The other man in my life...

I am going to have to break it to him gently.
I know he will say that he does not share well.
Poor Mr. H.
I have fallen hard...for Andrew.
Andrew Martin of London.

Andrew knows how to travel and when he does, he does it well.
He puts this with that...the sort of things one would not have 
thought possible. He speaks a language I fully understand.

In case you are wondering...Andrew Martin is a store in London.
The coolest kind of store...filled to the brim with possibilities.
They kindly let me take a few photos...they could tell I was smitten.

I ventured into the store as a result of a few projects I am working on around our house.
We are upholstering some furniture in anticipation of our move to Vietnam. 
With a warmer tropical climate, we need to make a few adjustments 
to our cozy English atmosphere.

I am thinking of off white sofas...but my family is aghast. 
I could hear it coming as soon as I said it..
 With an incredulous look, they asked
 'What about Friday pizza nights around the TV? 
'We can't do that on white couches'

To which I said...'When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do.
They look puzzled, I think I am too.

I have a little file going.
I am saving the photo of the ottoman above for another country. 
Patchwork Ottomans...very clever!

I was very excited to see the chairs below. 
We picked up similar cloths in Africa and Samoa.
They have had many uses, I think this one is a good idea.
One day...

 I have my eye on this striped fabric below for Mr. H's favourite chair.

I showed it to him and he came back to me with his preference, below.


To which I said... 'Red silk,
in a hot tropical climate, around the TV? 
I don't think so.'

I think we are going to need an intervention by Andrew.

200 Walton Street
London SW3 2JL

On that note...I was so excited by this and that,
I took myself off to one of my favourite book stores 
and found the perfect book for a giveaway.

More on that over the is Friday night
and the kids are ready to eat. No pizza tonight.
Chinese take away instead...and yes, it will be around the TV.

How am I ever going to convert this family to white sofas?
Am I as crazy as they think I am?

On that note, I am sending you best wishes for a crazy 
or crazy-free weekend, whichever suits you best! :)

Jeanne xx

except as noted


  1. Love reading your blog. It feels like you are taking us along on your journey.

    Enjoy the Chinese food tonight.

  2. Jeanne,

    I love the fabric that you picked for Mr. H's chair! I think it would look great with white couches! Although I do not live with kids who eat pizza...I hear that white cotton slip covers are easy to clean.

    I hope you are having a wonderful family filled weekend!

    I am so enjoying the ride aling as "we" decorate and move along with you, if only in spirit and through the blogs.

    Love Andrew, I must go and check it out on the web.

    xx Elizabeth

  3. Oh, you have some interesting ideas.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Hi Jeanne
    I love the first white couch and also the one you suggested to your husband, with the white background and red stripe.

    It is always exciting.

    Thanks for the good wishes for the weekend

  5. Slipcovers! Well-fitted, heavy cotton, white, slipcovers!
    Washable and pizza ready.

    Oh how'd I'd love a ramble through Andrew Martin!
    You always add to my "next time in London" list and I'm so grateful!
    Dying to know what's in the Daunt bag!!!
    Travel book, I presume??

  6. Love that book bag and those sofas look very smart.
    Pizza for us tonight after a busy busy week and I am knackered.

    Your photos are always so well executed Jeanne.

  7. What a journey indeed, hmmm, white couches and pizza night, I can see why your family is concerned.

    Love the fabric for the chair for Mr. H. What style of furniture do they have in Vietnam, I imagined it being all Rattan and Cane and very Somerset Maugham, a bit like Singapore?

    Good Luck.

  8. oh my was fun shopping just looking at the pictures!!! have fun deciding!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  9. I, too, love the red and white stripe fabric. White sofas? I love the look, but I would be a nervous wreck. Actually, I would be the one to spill my red wine while trying to turn a book page. I suspect your family is not a klutzy as I am. Oh, I like Elizabeth's idea washable slipcovers. Can't wait to see what you decide. I look forward to seeing what is in the book bag. Hugs, Bonnie

  10. I love the ottoman and the pillows above it.
    Best wishes on your weekend.

  11. Hi Jeanne,
    I have so enjoyed reading about your travels and adventures in London and further afield.
    So happy to have found you.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Ps: thanks for reminding me about Walton Street and Andrew Martin, I must re visit soon.

  12. Andrew Martin looks a fine store.
    I love looking around the beautiful design shops. I come home and tidy up and puff up my cushions sit and have a coffe and sigh..ahh. my place is not so bad.
    I love your choices .. I would choose a white linen covered sofa.. "on the floor with the pitza"!):
    What an adventure to go and live in Vietnam.
    nice post
    Ithank you Jeanne.

  13. Your words have become a special piece of my days; when you write about a white sofa and I see the image of your desire, it is almost as if I am in the space with you hearing your position being put on the table, so to speak. Love the idea of white....the stripe you chose was al so appealing to me...agree, silk for upholstery in a well used living space, not the best choice....Once many years ago I saw a sofa and ottoman that were slip covered for the summer in white linen and that possibility for my home came back into my view of what I would enjoy as I read your words today....perhaps I shall go out and see, or on-line and see, what is available...white, yes white, it truly does add some crisp clean visage to a warm Vietnam, like hot summer months here.
    Thanks for the inspiration today....and your photos made the Andrew Walton surely a place to visit in London. have opened another great day for me!

  14. They will come around Jean. If they are like my family they know you will win in the end anyway. White linen slipcovers! You can throw them in the wash and bleach the pizza! Love your blog!

  15. Dear Jeanne

    I have white sofas. Love the look, but every time I wash them I wonder why I bother:-D I am a little obsessed with those patchwork ottomans though....

    About your question on my blog. I don't blame you for not being able to keep track on everything with the whirlwind life you live:-) I haven't received the bag so I hope it's because you haven't mailed it yet. I was worried it was lost in the mail and you were thinking how rude of me not to thank you for it!


  16. Ooooh. I love this! I felt this way when I went into Liberty in London for the first time. Heaven. Love all your ideas - and your fabric gets my vote for Mr.H's favorite chair!!

  17. Jeanne, am not a fashion trends kinda guy and the boys would be disappointed to here that I was here (they have a different definition of the word macho)but I think I should direct my girl here, she has a thing for decorating.

  18. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. I actually like all the choices and it would be fun traveling just to decorate anew in my book! Good luck!!

  19. we have an 'A.M.' showroom here....
    i must say ,
    i never leave the showroom with wanting something....BADLY.



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