a fabulous weekend, Elizabeth

    I love the photo of the flowers and the tea.

    1. Elizabeth...I laugh as I write posts like this...I am glad you can sense it too. :)

  5. It must be a "guy thing". My husband fell in love with a stone Buddha several years ago. We decide to give it to him for Father's Day. I must admit he is quite charming in the garden. Bonnie

    1. My father had a Buddha in his garden was his pride and joy. He also had flamingos, silver balls and a host of other inhabitants. I swear he did it just to see my reaction when I came home to visit. He was a cheeky fellow. :)

  6. I am cheeky and would suggest that Mr H stick to his day job...;)
    Have a great weekend Jeanne... and if a Buddha is to be... make sure he is a handsome one!!

    1. Cheeky is good makes my world go around. A handsome there is a thought. :)

  7. Hello Jeanne,
    I have just become a follower. I found you at Dear Helen's blog..
    I liked what you wrote and am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    For me it would most definately be a buddha. my dream is to have a little zen area near my patio. with a buddha.
    Great photo of the shop in London.
    hope to see you my side

  8. Jean

    I adore that first photo....if only Mr. were with Mrs. you could sit and have tea!

  9. Let Buddha smile down on you from the skies above - he doesn't need you to have to see his stomach as you walk out every morning. Or compromise - get that 'deep in thought' wire rabbit - now HIM I like! Paula x

  10. Hello Jeanne

    I am with Mrs. Sutton and feel the Buddha would bless from above. Definitely the wire rabbit.

    Have a great weekend

    Helen xx

  11. I have a Buddha in my garden but he is more simple. So I say yes but a different one. The one you showed would be better indoors in a meditation room. I got our postcard and loved it. I will send one your way soon.


  12. The wire rabbit has my vote! He'd remind you to have fun and enjoy your greens!


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